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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Pelkey, TomUSS Seawolf (SSN 575)YNCS(SS)AdminJun 1958 – Dec 1958YN striker, onboard for first 60 day submerged patrol, trans when decomissioned to change reactor cooling system.
Perry, James (Jimmy)USS Hunley (AS 31)YNSAMar 1978 – Jul 1978Ship's Office Yeoman. Went to the yards in Boston Naval Yards in the Spring/Summer of 1978. Saw the original CSS HUNLEY brought in to port at the same pier at the old Navy Base Charleston, where the USS HUNLEY AS 31 used to berth.
Page, JamesUSS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735)YNSNAdmin2000 – 2002Yo I was only onboard for a short period of time but I got reassigned.
Page, JamesRecruit Training Command Great Lakesynsndiv 0881999 –Just trying to find some boot camp buddies div 088 dec 1999
Paillette, Brian B.USS Vincennes (CG 49)YNSNEngineeringMar 15, 1985 – Jun 1, 1986Had some bad times and great. I especially miss Doc Powell and all the great heavy metal we listened to. Miss you guys bad!!!
Para, RosemaryNaval Air Station MeridianYNSN.Apr 2002 – Apr 2003
Patterson, DarianUSS McFaul (DDG 74)YNSNAdminFeb 2001 – Feb 2002Would love to keep in touch with members of the Mcfaul around yr. 2001.Currently a Music artist for Dollyhood Records
Peltz, SkipUSS Salinan (ATF 161)YNSNXJul 5, 1964 – Jun 10, 1965
Pendergrass, RoyUSS Hancock (CV 19)YNSNVA-115Dec 2, 1966 – Sep 17, 1967I served as a Yeoman for VA-115
Petitti, MichaelUSS Aylwin (FF 1081)YNSNNAV/XApr 1, 1989 – May 15, 1992Hey was a great time on the ship..looking at the names that are posted and thinking about the good times on liberty..still trying to figure out how i got back to the ship stone ass drunk over in italy.
Phillips, MarkUSS Baltimore (SSN 704)YNSNxo1983 – 1984
Pierson, Richard profile iconUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)YNSNA DivisionFeb 1976 – Sep 1979Great times, I remember Sam Knutson, Jeff Brockett and Jerry Chinn... I am still serving believe it or not, 16 years with the US Army Corps of Engineers, civilian... I worked in the Eng Log Room, drop me a line, sail on
Pinkney, Mark/pinkUSS Opportune (ARS 41)YNSNShips OfficeMay 5, 1985 – Feb 23, 1989What an experience. Served in Deck for a minute with Master Diver Bruering, CWO Gillman and Chief Hodges, Cmd McAffee and Scott, YN1 Usery PN1 Haneline XO Nolte. France, Italy, P. Rico, Rome, Challenger Mission.
Pisano, JackUSS Tripoli (LPH 10)YNSNM1969 – 1971Was the Engineering Log Room Yoeman. Served with Chief Bigler, Chief Mauck, WO Partain, Lt. Gimmel in the Log Room among others. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers thoes days in Engineering.
Pittman, Timeka D.USS Carter Hall (LSD 50)YNSNNX01-AdminMar 5, 2001 – May 10, 2002
Pogue, RichardUSS Lindenwald (LSD 6)YNSNExcutiveMay 1966 – 1967Came to ship from boot camp. Went to YN A school. Came back and the ship was being decommisioned at Little Creek, Virgina
Pollard, AlbertUSS Cincinnati (SSN 693)YNSNShip's OfficeOct 1978 – 1981I served as Yeoman and leading helmsman/planesman. I don't think any of us will forget the around the world cruise.
Portillo, JuanUSS Truett (FF 1095)YNSNADMINMar 1981 – Jun 1982The first Navy Ship I ever served on. Made the best friends ever and have never ever forgotten any of you. My Best Friend and Brother Tony Drake you and I drank and partied way to much. Jack Saunder, thank you.
Powell, SteveUSS Edward McDonnell (FF 1043)YNSNadminSep 1985 – Nov 1988I started out without a destination and eventually became a yeoman. I had so much fun and made some good friends. Hope to hear from some of you guys sometime. It would be great if we can have some kind of reunion.
Prange, StephenUSS Okinawa (LPH 3)YNSNAdminJun 1987 – Feb 1991I was a YN assigned to the Capts Office and WPC as well as TAD to other divisions. Some of my friends were OS3 Laird, BM3 Backulla, hope i spelled it right. QM3 Schiwart, I knew QM3 Bollata, YNSN Appleby. Email is
Pratt, RichardUSS Coral Sea (CVA 43)YNSNCIC OI Div RadarMay 15, 1968 – Apr 4, 1971Onboard for Two West-Pac Cruise's. 68-69 and 69-70. Learned to love the old lady. The places she took me were nothing but pure fun. Now its retirement and reunions to attend.
Prussia, ChristopherUSS Frank Cable (AS 40)YNSN (now HM3)Ships Admin, Weapons Admin, Deck Admin, COYNAug 1, 2005 – Aug 1, 2008The First command i have been on, and by far a good command to be in.
Paull, GregUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)YNSN / YN3X-1 / DECK Dept.Jun 1993 – Mar 1994Went from XO admin to Deck Dept. yeoman. I was Captain's Phone Talker during UNREPs
Peralta, NoelUSS Higgins (DDG 76)YNSN/YN3AdminMar 1, 2001 – Sep 1, 2003Great command...great family, great memories!
Privett, FranklinUSS Chandler (DDG 996)YNSRADMINDec 9, 1988 – Aug 13, 1991My first ship. First ship I was on that went to the yards (Todd Shipyard, Seattle WA). We were their close to two years before returning to San Diego. Shout out to then YN2 Hodge, YNSR Earl, PNSR Olaso, PN2 Adams and OSSA Brown.
Purvis, TerranceUSS San Jacinto (CG 56)YNSROct 19, 2006 – Oct 19, 2010Im anxious to be on the ship and I am looking to enjoy myself to the fullest and I hope that I hVE good time and I hope Im not bored because I hate being bored.
Pitchford, IvanUSS Sperry (AS 12)YOEMAN 3RDAdmin - Ships OfficeOct 1954 – Jun 1955Although only on board for a few months I enjoyed my tour of duty on the SPERRY.
Platter, Delbert E.USS Kearsarge (CV 33)YOEMAN 3RD CLASSAir OfficeDec 15, 1956 – Aug 15, 1957Glad I found this site on the Internet. It was exciting during air opperations. Sorry the ship was scrapped.

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