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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Furlow, JohnUSS Forrestal (CVA 59)AC2OCJan 15, 1970 – Aug 1, 1970
Furlow, JohnUSS Yorktown (CV 10)First Class RadarmanRadar1943 – 1946My father, John Furlow is still alive at the age of 97 and still talks about his service on the Yorktown. He will be attending the 70th reunion next month along with his daughters and son-in-law.
Furman, AaronUSS Paul F. Foster (DD 964)FC2CMAug 15, 1999 – Mar 30, 2003
Furman, BrianUSS Stribling (DD 867)SK2SupplyAug 15, 1972 – Aug 1, 1975I have looked for reunions or anything for our ship. This is the first time I've actually had any luck.
Furman, GregUSS California (CGN 36)HTFNR Division1978 – 1982
Furman, JamesUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)mmfnM DivisionJun 1, 1976 – Jun 18, 1979Worked 4 main Loved it,great ship ,great crew, oh what I learned , we were hot with alot of pride
Furman, JimUSS Chevalier (DD 805)PNX DivisonNov 6, 1964 – Dec 10, 1966I worked in the Personnel office. Saw a lot of the Far East. Two tours to Vietnam. Great ship and crew
Furman, PeteUSS Emory S. Land (AS 39)MM1(SS/SW) / ENS LDOWeapons Repair W-1 (LaMadd Bomb Squad)Dec 6, 1999 – May 1, 2003Great tour. Loved La Madd. Worked with some of the best people in my career there.
Furman, RobertUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)IC2EMar 1, 1990 – Sep 15, 1995Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I had a great 6 years (For the most part lol)....Feel free to look me up on Facebook.
Furman, RudyUSS Proteus (AS 19)MMFNA-GangJan 12, 1991 – 1992Had some good memories on tha Old Pro all the people i worked with. The westpac trip ,crossin the equator and partin in Hong Kong!!
Furman, Wlliam (Bill)USS Oldendorf (DD 972)HT2Sep 10, 1984 – Jul 27, 1986OLY was my second ship. I was an HT2 In charge of ER09 during my tour on board.
Furman Jr, FrancisUSS Okinawa (LPH 3)SN/DM31st/X1962 – 1963Came aboard as seaman in 1st Div.,moved to DM3 in X Div. Tranfered to LPH 7 commisioning in 1963
Furman Jr, FrancisUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)DM3X1963 – 1964Plank owner of USS Guadalcanal LPH-7, transferred to COMNACBLANT with the seabees in 1964
Furmanski, Christian Aka "ski"USS Mahan (DDG 72)E-5/OS2OI 01Apr 26, 2004 – Nov 20, 2007Hmmm what to say. Probably my best memories come from the '04 cruise. But in the end it was a ton of fun. Highlight of the entire four years will always be Fleet Week 2004.
Furmanski, DanUSS Jonas Ingram (DD 938)PC3ADMIN1970 – 1971
Furnace, SteveUSS Proteus (AS 19)HTFNR-1Feb 1974 – Jun 1975Worked in sheet metal shop.
Furnari, WayneUSS Bainbridge (CGN 25)MM2M1, M21977 – 1980
Furne, JesseUSS Barry (DDG 52)Feb 12, 1998 – Feb 12, 2001
Furnell, FredUSS Kittiwake (ASR 13)EN2Engineering1969 – 1972What a blast, always trying to bubble gum and jury rig stuff together. However, somehow we always managed to complete our missions and make it home safe
Furness, JasonUSS O'Bannon (DD 987)DKSNSupply1994 – 1996Good ship..better crew...hit me up at for Crusty, Alex Ionescu, Clint Collard, and Mike "the Jew" Epstein!!! Shoulda sank it b4 they sold it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Furney, PhilipUSS Canopus (AS 34)SNPersonnelMay 15, 1974 – Nov 12, 1976YN for chaplain
Furnish, AllenUSS Detroit (AOE 4)MM3MPO2Aug 18, 1990 – Dec 3, 1993I miss hanging out with you guys. Would like to hear from D. Aguilar, R. Palmer, R. Fuvich, E. Snider, J. Ruth, M. Hixenbaugh, my good buddy,R. Klontz, and all the rest of the gang-too many names to name here. Hope all of you are well.
Furnish, ArthurUSS Tulagi (CVE 72)1944 –
Furnish, JoshuaUSS Winston Churchill (DDG 81)FC1Cl01Jun 1, 2000 –
Furno, DaleUSS Nassau (LHA 4)SNDeck 3rdJun 25, 2004 –I will probably be on the nassau for at least the first 4 years of my naval career, but thus far it has been a pleasure for the most part... and i am looking forward to the cruise to come...
Furr, AllenUSS Hull (DD 945)BT 3B DivisionMar 14, 1969 – Jul 8, 1972Looking for Jery ( Buzerd) Falk
Furr, DaleUSS Newman K. Perry (DD 883)RD3Radar1964 – Apr 1968
Furr, Dan profile iconCharleston Naval ShipyardMM3EngineroomMay 17, 1972 – Mar 10, 1974Best friends I ever had. On the gunline Vietnam. Shimstock,England, Scullin, Budreu, Ponsonby, Overstreet, Lampkin, Ogden, Monseese, Dixon. and a few others I can't name right now. It was an honor serving with you guys.
Furr, Dan profile iconUSS Glennon (DD 840)MM3Main PropulsionMay 15, 1972 – Mar 8, 1974Best friends I ever had. On the gunline, Vietnam. Shimstock, England, Budreu, Scullin, Lampkin, Monseese, Fuhr, Nichols,.....and probably some more I can't name righ now. It was an honor serving with you guys.
Furr, DavidUSS Schenectady (LST 1185)GMG31976 – 1979
Furr, DavidUSS Schenectady (LST 1185)GMG3cant rememberJun 15, 1977 – 1979was looking through year book thinking of the good friends I made on the Skinny T.
Furr, DonUSS Hawes (FFG 53)DS2CS-4Aug 15, 1989 – Jan 18, 1994Hawes was a great ship and full of some of the best men in the Navy. It was a great experience and I think we all had some DAM good times! Even though the Navy wasn't for me the Hawes was a Great Ship to serve on!
Furr, JerryUSS Wasp (CV 18)ANAir Group1968 – 1968
Furr, JoeUSS George Bancroft (SSBN 643)MM1/ssAuxiliary Division1980 – 1984This was my first submarine. I ending up serving on two others before taking an early retirement in 1995. Quite a ride.
Furr, JoeUSS Leary (DD 879)FN3Engine room #2Oct 1972 – Apr 1973Short assignment before they sold this ship but the best one I had. Worked with Rainwater,big Frank(seek) and lots of others. Anyone remember me feel free to contact
Furr, JohnUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA 42)BM31stMay 1, 1964 – Nov 9, 1967Had some wild times
Furr, JohnUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA 42)BM31st.Apr 15, 1964 – Nov 9, 1967Interesting times
Furr, JohnUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA 42)BM3Apr 10, 1964 – Nov 9, 1967
Furr, Jonathan MitchellUSS South Carolina (CGN 37)MM3AFeb 1993 – May 1995
Furr, L.rayUSS Merrimack (AO 37)RDSNRadar1948 –Any you ol salts still alive ,..e mail me Furr5

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