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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Young, RobertAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)CDRCommanding OfficerDec 1976 – May 1978Great crew to serve with and to Know.
Young, KeithUSS Dixie (AD 14)HT2RJul 5, 1976 – Nov 19, 1978Looking for my shipmates who served in the engineering turd chaser shop
Young, Ray/gerbilUSS Dixie (AD 14)ML3R2Jul 1974 – Oct 19, 1977I worked in the Foundry and the R2 Office. A couple of great cruises. Some great times.
Yun, HenryUSS Dixie (AD 14)BM31st DivOct 1965 – Aug 1967My time on the Dixie were very enjoyable and the lessons learned were life long, along with some of the the friendships.
Yaeger, WalterUSS Prairie (AD 15)MR2EngineeringJul 12, 1968 – Aug 10, 1971Came aboard an E2, straight from MR "A" school. Eleven months later sewed on E5. Made many friends, worked hard and long in the machine shop. Wouldn't trade the time for the world. Good wishes to all I served with.
Yang, SuUSS Prairie (AD 15)E-4Deck DivisionOct 10, 1988 – Jun 18, 1991
Yerty, WallyUSS Sierra (AD 18)Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Petty OfficerWeaponsApr 1971 – Jun 1974USS Sierra was a great ship to serve on.
Young, BjUSS Sierra (AD 18)PH2R-O / Photo LabMar 1982 – Sep 1985I worked in the Photo Lab with PH3 Dana Clarke and PH1 Diane Zentz, Had a great time on the IO cruise , Puerto Rico & NYC
Young, BjUSS Sierra (AD 18)PH2R-OMar 5, 1983 – Sep 18, 1985Worked in the Photo Lab
Young, MaryUSS Sierra (AD 18)E5Machine Shop1984 – 1987
Young, Michael profile iconUSS Sierra (AD 18)MR2R21990 – 1993
Youngman-reiss, ShariUSS Sierra (AD 18)HM3MedicalJan 1982 – Jan 1984Many memories of my time onboard, IO 1982, shellback ceremony and enjoying Charleston.
Young, Ciro "david"USS Yosemite (AD 19)MS2 / MA23rd Deck/S2/AdminMay 5, 1985 – Sep 1990Had a great time on the Yo-Yo. Met a bunch of outstanding shipmates. Hope to see more names on the list.
Young, HoraceUSS Frontier (AD 25)SNMay 1959 – Aug 1959Machinest Mate,didnt stay long.Was transfered to uss picking
Yeakley, CarlUSS Grand Canyon (AD 28)snfirst divisionJul 5, 1964 – May 1966anyone who was aboard ship from 1964-1966
Yeager, BryonUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)emelectrianengineeringNov 6, 1975 – Nov 6, 1976i was trying to find anyone
Yetter, PhilipUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)HT2R1Aug 1987 – Nov 199056A, 11A
Young, EricUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)IC/3RepairApr 4, 1992 – Mar 3, 1994
Young, KevinUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)e2deckMar 28, 1985 – May 5, 1986worked as compartment cleaner until being discharged for sleepwalking dated and later married teresa voge we have raised 3 children since
Young, Arthur/butchUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)ETN2R4Jun 1970 – 1975
Young, CindyUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)HT3RJun 16, 1987 – Nov 1, 1988
Young, JeffUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)HT2R-1Jan 4, 1982 – Aug 1984Would love to get info on members I've served with. I have many photos I'd love to share especially a few from Shellback initiations. Also, would be nice to hear from Teresa Lazzar.
Young, Arthur/butchUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)1970 –
Young, PeterUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)HT1Jul 1990 – Sep 1994
Youngberg, JasonUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)MM3R-2May 1993 – Oct 1995
Yager, MatthewUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)EM2EOct 24, 1978 – Mar 15, 1982Worked in battery locker at first then aft elect. shop .Lucky for me, married early (to Judy,still am) lived off ship in Va. & Italy , I miss alot of shipmates- Massey,Faulkner,Thomas, even some in the IC shop too.
Yater, ChrisUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)HT 3DC1988 – 1991
Yoder, LeeUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)EM3E Div1981 – 1984AD38 was my first at sea command, loved it. I should have stayed in Gaeta longer!
Young, JeffUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)HTR-1/26ANov 1979 – Nov 1981Curious to know what what shipmates are doing today.... Send me a note if ya remember
Young, ClydeUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)Ht1R1 56A1995 – 1996Fun time Decommissioning crew After retirement ended up working with two crew mates Steve Dahm HTC and Ed Barnes HT1
Yucaneer, Jeff - YucUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)HT3RJan 14, 1984 – Jun 14, 1987
Yarbro, KippyUSS Yellowstone (AD 41)SNdeckAug 1, 1993 – Jan 1, 1995I am looking for any of the sweet girls I befriended among the yellowstone. I wasnt on there to long, only a couple of years. I was in the Bn Gang.
Younce, ChrisUSS Yellowstone (AD 41)mm3repair 2Sep 4, 1989 – Mar 18, 1993What a great time of my life ! Would like to get in touch with some of my old friends my email is like to here from you
Yarborough, VanUSS Acadia (AD 42)sk3storekeeperJul 19, 1981 – 1994would love to hear from old ship mates and supply department. Had nice time with you guys
York, TravisUSS Acadia (AD 42)FNR-1 riggers loft1993 – 1994looking for old friends
Yanko, AlenaUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)OS3Operations1991 – 1994
Young, DwayneUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)Bt1BR Shop/ MAA OfficeFeb 14, 1988 – Feb 14, 1992
Youngquist, RandiUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)YN3RepairOct 1, 1981 – Aug 30, 1984Please go to Facebook page USS Cape Cod Reunion for the latest Reunion information. Please contact me at to get on the Reunion list.
Young, BrettUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)EM1EJul 7, 1991 – Aug 22, 1992WOW what a wild ride

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