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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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R, AndreyUSS Defender (MCM 2)EN1 (SW)EA01Dec 2007 – Apr 2008Good Ship! Good Crew! F!@# Liberty! Turn TWO!!!
R, Caro Juan .USS John Rodgers (DD 983)OS2OIApr 3, 1995 – Oct 1, 1998GOOD DAY'S, GOOD FRENDS. EL PRIMO 787 399-8533
R. Eric Woodward, WoodyUSS Coral Sea (CV 43)ABE-2V-2Oct 1977 – Apr 1981There were so Bad times... But I don't remember them... I had ONE Hell of a Time...:-)
R. Kent Broome, BroomeUSS Saginaw (LST 1188)SK3Supply1970 – 1972Good memories. Living in sunny Fla. and work at Cape Canaveral AF station on Spacecraft and Launch Operations logistics.
R. Patrick Brice, Richard "Brice"USS George Washington (CVN 73)AE1(AW)IM3Mar 2, 1992 – Apr 4, 1995I sure do miss the old girl. I would love to be haze, gray and underway again. I should have never gotten out!
Raab, Chris/dutyUSS Midway (CV 41)e-5v4May 1988 – Feb 23, 1991abf v4 division and below decks crew
Raab, ChristopherUSS Halyburton (FFG 40)GSM1E-11983 – 1986Plankowner - This was a great experience. North Atlantic cruise, Med Cruise, Libya, Italy
Raab, ChristopherUSS Princeton (CG 59)GSMCE-11988 – 1990Plankowner. Vladivostok port visit. Very inspiring. Awesome experience.
Raab, GeorgeUSNS San Jose (T-AFS 7)SK2S2Feb 1974 – May 1977Ran D-Level, Hold 1.
Raab, GeorgeUSS Hawes (FFG 53)QM1Navigation1993 – 1996
Raab, GeorgeUSS Moinester (FF 1097)QM1Nav/AdminFeb 1991 – 1994Great to see familiar names. Working as ECDIS Navigation Trainer for the merchant marine community
Raab, George/geo/striderUSS Arkansas (CGN 41)QM2/QM1NavigationSep 9, 1983 – Oct 7, 1987One of two best commands I ever served. I still keep in touch with Cris Newland, a.k.a Night Crawler, who is now a QMCS. I retired in Jan 2001. I teach navigation to the navy sailors in Norfolk, VA. You guys were the best and most fun.
Raab, George/geo/striderUSS Frank Cable (AS 40)QM2ONO1Feb 1979 – Feb 1981God this is a long time ago. Plank Owner here. Best friends were all HTs: Dave, Gotterson and Rockwell. CDO was Robin H. who I think is a Captain now. Lots of good times in Ft Lauderdale and Montego Bay
Raab, Leon profile iconUSS Witek (DD 848)GM3gunneryJan 2, 1965 – Oct 31, 1967
Raab, Lowell (Rabbi)USS Constellation (CVA 64)GMT3WApr 10, 1967 – Nov 27, 1970I would certainly like to hear from other W-Division Shipmates from early '67 thru dry dock in Bremerton, WA in '70.
Raab, RaabiUSS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)abeanv-2Aug 1, 1993 – Oct 22, 1995
Raabe, CoryUSS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)E-3 AMVFA-2 Bounty HuntersJun 11, 2007 – Oct 31, 2011GO NAVY!!!!
Raabe, Jules NicolasUSS Chief (MCM 14)Chief Machinist MateChief Machinist MateJun 27, 1944 – 1945My dad, Jules N. Raabe served on the Gurke, I am his daughter, Maryanne Kosmas. I would like to know if anyone remembered my dad. He passed away in 2000.
Raaf, BobUSS Calcaterra (DER 390)LTJGWeapons1970 – 1971
Raaf, John Naval Station MayportGS 12NC PACESep 9, 2007 – Dec 21, 2007Best time I ever had out at sea.
Raaf, JohnUSS La Moure County (LST 1194)EN3A divisionOct 1977 – Oct 1980ah remember those great days chasing the russians in the north sea 50 miles off shore of Minsk the lady took a beating on that trip i still here the rivets popping off the superstructure rest in peace grey lady
Raaf, KevinUSS Sculpin (SSN 590)IC2 (SS)INTERIOR COMMUNICATIONS1985 –Being part of the crew was a special feeling. It was like family.Still think about those times.
Raat, James Scott (Jim)USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)SFP 3Pipe ShopSep 16, 1964 – Sep 1, 1967Have talked to some of the old guys and would like to talk to more.
Raba, DianneCatahecassa (YTB 828)SNDeck handMar 22, 1981 – Nov 29, 1985Started with a crew, went onto leading seaman. Spend about 2 years inland at Milpers as a YN striker. Ended back on tugs as a BM3 before end of tour. Went on to Long Beach SIMA as a reserve and made BM2 before getting out all together .
Rabaglia, RichardBoomerangs (VF 62)AO3squadron1966 – Sep 1969
Rabago, AlbertUSS Philippine Sea (CG 58)E-2OperationsMay 1991 – Sep 1993I just wanted to say that I had a great time and great memories while I was on the Phillippine Sea. Met alot of great friends. I am looking for my navy seal buddy Rich Hoben, he should be somewhere in virginia.
Rabago, Joe profile iconUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)ABEV2 ARRESTING GEAROct 3, 1972 – May 15, 1975Had some great times and made some great friends on the Hawk! JC, its great to see you name here, please contact me. Sad to see that Gary Rohrs passed. Good guy. Anyone that served in V2 A/G, please lets make contact.
Rabalais, Jim (CrazykajunUSS Peterson (DD 969)HT3REPAIRMay 12, 1991 – May 12, 1994Whats happening. Im sorry to hear that the Pete is gone but I will allways remeber the great times we had.Anyone remember flooding the forward pumproom in Greece with the Hooters girls on the peir next to the ship?
Rabalais, MarkUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)ET2Reactor Controls/Reactor TrainingMar 1986 – Jan 1990I remember Terrence (Willie) Williams, Doug Mayfield, Forrest Cubbage, Robert Lee, Howard, Mark Ch?, Ricky Twigg, Mark Kwiatkowski, Joe ??, Randy ??, Dave Ofalt, many others.... I miss all you guys. It was a lot of fun.
Rabalais, Tony USS La Salle (AGF 3)BT3B DivisionJun 1987 – Jun 1989Starboard Aft Fireroom Top Watch & Calibration PO Shellback 19 Mar 88 (105 - 40'E)
Rabang, EleanorUSS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)HM1DentalJul 10, 2006 – Jan 10, 2010I had fun.... I miss the ship
Rabasca, MichaelUSS Glennon (DD 840)Seamanno idea1945 – 1948I'm happily retired
Rabaya, EdwardoUSS San Bernardino (LST 1189)Boatswains mateFirst divisionAug 1978 – Aug 1982
Rabbitt, EdwardUSS Trepang (SSN 674)RMC(SS)OPSSep 1969 – Feb 1971Precom to sea trials and commissioning setting up a reunion for sept 16-20 2009 in Branson Missouri please contact me
Rabe, BillUSS Tunny (SSN 682)STS1 (SS)SONARApr 13, 1980 – Jun 21, 1984Had a couple of great West Pac's, 1982, 1983. Macho says "HI" guys.
Rabe, BillUSS Tunny (SSN 682)STS1 (SS)SONARMay 5, 1980 – Jun 21, 1984I still miss the LBFM's. Had two great West Pac's in 1982 &83. I still think Russ was the best half-way cruise gal/guy, whatever, Brinkman a close second. I still remember "The Cob-ber" saying, "Hey Rabe, get a F_ _ _ ing
Rabe, JoeUSS Oscar Austin (DDG 79)QM1 (SW/AW)NavigationMay 6, 2005 – Nov 11, 2007
Rabe, JoeUSS Saratoga (CV 60)MM2AOct 16, 1974 – Oct 16, 1980Air compressor shop. If you know Moffit's Misfits, you know me.
Rabe, JoeUSS Comte De Grasse (DD 974)QM3Navigation1992 – 1994

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