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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Q Tip, RichardUSS Truckee (AO 147)CS3SUPPYMar 17, 1963 – Jun 22, 1966I LOOKING TO FIND RAFFERTY,CS3
Qaiser, NoumanUSS Moinester (FF 1097)MM3/E-4MNov 1, 1990 – Feb 4, 1994It was a great experience. Now, happily married and living in Chicago, with wife and two boys. Graduated from DePaul University in Chicago in 2006, with Masters in Computer Science and working for an IT firm in Chicago.
Qm3 Duquette, JosephUSS Saipan (LHA 2)QM3NAVIGATION DIVISIONSep 15, 1981 – Jul 30, 1983I was in Navigation Div. I remember flying on board off the coast of Italy on a CH-53 in 1981. I loved the ship. I remember our best Captain ever, Capt. Renard. I remember having my best cruise ever with my brother.
Quach, SonUSS Camden (AOE 2)SN/E3AdministrationJun 14, 1994 – Jul 12, 1997Hi, My name is Son Quach. I served on Camden board from 1994 to 1997. I begin my career at Camden in first division (deck seaman). I had been moved to admin division and assisting the Chaplin. I married and had 1 son.
Quackenbush, BobUSS Stribling (DD 867)E3 MMENGINE ROOM1969 – 1970
Quackenbush, GeorgeUSS Coronado (AGF 11)MM2MMay 1, 1973 – Dec 12, 1976I've run into a few shipmates over the years. I sponsored MM2 Screws when he made Chief, and I ran into LT Stroops son (Ens Stroop) on the Tarawa several years ago.
Quackenbush, MikeUSS Buffalo (SSN 715)EM1Electrical ( the onlyJun 12, 2003 – Jan 25, 2007
Quackenbush, QuackUSS John A. Moore (FFG 19)FC2CS?Jun 1986 – Aug 8, 1990Persian Excursion-Had some great times, some I remember, some I don't, some I wish I could forget. I've seen Slaughter and JP Jones over the years. Saw Kurt Hornburg on TV interviewed during an Olympics.
Quade, Gary G.USS Tulare (LKA 112)RM2OperationsDec 1967 – Jun 1970I was in the radio shack and on duty the night the USS Frank E Evans was run over. The "Oboe" bells really started ringing. I remember Peters, Cooley, Phil, Bud and Ott! What a crew!
Quade, RandyUSS Albany (CG 10)E7OEFeb 1976 – Feb 1977
Quadri, RobertoUSS Saipan (LHA 2)E-4SupplyAug 20, 1984 – Apr 8, 1989Best Baker the ship ever had
Quadro, SteveUSS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22)E 3 Deck force Aug 12, 1970 – Feb 7, 1972
Quaerna, ScottUSS John A. Moore (FFG 19)EN 2emo2Oct 23, 1986 – Apr 23, 1990
Quagan, Donald AUSS Bunker Hill (CV 17)MM 2/C, USNRShip's CompanyJan 19, 1944 – May 11, 1945My cousin Donald was KIA on the Friday, 11 May 45. Apparantly his remains were never recovered. It is suspected that he was blown overboard from exploding ordinance and aviation fuel. His parents were Mr & Mrs James Quagan of Middleboro, MA
Quagan, Donald AUSS Bunker Hill (CV 17)MM 2/C, USNRShip's CompanyJan 19, 1944 – May 11, 1945My cousin Donald was KIA on Friday, 11 May 45. Apparantly his remains were never recovered. It is suspected that he was blown overboard from exploding ordinance and aviation fuel. His parents were Mr & Mrs James Quagan of Middleboro, MA
Quaid, RussellUSS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)EN3A-GangApr 1994 – Nov 1997
Quail, LloydUSS Ticonderoga (CG 47)STG3(SW)CAFeb 1991 – Mar 1994
Quaintance, BridgetUSS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968)DC3DCSep 2001 – 2003
Quaka, CodyUSS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51)EN3a-gangMay 10, 2000 – Nov 22, 2004
Quakenbush, Dave profile iconUSS Oklahoma City (CLG 5)BT3B DivNov 1973 – Apr 1977My first orders were for a year and a half. I ask to stay until my discharge date because this was the best crew a person could have ever served with.
Quakenbush, Dave (Quack)USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5)BT3B DivisionNov 1973 – Apr 1977The best ship and the best crew in the Navy as far as I am concerned
Quakenbush, DavidUSS Oklahoma City (CLG 5)BT3B DivisionNov 21, 1973 – Apr 7, 1977Great ship, fantastic crew.
Qualich, Silvio "Q"USS Hoist (ARS 40)ET2/ET3OperationsNov 1988 – Jan 1993The only ship of my Navy career. Two Med cruises, one transatlantic escort, GITMO are just a few of the things we did. Great Ship Great Crew. I would do it again in half a heartbeat!
Qualk, DannyUSS Seattle (AOE 3)bmsnfirst divisionJun 19, 1978 – Jun 9, 1982
Qualkenbush, QuackUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)AO2GFeb 1970 – Nov 1972worked in aft bomb assembly. Had a great time! Long hours, but alot of good friends and crazy times in Olongapo City. Anyone remember?
Qualkenbush, RobertUSS Saratoga (CV 60)E-4/ABHV3Aug 24, 1961 – Jul 24, 1964
Quallen, Sm2 Paul profile iconUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)SM2Navigation1982 –This is Paul's wife, Angie. I just wanted to let his fellow shipmates & friends know that he passed away July 1, 2012 due to cancer. Tiffanie is now 31, has 4 children & Tabbitha is 27 with 3 children.
Qualley, JeffUSS Charlotte (SSN 766)ET1/SSRadioAug 1992 – Feb 1997Plankowner
Qualls, BrianUSS Bryce Canyon (AD 36)EN3R3Jan 1978 – Jun 10, 1981
Qualls, Dan / PinappleUSS Detroit (AOE 4)ENGINEMANANov 27, 1969 – Nov 27, 1973JUST WANT TO SAY HI TO ALL . I LIVE IN TUCSON AZ
Qualls, DerekUSS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)FC23rdNov 25, 2000 – Jul 25, 2003MTV was my first ship and couldn't have been better. Great memories, 3rd Division was the best, we worked hard and partied harder.
Qualls, EvonaUSS La Salle (AGF 3)CTR3C6F N39Dec 10, 1999 – Oct 23, 2002Although I was actually a part of C6F, I lived with you guys and consider myself to have been a part of your crew. The three years I spent onboard were some of the best of my life. Thanks for the memories!
Qualls, JamesUSS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)RM2-RMCCR1978 – 1980Precomm, Plankowner....Best platform ever worked on...Bless all the shipmates I served with....
Qualls, JoeUSS Independence (CV 62)MS3s2Feb 2, 1987 – Feb 2, 1991hey i miss the indy crew so much espeacially the supply divison..i would love to hear from dean taylor or scott girley or anyone that remembers me!!happy veterans day to all you guys
Qualls, RobertUSS Iowa (BB 61)BT 3 (SW)B; Oil LabMay 20, 1987 – Oct 26, 1990I can remember my days on the Iowa as the best of times. We worked hard and played hard. Things that I learned onboard have carried me a long way in life. I wish all well who read this. Qualls
Qualls, RonUSS Kirk (FF 1087)MM3M1979 – 1981Great Times! Great Crew! Great Ports!
Qualls, RonUSS Ajax (AR 6)MM3Pump Shop/Tech Library1982 – 1984Great Ship! Great Crew! Great Times!
Qualls, ScottUSS Nassau (LHA 4)RM3COMM/CRJul 12, 1990 – Dec 10, 1993Miss the know who you are....peace. Ummm am I ever going to get the good conduct medal shiat!
Qualls, ShedrickUSS Kearsarge (LHD 3)ABH3V-I AIROct 25, 1992 – Oct 25, 1996PLANKOWNER

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