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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Redding, Michael profile iconBatmen (VA 127)PN2squadronDec 1971 – Jul 25, 1975Great group of men and women with whom I served.
Repp, GeorgeGolden Intruders (VA 128)AMS3squadron1974 – 1976I was a plane capt.
Richards, LarrySwordsmen (VA 145)e5VA-145Jan 22, 1974 – Jan 16, 1978
Ralston, MauriceBlue Diamonds (VA 146)AQ-2squadronMay 19, 1973 – Jun 16, 1976First command worked in IWT
Reinert, RonaldBlue Diamonds (VA 146)ADJ-2squadron Air Craft MaintenanceFeb 1962 – 1965Graduated with A/P, comm., inst. & multi licenses. Retired in 2005 wth 40 yrs/ Inspector wth Amer Airlines & also owned my own RE Co. as Broker. Sailing 54' boat around world & B-25 crew mbr Exec. Sweet. 562 787 5654
Ruppel, TomBlue Diamonds (VA 146)AQ2CAG-9Jul 1969 – Oct 1972
Roettger, MikeArgonauts (VA 147)AO3AOJul 27, 1967 – Jul 29, 1968I was there the day the Argonuats were commissioned. Went on the first cruise to West Pac. The first crew was both Navy and Air Forse menbers,
Ruzicka, RickArgonauts (VA 147)E3squadronSep 7, 1975 – Jun 12, 1977LOOKING FOR BUNK MATE LONNIE POWELL
Rae, George (Tom)Wild Aces (VA 152)AO3AO ShopMar 16, 1964 – Nov 11, 1964Loaded air strikes, trained VietNamese enlisted, weapons systems maint, ordnance buildup....
Robinson, Steve HumptyBlue Tail Flies (VA 153)pclineNov 9, 1972 – Aug 28, 1975living in arizona give me a shout
Robertson, SandySilver Foxes (VA 155)adj3maintenance/plane captain1963 –
Rohrer, KarlSilver Foxes (VA 155)AO3AVWEPS/AIMD1974 – 1977
Rollins, Mike (Michael)Silver Foxes (VA 155)ADJ3squadron1970 – Nov 1972At the time it was part of my job and why I joined the Navy, looking back - I wished I would have stayed in, lol. I worked the flight deck (Brown Shirt) Learned a lot and actually enjoyed the time on the Oriskany.
Rivera Jr., Rafael P / Buck profile iconBoomers (VA 165)AO/ANsquadronOct 1968 – Jan 1970Came to Whidbey Island to join VA-165 they were already on the Ranger joined them at Sea. My first landing on a Aircraft Carrier Wooh ! Met a great bunch of guy's memories to last a Lifetime. Stayed in NorthWest !!!!!!
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Romero, Raymond E.Boomers (VA 165)AMH1Line1977 – 1980Line division LPO. Arrived from AOM SAR fixed wing crew. 2 cruises in USS Constellation. Did two equator crossings. First as a WOG. Second one as a Shellback. We lost an Intruder on one of the trips. Can't remember which
Ruffner, PatrickBoomers (VA 165)E4ordanace1988 – 1993
Riefer, ReneeHell Razors (VA 174)AIRMANVa 174Jun 3, 1976 – Oct 1, 1978Plane Captain
Rigsby, MichaelHell Razors (VA 174)AD3squadronMar 1983 – Sep 8, 1986After AD A school assigned as a plane captain then went to AD shop. Served as a trouble shooter on the flight line until I got out of active duty (mistake) in Sept '86.
Robinson, MollyHell Razors (VA 174)Plane Captainsquadron1977 – 1978
Reynolds, NealThunderbolts (VA 176)AQ3squadronApr 1, 1975 – Aug 4, 1978Two Med. cruises, South American cruise (crossed the line June 1977).
Riley, KennethThunderbolts (VA 176)ame anva 176Apr 14, 1982 – Apr 14, 1986
Robinson, Samuel/robbyThunderbolts (VA 176)AE1(AW)AE Shop/AIMDJun 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1984"I was known to many as "T-Bolt" had some good and bad times but learned a lot that helped me through life.
Reiger, StevenGolden Dragons (VA 192)E-4squadronApr 10, 1983 – Apr 10, 1986served as a parachut rigger
Rigdon, TomGolden Dragons (VA 192)AMH2MaintenanceFeb 1978 – Jan 1981Started as a Plane Captain for our first MED cruise on CV66 America, 2nd Med Cruise I worked in AIMD as a NDT inspector for the air wing.
Rush, GaryGolden Dragons (VA 192)E5 AO2ORDIE CAG ARM/DEARMJul 15, 1979 – Jul 1984Hello my fellow "GOLDEN DRAGONS" Anybody know where I can get a patch?
Reynolds, AlDambusters (VA 195)AE2VA-195Jan 1972 – Nov 1973Hello to all the squadron crew members that made those SLUF (A7) drivers look good!
Roark, TimothyDambusters (VA 195)AT2IM3Jan 3, 1979 – Sep 22, 1979Lt. Talcott will forever be in my prayers. His was the first passing of a friend and sailor during my career. I miss him and everyone else I had the pleasure of serving with. Great times, miss you all.
Roatch, FredrickDambusters (VA 195)AT2AIMD/squadronMay 10, 1975 – Jul 12, 1979Worked AIMD during 77-78 cruise and then worked squadron during 79 cruise to MED
Rowe, DarrylDambusters (VA 195)AQ2AIMD (TAD)Aug 1973 – May 19, 1977ASCU, ASN-91 technician
Ratliff III, Travis "Rat"Main Battery (VA 196)AMH3Airframe ShopAug 9, 1990 – Aug 16, 1993
Rippinger, Dan RipperMain Battery (VA 196)LtB/NJun 1978 – Aug 1981
Rish, ChristopherMain Battery (VA 196)atansquadron1990 – 1993
Risley, BarkillerMain Battery (VA 196)AO3squadron1978 – 1982I enjoyed having served in the Navy.Went on 2 west pac cruises.Would never change the time spent aboard.
Retherford, Orson/zoneRiver Rattlers (VA 204)AMS-2airframesJan 1, 1979 – Jan 15, 1983looking for buds
Rosenthal, GregoryBarn Owls (VA 215)E5 AE2AE SHOPMar 27, 1967 – Mar 26, 1973
Robinson, Robert profile iconBlack Diamonds (VA 216)E3Line crewOct 1, 1968 –Hayes, I remember getting thrown in jail in Japan with you when we were on R&R
Rodgers, RikBlack Diamonds (VA 216)E-2squadronFeb 1966 – Oct 1967I was also stationed at NAS Fallon, Nevada from November, 1963 to February, 1965 in the Range Division and worked mostly at Bravo 17 and 19. I used to go to California a lot with Ed Pearson and Jim Marks.
Rodriguez, Tony (Anthony)(rod)Black Diamonds (VA 216)AO-3ordanaceJul 1961 – Aug 8, 1964Had the best time of my life. I will always remember Captain Typhoon BEEBE. Would really like to hear from the ship ordie crew.
Roberts, M.l.Firebirds (VA 304)ADCsquadronNov 1977 – Feb 28, 1979

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