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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Zani, RalphAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)EN 3LCUsAug 30, 1980 – May 15, 1984
Zertuche, RalphUSS Dixie (AD 14)smdeck/dentalAug 1978 – Jun 1981Loved driving the boats @ Diego Garcia, taking you all to shore and fishing out on the lagoon. When I was on 2nd Div.
Zullo, JohnUSS Dixie (AD 14)PH 2R 5Jun 1973 – Mar 1977It may of been the oldest but the best. It sure was a good time being the ship photographer. Westpac was great. I made some lifetime friends and continue to sail but now only in San Francisco Bay.
Zachary, Melvin ZachUSS Prairie (AD 15)E-4A-GANG1983 – 1987
Zeigler, CliffordUSS Prairie (AD 15)SK3 RETIRED SK1 1994S1 DIVOct 9, 1977 – Oct 15, 1978CANNOT FORGET WHEN WE WENT DIW GOING TO SUBIC BAY
Zepke, RonUSS Prairie (AD 15)dental tech/ sndeck force / dental labSep 16, 1974 – Jun 28, 1976had a good time on the ship/ the west pac tour was a blast. some real wild times.
Zurawski, Mike (Zeke)USS Prairie (AD 15)BTengineringNov 1981 – Aug 1985It was a great time and i would do it again if i had to. We had a great bunch of guys in the engine rooms, are there any more BT RIDERS out there or MMs hope you all are doing great.
Zawadzki, Mark (Heebie)USS Piedmont (AD 17)RepairJan 1980 – Sep 1980
Ziebert, KenUSS Piedmont (AD 17)PO2R-51976 – 1980
Zieger, RaymondUSS Piedmont (AD 17)MRCSaJul 16, 1975 – Aug 18, 1977At that time i was MR2
Zaharias, TonyUSS Sierra (AD 18)STG2Planning & EstimatingAug 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1992
Zavala, RudolphUSS Yosemite (AD 19)SH2SupplyJan 2, 1972 – Jan 1, 1976I am looking for old friends from Jan 1972 till jan 1976
Zdon, WilliamUSS Yosemite (AD 19)E3deckNov 25, 1965 – Feb 2, 1966Great ship.
Zuccarell, JimUSS Yosemite (AD 19)MM3Engineering SupplyJan 1993 – Dec 1993
Ziemacki, MichaelUSS Yellowstone (AD 27)ETR2Electronics RepairMar 18, 1966 – Jun 17, 1967
Zwetsloot, Hank / DutchUSS Bryce Canyon (AD 36)IC2R-41958 – Aug 19, 19612 westpac cruises, member of cruise book staff of 1959 cruise. Also played Slap bass and guitar in Country western band ...Mom's Club Olongapo etc. Worked with Pancho Gonzalez-Mena, Klein, Marvin Hanger etc in Gyro Shop
Zach, BrigitteUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)E3AC & RMay 1991 – Sep 1992Hated that ship, nobody cared....Had a good friend, Valerie K from radio shop
Zamora Walker, StaceyUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)E3Repair1993 – 1994
Zapata, RosaUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)E-3Mess Specialist1990 – 1991I'm looking for all my fellow cooks.
Zabel, GaryUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)SeamanBoatswain mateApr 4, 1970 –Was on the front cover of theU.S.S. Puget Sound news paper (1970) on cruise to Helifax, Nova Scotia.( was at "Smoker" with Canadian sailers.)
Zann, PatUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)DC2DCMar 1987 – Nov 1990
Zanone-blethen, JulieUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)MR3R-2 31A Machine ShopMay 25, 1983 – May 29, 1985We worked hard and played hard! I met some fantastic people and had so many great times onboard and throughout the Med!
Zimmerman, Mark profile iconUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)E3MJan 8, 1976 – Aug 4, 1980Remember me? Send message. Pretty much a skater. Just wanted to do my time and get out with an honorable. Mission accomplished.
Zimmermann, MikeUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)OMSAR-5Feb 1973 – Feb 1975Good duty till the change of command. Mess-cooked in the Bakery, worked in CCTV then Optical. J.K. "Luke" Tomlin: Would like to hear from you!
Zehr, JoanUSS Yellowstone (AD 41)PC 3Admin1981 – 1983
Zipprich, KevinUSS Yellowstone (AD 41)MM 1R6Oct 1979 – Jan 1982Great time, a couple good friends I remain in contact with today.
Zavadil, WilliamUSS Acadia (AD 42)HT-11983 – 1985Ran ER09, Co2 Transfer Shop, ER01 and LPO of R-Div. What a new and different experience, serving on the Acadia. Capt. Johnson, I served under on the Horne and many of the HT's I had served with at other commands. We worked hard and we played hard.
Zearley, VernonUSS Acadia (AD 42)TM2Weapons1981 – Sep 23, 1984
Zemlin, JosephUSS Acadia (AD 42)ET3OE1986 – 1988Miss the great people I served with on my very first ship!
Ziraks, A.jUSS Acadia (AD 42)MR3r-2May 29, 1988 – Feb 14, 1991has anyone heard from victoria thompson or andy davis?
Zachary Ellis, ZackUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)emfndeckOct 26, 1981 – Oct 26, 1983In deck dept
Zadra, TonyUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)ET3OEC1981 – Apr 1984I was the very first plank owner to check abroad when it was the PCO Cape Cod. I was tad to Oakland Supply Center working in Supply. Recoginize Charley Adams and Cindi Chitwood. What a party in San Diego! Lots of great people and memories.
Zalfen, RhondaUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)LISNRepair1994 – 1995
Zarodkiewicz, John (Ziggy)USS Cape Cod (AD 43)QM3Dec 21, 1989 – Jul 27, 1992Just found this site, miss the fun times. Stated in Deck.Great times
Zavala, IsraelUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)DCFNR-1/Sheet Metal ShopApr 22, 1993 – Jun 10, 1994Great times in the Sheet Metal Shop and WestPac'94
Zimmerlink, MikeUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)MM2(SW)ENGINEERING1982 – 1985
Zapko, JohnUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)E4/ET3R4Mar 2, 1992 – Jun 24, 1996
Zumwalt-McDowell, CharaUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)YN3RS/Repair OfficeMay 20, 1987 – May 15, 1989 my email is I would love to catch up and hear what your all up to!!!!!! We just moved to the Houston, TX area.

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