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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Ponziani, AnthonyUSS Gallery (FFG 26)YN3Jul 1992 – Jan 1994Tommy Schreiber:I'm glad we didn't get arrested for stealing that boat in Italy.Garret Genio,Bill Miller,Dan Miller,Chris Astorp,Ben Foster,c-wiz, McNutt, Polk, Bartz: thanks for being my drinkin' buddies.U 2 Buttiglieri. No more wine to
Porras, ChrisUSS Jack Williams (FFG 24)YN3ADMIN1994 – 1996Wow, what memories from the good ol' Happy Jack! From Pascagoula to Thunder's to waking up to find that I had been left drunk and passed out in Loftin's car. Great times and greater memories...
Port, FranUSS Yosemite (AD 19)YN3OperationsJan 15, 1967 – Sep 13, 1968Was the legal yeoman. Great duty!!
Porter, BrianUSS Scott (DDG 995)YN3Nav/AdminOct 1993 – Aug 1995Hot Shot burgers and the ensuing dump an hour later, Balls to 4 quarterdeck watch with my bro & SK1, mountain biking with Noreiga, Laird & Mann, PNC going nuts over "short" jokes, Im glad Im out, but wouldnt trade those years for anythi
Porter, JohnUSS Pandemus (ARL 18)YN3OperationsJul 1964 – Dec 1965
Porter, Patrick (Dodge)USS Enterprise (CVN 65)YN3Legal/AdminApr 24, 1966 – Oct 17, 1966Shipped offf to Vietnam. Wished I could have stayed aboard, fantastic ship and great crew
Powell, Sheldon Dale profile iconUSS Saint Paul (CA 73)YN3Flag SecretaryFeb 1969 – Aug 1969Trying to locate anyone Assigned to the St. Paul in 1969 receiving VA Benefits for diabetes . Contact info: Phone 706-563-1132 or email
Powels, RickUSS Robert E. Peary (FF 1073)YN3YNDec 7, 1979 – Dec 7, 1982Great experience overall. Saw lots of the world and did a lot of growing up.
Prange, H. Edward (Hep)USS Forrestal (CV 59)YN3Weapons OfficeSep 21, 1973 – Jun 10, 1976Hated it then, miss it now!!!!! As I look back, it was a great experience
Prange, H. Edward , Jr.USS Forrestal (CV 59)YN3Sep 1973 – Jun 1976Weapons Dept.
Pratt, BobDiamondbacks (VF 102)YN3squadronApr 2, 1974 – May 30, 1976I was assigned to VF-102 Administrative Department. I made two Med cruises during 1974-1976. I was only 17 when I joined the Navy. Got off active duty and worked for DoD for 36 years. Dr. Bob Pratt
Pratt, DavidUSS Constellation (CV 64)YN3exec1990 – 1994Contact me if you know me
Pratt, Dion, RonicoUSS Independence (CV 62)YN3X-2 division Captains office/;XO's OfficeJun 6, 1995 – Sep 8, 1998I loved my captains, the crew and Ms. Lady herself Independence. We worked her out in her last days and she never let us down, she set it off and left. I was the last to leave her after the captain. here w/her in WA.
Presnell, Darius (Prez)USS Alamo (LSD 33)YN3N/XAug 28, 1975 – Dec 3, 1979Spent 4 years 4 months on the M0. 2 WestPacs and many greats ports. Thailand and PI the best. Saw a DPSN lose both legs phone talking while rigging to an anchor bouy in Hong Kong harbor. Left while in Dry Dock in San Pedro. Tough duty.
Presnell, Darius (Prez)USS Alamo (LSD 33)YN3N/X1976 – 1980Worked in Ship's office mostly but spent a year in M Division handling M Division Office. Made 2 WestPacs and crossed the Equator once.
Price (Bell), Kimberley (Ma Bell) profile iconUSS Canopus (AS 34)YN3Captain's Office & Engineering Log RoomJun 3, 1988 – Jul 4, 1992I was in the Captain's Office first with YN3 Keys, then the Engineering Log Room with BT1 Cannon. Looking for TM2 Tracy Cornelius, BT2 Burch and any other scallywag I partied with!! TM1 (sub) Ignacio Pacheco!! HOLLA
Priest, MarkUSS Lester (DE 1022)YN3operationsJul 1971 – Dec 1973
Primrose, HughUSS Seattle (AOE 3)YN3XJul 19, 1972 – Apr 3, 1974
Primrose, RonaldUSS Hunley (AS 31)YN3Dec 12, 1970 – Nov 8, 1973
Primrose, RonaldUSS Hunley (AS 31)YN31st Division/CSS-15Nov 19, 1970 – Nov 8, 1973Looking for Ronald King YN2 Steve Mccammon YN3 Warren Bresette SK3
Prince, GeorgeUSS Midway (CV 41)yn3navigationJul 1959 – Mar 1, 1961i was the navigator's yeoman comander theordore stearns and lt. weatherford and monihan were the officers',remember lots of good ports before i came aboard served 2 wondereful years with amphib const. batt1.
Prince, StevenUSS Forrestal (CVA 59)YN3X first then transferred to Navigation1967 – 1969greatly enjoyed my time aboard. I transferred from Executive Divsion to Navigation just in time for the Med Cruise. Great group of mates in Navigation. Will always have great memories of my time aboard the Forrestal.
Pritchett, MarvinUSS Ford (FFG 54)YN3ADMINJun 11, 1985 – Dec 14, 1988Original Plankowner! Had an amazing tour on this ship... truly sad I wasn't there to be apart of the decommissioning ceremony.
Prock, CharlesUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)YN3Operations1970 – 1972Great times though I didn't know it at the time....Saw places I would never have seen.
Profit, HarryUSS Frank Cable (AS 40)YN3ADMIN/OPS/SUPPLYJan 1, 1997 – Jun 8, 2000On the mess decks playing bones.
Prophet, ThomasUSS Petrel (ASR 14)YN3Jun 10, 1960 – Jun 14, 1962Served on the Petrel. Great crew, learned a lot. At sea alot. Worked with first Polaris Subs.
Propps, VancceUSS Thomaston (LSD 28)YN3FristJan 15, 1976 – Sep 23, 1977
Puckett, CraigUSS Gonzalez (DDG 66)YN3XMSep 2000 – Sep 2003Great experience. Fun times with Russo, Casey and working with Belcher and Ortiz. My email is
Pudloski, RichardUSS Jonas Ingram (DD 938)YN3Operations YeomanFeb 1964 – Jul 1966I really enjoyed my time aboard the Jonas Ingram. We made two trips to the Mediterranean which I thoroughly enjoyed, as well as several trips to the Caribbean. I made many friends, and regret not keeping in touch with.
Palagyi, AndrewUSS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709)YN3 (SS)YNMay 10, 1991 – Dec 30, 1994I miss my friends that I had. I also miss the good times. The Chicken Man dance off the fair water plains was my best memory!
Potts, Robert "Bob" profile iconUSS Chicago (CG 11)YN3 - YN2X-1 and WeaponsSep 17, 1975 – Jun 5, 1977Served in the Captain's Office as well as the Weapons Department Yeoman. Would enjoy hearing from any of the crew. E-Mail: YNCSUSN@AOL.COM
Peoples, CharlesUSS Callaghan (DDG 994)YN3 Charles B Peoples AdminOct 1, 1980 – Dec 1, 1980I got hurt and left the Navy (Honorably Discharged) before I got a chance to go to sea. I'm still glad that I was stationed on the USS Callaghan (DDG-994). All I can do is think of how much fun I would have had.
Payne, TonyUSS Sand Lance (SSN 660)YN3(SS)1980 – 1981Would love to here from anybody onboard during 1980-81, we did a Med run.
Pettit, Derek "fuzzy Wumpus"USS Philadelphia (SSN 690)YN3(SS)YN/Deck CrewDec 1994 – Jun 1998I still remember being C.O. for a couple of days during one of our great Northern Runs. Great crew (mostly - gotta love good ol' X.O. Breckenridge!)
Phelps, AaronUSS Philadelphia (SSN 690)YN3(SS)yeomanSep 10, 2002 – Jun 1, 2005This is the best ship (ONLY ONE) that i have ever been on and I truly enjoyed my time onboard the good ship PHILADELPHIA. I would give anything in the world to go back to the navy and definitley back to the PHILLY.
Pierce, EricUSS Barb (SSN 596)YN3(SS)YeomanJun 1, 1988 – Dec 15, 1989Although a short time aboard my first submarine - I experienced a fine group of men whom help me succeed aboard, which paved the way to a successful Naval career. SUBMARINERS are a TRUE Naval family!
Pike, TomUSS Puffer (SSN 652)YN3(SS)YeomanJan 1972 – May 1975
Poblete, Ranulfo (Poblo)USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723)YN3(SS)YeomanJun 23, 2003 –I am still doing the same ole' song and dance. Heheh
Price, KentUSS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654)YN3(SS)Admin/sonarMay 1968 – May 1970Made 4 patrols. Remember Charles "Fistful" Burrell??

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