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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Zahm, Shayne (Pat)Redcocks (VA 22)squadronSep 1966 – May 1967
Zahm, Shayne (Pat)USS Coral Sea (CV 43)V-1 FLY-3Sep 1968 – Apr 1969
Zander, JamesUSS MacDonough (DDG 39)ElectronicsMar 1969 – Dec 1969ETN2on the 1969 Med cruise
Zapeda Laabs, MarkUSS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)Oct 1, 2006 –
Zawadzki, Mark (Heebie)USS Arkansas (CGN 41)L-1, L-2Aug 1981 – Oct 1984
Zawadzki, Mark (Heebie)USS Piedmont (AD 17)RepairJan 1980 – Sep 1980
Zebra, RobertUSS Pegasus (PHM 1)1984 – 1986
Zeigler, ArthurUSS Dash (MSO 428)1963 – 1967
Zeiler, ChuckUSS Oriskany (CVA 34)V2/PLAT & LensJan 1971 – Oct 21, 1972
Zella, JohnUSS Jason (AR 8)May 1977 – Jan 18, 1980came to Jason from boot camp,and was handed a needel gun,bilding 8 we called it,in the over haul of 1977,worked in the diesel engine shop,I enjoyed getting under way,
Ziegler, WilliamUSS Skill (MSO 471)SUPPLY1965 – 1969
Zike, JamesUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)X-1 Public AffairsOct 11, 1998 – Oct 11, 2001It was the best of times and the worst of boats. May she rust in pieces.
Zingmark, LorneUSS Cleveland (LPD 7)M For and Aft Enginerooms/Valve ShopAug 1987 – Aug 1988San Dog and Pearl Harbor as 3rd Fleet. Got out on a Medical which paid for my college!! Hey! Bittner... what happened to you Bruce?? Yo' Hare!!
Zoghlin, AlexUSS Olympia (SSN 717)Qualified most watch stationsJan 1, 1990 – Dec 1, 1992
Zuidema, ToddUSS Carr (FFG 52)CS 3Jun 1, 1990 – May 1, 1992
Zuidema, ToddUSS Carr (FFG 52)CS-3Jun 1990 – Jun 1992Two years of hell, but the Taylor was worse.
Zuidema, ToddUSS Towers (DDG 9)MissileSep 1, 1987 – Dec 1, 1989
Zuvic, Louie / PozUSS Implicit (MSO 455)Engineering EN21976 – 1980Okay, Okay !!!!! I honestly have tears in my eyes... 1976-1980 (Right) ? I've tried to locate so many people in the past and succeeded, only to misplace the information. Thank goodness for the internet...
Zebell, SteveUSS Belleau Wood (LHA 3) E3 ANV1 Flyl Fly2May 15, 1983 – Oct 20, 1984WESTPAC. I left B.W. in '84 after a motorcycle crash, went to Coronado beach, then over to the USS Okinawa til '87
Zapata, FrankUSS President Jackson (APA 18)1 classUnknown1943 – 1945I am the granddaughter of Frank Zapata who served onboard the USS President Jackson from 1942 - 1944. I have some old photos of him. One photo has a group dated 1944. Has listed names of "Joe"and "Willie"
Zidonis, ZUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)1051Engineering1986 – 1989Boiler Tech, I served from 1986-1989
Zerella, AnthonyUSS Craven (DD 382)1st classDestroyerJun 20, 1942 – Jan 20, 1946
Ziriax, DonaldUSS Kwajalein (CVE 98)1ST CLASS PETTY OFFICERA1943 – 1946
Zickgraf, Mike Nickname ZUSS Dewey (DDG 45)2nd classa gangFeb 1976 – Feb 1978good times on the dew drop inn. thanks to all the snipes especially those in a gang. amvets on saturday nights was just a walk away. never will forget the med in 77 ibiza and the south of france. we had a lot of fun
Zaler, HaroldUSS Mount Hood (AE 29)3rd class petty officerstreamMay 12, 1980 – Jul 14, 1982
Zimmer, Richard "Dick"USS Intrepid (CV 11)?VF-221955 – 1956This is my grdfather, deceased 4/19/2010. He was an airplane mechanic part of VF-22 for Med Cruise. In Sept. 2009 I got to tour the Intrepid in NYC before he passed.
Zimmer, WarrenUSS Randolph (CV 15)?5TH GUNNERY1944 – 1945My father , who is still alive ,named me afte the ship he served on.He is not computer literate so I am entering his information.He would love to hear from anyone who served 44-45 on the randolph.He also served on the Core previous to 1944.
Zuzgo, PaulUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)AAV-2Feb 1975 – Jul 1977
Zimmermann, JamesUSS Kitty Hawk (CVA 63)ABE 1 V 2 divJun 5, 1965 – Dec 18, 1968was in the waist and bow cats and the maint. office prior to transfering
Zipperer, RickUSS Lexington (CVT 16)ABE-2V-21973 – 1977Spent whole tour in gear. If there's anyone out there who spent their time in gear, send me a note.
Zaroff, GeorgeUSS Independence (CV 62)ABE-3V-2 Cat's1984 – 1988I immigrated from Germany in March 84, went to Orlando Boot-camp in August, was on the Indy in December. Many good memories. Finished my 20 in the Army Airborne Infantry. Retired in 03. Anyone remember Thomas Fergusson from the Purpleshirts
Zhang, Zhi WUSS George Washington (CVN 73)ABE-ANV-2Sep 25, 2002 – Sep 25, 2006I work in the Arresting Gear in V-2, work is hard and it can be pay off, even after the 4th wire parted accident and the tragedy of a shipmate in V-3. We will not faulter, or tire, and we do not fail. We move on in pursing happiness to our life!
Zamora, WilliamUSS America (CVA 66)ABE2V-2 Pilot Landing Aid Televison (PLAT)Sep 1971 – Feb 27, 1975Served in PLAT during 1972 Westpac Cruise. Joined Naval Air Reserves after separation & Served with VP-92 as Work Center Supervisor for Airframes on NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts.
Zepf, JoeUSS Lexington (AVT 16)ABE2V-2Mar 10, 1983 – Dec 5, 1986Find old shipmates Specifically Andrew (Snake) Taylor
Zito, MichaelUSS George Washington (CVN 73)Abe3Aviation Boatsman MateSep 1997 – Jun 2000
Zegers, RobertUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)ABF 2V-4May 12, 1975 – Nov 30, 1978Great ship! Made two cruises with the ship.
Zebell, SteveUSS Okinawa (LPH 3)ABF 3V4 FuelsMay 5, 1986 – Jan 10, 1987get in touch shipmates
Zegers, RobertUSS Intrepid (CV 11)ABF 3V-41967 – 1968This was my first ship, we had a great crew and I had a great time. I became a shellback and a member of the Order of Magellan on this ship.
Zamora, JoeUSS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)ABF3V4Mar 19, 1989 – Jan 8, 1993Plank owner, Shellback, Desert shield.

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