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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Taber, James (Jim)USS Reeves (CG 24)FTM-2Fox1976 – 1979
Taber, JimmieUSS Kitty Hawk (CVA 63)ABH3V 3Nov 1965 – Feb 1967Imeet and made many good friends whil serving on the USS Kitty Hawk. I was a aircraft handler and crew 1o leader. I would like to find Robert Terrio. I have saw the names of some of the guys i served with and would like to make contact with them.
Taber, PaulUSS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)SF3R1Sep 1968 – Sep 1970Went aboard in 68 left in70. Worked in the pipeshop. Made one Springboard cruise.
Taber, PaulUSS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)HT3R-1Jan 22, 1968 – Jan 21, 1972Served on the Howard W. Gilmore for two years then New London Sub Base in Groton
Tabers, Robert A.USS Makassar Strait (CVE 91)Third Class Petty Officer (Carpenters Mate)dk1944 – 1946My husband died September 26, 1978. But he spoke about the ship he was on with such respect. I have some pictures of some of the men her served with but I am not sure of their names.
Tabery, JeffUSS Peterson (DD 969)GSM1MPDec 1997 – Apr 2001My absolute favorite duty station in my 20 years in the canoe club. Great people.
Tabery, JeffUSNS Arctic (T-AOE 8)GSMMPFeb 1995 – Dec 1997Good times and good people. Absolutely my second best duty station. Great people. Had a blast with all of you. I never want to commision a ship again. Plankowner!
Tabery, JeffUSS John Young (DD 973)GSMMPSep 1986 – Mar 1989The first lady of my 20 year career. I had a great time on this ship. Had a lot of great times with a lot of great shipmates. Drop me a line. Old school Navy!
Tabing, GermanUSS Coral Sea (CV 43)E-4M-4 EngineeringJun 1977 – Sep 1980Would like to contact others in my division. Goat, Bird, Spider, Vic Rocha, Glenn Duggar, etc. It has been a long time!
Tabinga, BrianUSS Cape St. George (CG 71)LTWAMar 12, 2000 – Sep 30, 2001Best time I ever had in the Navy.
Tabit, BillUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)RM3CommunicationJan 4, 1992 – Sep 1, 1995
Tabler, JeffUSS Hewitt (DD 966)OS2OI1994 – 1997WHEW! Thailand and the PI...Enough said.!
Tabler, JimUSS Halsey (CG 23)BM31STJun 7, 1987 – Jun 7, 1991
Tablett, HaroldUSS Lexington (CV 2)QM2QuartermasterMar 1, 1929 – Aug 20, 1930This is my grandfather. I would like to here from any relatives of others who served aboard the USS Lexington CV-2 during this same time period.
Tabloff, RichardUSS Worland (PCE 845)RM2CommunicationsJun 6, 1963 – Oct 1963I was TAD on the Worland to operate the Radio Station the regular radioman was sent to Great Lakes to have his appendix removed. We made a cruise to Duluth Mn and then back to Chicago. I jointed the ship in Sturgeon Bay
Tabolt, TedUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)HTR DivisionMay 1982 – May 1984facebook is tough to make contacts too
Tabolt, TedUSS Canisteo (AO 99)gmgweps1976 –met a bunch a cool dudes... what happened to emmitt from m div. collins from deck i left after we went to drydock in brooklyn 1979
Tabolt, TommyUSS Canopus (AS 34)PO3EDec 23, 1975 – Feb 10, 1977Retired in Tennessee
Tabone, Joseph profile iconUSS Salamonie (AO 26)ftg33rdOct 1966 – Sep 26, 1968retired living in Jacksonville fl.
Tabor, AlexUSS Peleliu (LHA 5)CS3S-2Apr 12, 2008 – Nov 30, 2008broke my ankle at the end of deployment '08 and got transferred off of the peleliu, went to tpu then point loma sub base for limdu. after that to the decatur, then cross-decked to the gridley due to manning
Tabor, AlexUSS Gridley (DDG 101)CS3S-2Feb 13, 2010 – May 7, 2011I've been to several commands now, starting with the 'liu, and ending with this one so far
Tabor, AllenUSS George Washington (CVN 73)ABE/ANV-22003 – 2006I loved every minute of my stay aboard. Made alot of life long friends. Best of all had alot of fun. GEAR DOG FOR LIFE.
Tabor, Aubrey CharlesUSS Coral Sea (CV 43)Fire1954 – 1955My dad is looking for some old buddies.
Tabor, BarryUSS Rupertus (DD 851)Machinist Mate 3rd classEngine Room1968 – Nov 1971
Tabor, Carl (Jebb) profile iconUSS America (CV 66)SN3RD DECKJan 1995 – Sep 1996Best Crew, Best Captain and Best AirWing EVER. I made some good friends and still are best buddies 26 years later. If you remember me, I painted the anchor tubes in 3RD DIV spaces during MED CRUISE 95-96. Go "BIG DAWGS".
Tabor, ChrisUSS Vandegrift (FFG 48)EN3eng.Oct 1992 – Jan 1996like to throw some big hugs to those that made my time worth serving.dan v,raliegh c,matthew,eric d,scott a,larry p,me-me,encs k,kenny b,griff,big daddy g,golden tooth cedric,ed dodo w.maa1 wingate eat these.en1 joarnt lick these.hope all is well cya
Tabor, ClarkUSS Bolster (ARS 38)CPODeck1966 – 1969Ret. As CPO , was first class RD. On board bolster.
Tabor, DanNAVCOMMSTA Keflavik, IcelandET 1Grendavik T-SiteDec 10, 1975 – Dec 20, 1978LPO (maintenance) T-Site - Great people, Great time
Tabor, Dennis/ TabeUSS Monticello (LSD 35)SNSecond1958 – 1962
Tabor, DougUSS Robison (DDG 12)BM31stOct 1981 – Apr 15, 19852 westpacs. Had a great time, met some great people. A life changing experience that I would not trade for anything.
Tabor, EddieUSS Mattaponi (AO 41)EM2Jul 11, 1966 – Jun 14, 1969
Tabor, EstellUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)BT3Biolers1990 – 1993BT brothers shoot me an e-mail
Tabor, FrankUSS Dixon (AS 37)FA-EN3A-GangOct 1976 – Jan 1980The last time I saw Bldg-37 was in Sitka, AK from the YTB-761 while she assisted a T-hull(Trident).
Tabor, FrankUSS Columbus (CG 12)FTM2T1Feb 1972 – 1974
Tabor, HarryUSS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31)bm3w1Jun 1961 – Jan 31, 1965i wonder how the men did after the left the navy
Tabor, JamieUSS Anzio (CG 68)OS 2OI1991 – 1994Where's Sleepy T?
Tabor, JessicaUSS George Washington (CVN 73)E3Dec 25, 2003 – Sep 12, 2004
Tabor, John/caseyUSS Vulcan (AR 5)seamanxxxxx1952 – 1956Hi I am johns daughter lisa and I am hoping to find any pics of my dad...he remembers one of his friends was gene rawson...any help would be greatly appreciated. ..
Tabor, LanceUSS Saipan (LHA 2)bt3mpMar 1980 – Sep 1982worked in the oil lab all the time sounding tanks seemed like a past time.was always doing it..many nights drinking coffeeand blowing boilers seem like yesterday.
Tabor, Robert S.USS Leftwich (DD 984)STG3Combat SystemsOct 29, 1983 – Dec 15, 1986Great ship, great crew and some good times - Divisionn party in the PI, Minkey Licenses and long nights in Sonar Control. In Sacramento, CA so if in the area give drop me a line.

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