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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Quezada, FredUSS Hepburn (FF 1055)STG2ASJan 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1985Wow! Attention AS Div, I've run into John Gibson, Dave Cammack and Les Smith (Smiht as he stenciled it on his skivs!) The best "war" stories are from the Hepburn. I served on 2 more ships before retiring. Where's Lloyd Cowan?
Quick, RobertUSS Anzio (CG 68)STG2CA1991 – Nov 1995Plankowner
Quam, ChristopherUSS Fife (DD 991)STG3CSOct 1984 – Jun 1987
Queen, Rodney TravisUSS John Young (DD 973)STG3CAApr 1985 – Apr 1985This is where I grew up. My shipmates became my family. I will miss her.
Quail, LloydUSS Ticonderoga (CG 47)STG3(SW)CAFeb 1991 – Mar 1994
Quintana, VinceUSS Donald B. Beary (FF 1085)STGCSSep 1987 – Oct 1990
Quick, EdwardUSS Archerfish (SSN 678)STSsonarMar 1995 – 1998Best tour I had in my 12 year Navy stint. Underway alot. BQN-17 bottom contour submerged through the straits
Quirk, GaryUSS Sand Lance (SSN 660)STS1(SS)sonarJul 1990 – Jan 3, 1993UNITAS survivor, Living in Kansas City working for Ford Motor Co.
Quirk, GaryUSS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)STS1(SS)sonarApr 1983 – Apr 1987Blue Crew, shipyard and patrols 51,53,55,57 and59.great Crew and Boat lots of Battle "E" s and awards. Living in Kansas City working for Ford Motor Co.
Quiles, KevinUSS La Jolla (SSN 701)STS2SONARNov 2001 – Dec 15, 2006
Quinn, Paul / PaulieUSS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)STS2SonarMay 15, 1987 – Aug 1989Remembered some crazy days and nights on the beach in Autech. Some crazier ones in Naples when we were boomer of the year. Hoping all the crew and their families are blessed and healthy.
Quintanilla, MikeUSS San Juan (SSN 751)STS2(SS)SONARMar 2003 – May 2005
Quick, EdUSS Tinosa (SSN 606)STS3/SSSonarJan 1989 – Jul 1991
Quinn, JonathanUSS Buffalo (SSN 715)STS3/SSSonarJan 7, 1996 – Aug 31, 2000It was quite an experience but would not want to do it again. Had quite an impact on my life. Hello shipmates
Quattropani, CarlUSS Yosemite (AD 19)TMweaponsJun 1992 – Jan 1994
Quant, JimUSS Jouett (CG 29)TM1CA1989 – 1991
Quen, MarshallUSS Tennessee (SSBN 734)TM1Torpedo2006 – 2008
Quen, MarshallUSS Connecticut (SSN 22)TM1Torpedo2003 – 2006
Quen, MarshallUSS Wyoming (SSBN 742)TM2Torpedo1995 – 2000
Quigley, JosephUSS Floyd B. Parks (DD 884)TM2WA1967 – 1968Remember the royal Baby at the equator? Yours Truly
Quintana, BrentUSS Tecumseh (SSBN 628)TM2/SSTORPEDO DIVISION1988 – 1991
Quinlan, MarkUSS Parche (SSN 683)TM3 (SS)TorpedoSep 1980 – Jun 25, 1984
Quen, MarshallUSS Charlotte (SSN 766)TMCTorpedo2010 – 2013
Quen, MarshallUSS Rhode Island (SSBN 740)TMCTorpedo2008 – 2010
Quen, MarshallUSS Alabama (SSBN 731)TMCSTorpedo2016 – 2019
Quinn, William P.USS Briareus (AR 12)two stripesdon't knowMar 12, 1944 – Jul 12, 1946Dad served working with sheet metal. He is still alive and writes maritime history books, his most famous is Shipwrecks Around Cape Cod.
Quinones, Valentine profile iconUSS Pyro (AE 24)USS Pyro AE-24EngineeringJul 1978 – 1979Davis Morgan, Eugene Bradford,James Noonie,Eugene Sloan does any one know how to get in contact with this guys they were on my ship with me USS Pyro AE-24 with me 1978-1979
Quammen, Robert (Bob)USS Robison (DDG 12)WO-1FoxApr 4, 1966 – Jul 1967I was Fox Division Officer, Missile Officer and Fire Control Officer. Relieved Lt. Al Ertl off the coast of S. Vietnam during shore bombardment in anger. My first assignment as an Officer.
Quinn, DonaldUSS LSM 201 (LSM 201)yeomanxJul 1, 1945 – Jul 7, 1946
Quinn, PaulUSS Hunley (AS 31)YN2deck1975 – 1977Looking for anyone that may remember me during my ture on the Hunley. Looking for information regarding the ships fire, in the engine room, and several deaths that occurred during that time period.
Quinton, QuintonUSS El Paso (LKA 117)YN2DeckJan 3, 1979 – Oct 8, 1981
Quinn, ShawnUSS Greeneville (SSN 772)YN2(SS) "YOSO"YNFeb 1, 2001 – Mar 15, 2004Most tonage and body count during peace-time. It was great, wouldn't have chaged it for the world.
Quam, GaryUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)YN3Admin1966 – 1968Worked in the Captain's Office.
Quickle, RichardUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)YN3Supply/S-0, Air/V-0, V-4Oct 21, 1991 – Jul 1, 1995Who is alive and kickin?
Quinn, JohnUSS Saratoga (CVA 60)YN3Engineering Log RoomJul 15, 1962 – Feb 5, 1964Just looking to become a member of this distingushed group, served on her decks for 22 months.
Quinn, KennethUSS Suribachi (AE 21)YN3SHIP'S OFFICEJun 1965 – May 1966
Quinn, MichaelUSS Constellation (CV 64)YN3ExecutiveJul 1, 1984 – Mar 12, 1988
Quinn, ShawnUSS Bergall (SSN 667)YN3(SS)YNJan 3, 1995 – Jun 6, 1996
Quinn, ShawnUSS Oklahoma City (SSN 723)YN3(SS)Ship's OfficeJun 7, 1996 – Feb 1, 1998Anybody wanna talk about Portsmouth, N.H.????

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