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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Perez, William (Willy)Golden Dragons (VFA 192)AME ANAMEDec 31, 1990 – Feb 15, 1994
Phillips, RandyGolden Dragons (VFA 192)AO1squadronApr 1990 – Apr 1992
Pietoso, RandyGolden Dragons (VFA 192)AE3squadron1994 – 1998SSHWFGD Best fighter squadron in the Navy.
Parks, Charlton, Chuck, SparkyBlue Dolphins (VFA 203)AZ2squadron1988 – 1992Worked with some great people in Jax. For those that didn't know AZ1 Dave Peer passed away in 91 or 92
Prevatt, Monty/chrisBlue Dolphins (VFA 203)E5/ AE2squadronMar 12, 1986 – Feb 24, 1993
Porto, JosephRiver Rattlers (VFA 204)CDRIntelFeb 15, 1996 – Mar 30, 1996Noisiest ship I've ever been on! Crew & Squadron mates were great! Very funny guys & a lot of practical jokes! Great food, except for the Adm's mess one night when we were kicked out because the CO sat in the Adm's chair
Powelson, JayEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)AD1VFP-63 Det 1Jan 1975 – Feb 1978Fun cruise with Johnny Massey as Maint Chief
Price, RichardLancers (VMFA 212)SGT/AE2squadronOct 1, 1970 – Oct 1, 1972AE shop to Line NCO to Nam '72 Cleaned apt. Honolulu extra cash. Leon Berube, John Soloman, Wes Kindle, John Horgan, Harold Toole, Hudson great times. F-4J Double nuts at the front gate Lancers. Retired Brunswick,Me. '94
Parker, Jr, Walter (Joe)Thunderbolts (VMFA 251)Cpl. E-4squadronMay 1, 1995 – Feb 1, 1996I was Ordnance on the USS America thru the work-ups and on thru the final curz. Looking back, I loved that portion of my 7 years in the Marine Corps.
Portillo, Rick (Cesar)Screaming Eagles (VP 1)NC1(SW/AW)squadronJul 2007 – Aug 2009
Pulichene, BobSkinny Dragons (VP 4)YN1squadronJan 1970 – Feb 1971
Peters, LahomaGolden Eagles (VP 9)dk3psdDec 4, 1991 – Dec 3, 1995
Passeger, RobertRed Lancers (VP 10)ABH-3squadronMay 1983 – Mar 1986Worked in the line division. Had a great time. Tim Gainor, Joe Smith, Mark Pearson, Lisa Clark, and everyone else I served with miss you guys!
Pearson, RobertRed Lancers (VP 10)AW2squadronAug 15, 1974 – Oct 23, 1977Looking for fellow Red Lancers that I served with.
Postell, JosephRed Lancers (VP 10)AZsquadronJan 10, 2002 – Nov 19, 2004
Price, RichardPatrol Squadron 23 (VP 23)AE1squadronJul 1, 1987 – Jul 1, 1990Onboard'87 from VX-1Pax River. AE shop to Kef. to Det Office. Career Counc. Command Services Office '90 to SERE instructor, Retired '94
Perala, DaveBatmen (VP 24)PR3 1/2squadronMar 1981 – Mar 1984Great bunch of party animals. Served with Tommy Rodgers, Barry Bergeron, Stevie Bates, Scotty Lusch, and of course, Mother. Bermadu. Rota, Kef. Puerto Rico so many times almost got our mail down there.
Peck, John H.Tridents (VP 26)HM1squadron1951 – 1953
Pickering, CarltonBlack Lightning (VP 31)AMCSMaintenance ControlMar 15, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983I was the night shift Maintenance Control supervisor. I was responsible for the maintenance of 30 P-3 aircraft. I retired from this command
Price, Thomas L./Golden Pelicans (VP 44)AMS2squadron1973 – 1976Looking for Joe Winans
Patterson, JohnPelicans (VP 45)AZ2Logs & RecordsOct 1970 – Aug 1972I worked on Logs & Records. Made 2 full deployments to Sigonella, Sicily, and Rota, Spain. Detachment to Bermuda. Loved Jacksonville so Much I was stationed at Cecil Field again in 1975 in VA-46. Lots of memories.
Perry, MichaelGrey Knights (VP 46)HM2squadron1980 – 1981With squardon in Iceland
Phillips, DaleGolden Swordsmen (VP 47)AW2squadronSep 1969 – Jun 1975the most exilerating time of my life
Psenica, Robert profile iconLions (VP 90)AWsquadronJan 21, 1989 – Jan 1, 1998
Painter, Barry World Watchers (VQ 1)E3squadronNov 1965 – Dec 1966Worked in the Ops office for E6 YN Jackson, Chief Klein, Chief O'Dell, Ops Officer CDR Dreesen. Took a weekend ride to Cubi with a stop in DaNang, shortly after my 18th birthday. Orange flt suit. Left for A school Dec 66
Praydis, RobWorld Watchers (VQ 1)CTO3squadronApr 1982 – Apr 1984Det Atsugi was such a blast. Great times and great friends.
Privetts, BillWorld Watchers (VQ 1)ATN2squadron1968 – 1970was assigned to crew 4
Perri Jr, Charles AnthonySandeman (VQ 2)AKANvq-2 supplyOct 1, 1979 – Dec 30, 1982hellow my name is charles perri.some of you might know me as airmen perri,i worked in supply with akcm avralar.sharmen kelly.ann collie.harvey mcknight.and lt bradburry.if you know me please drop a line.thank you airmen perri
Phillips, DonaldSandeman (VQ 2)AT3maint admin/maint controlJul 10, 1973 – Aug 1977I thoroughly enjoyed being attached to VQ-2. The officers and men of that squadron were the best the Navy had.
Powell, David profile iconIronmen (VQ 3)RM1(NAC)OPS / PlansNov 1993 – Dec 1997My last flying tour, Re-qualified ACS on E-6A, then ACS-I.. Worked in Ops/Plans all 4Yrs, lots great folks there.. Retired USN.. I'm currently with AT&T Mobility in Network OPS...
Powell, David profile iconIronmen (VQ 3)RM1(NAC)TACTICSOct 1986 – Oct 1989My first tour with VQ-3 in Hawaii flying EC-130Q ACFT... Qualified Naval Aircrewman as an ASCOMM and then Qual'd ACS.... Plank Owner US Navy E-6A Mercury....
Purnell, SeanShadows (VQ 4)IT2squadronAug 1994 – Sep 1998Shore duty in my home state of Maryland (NCTSCU DET PAX RIVER, MD)
Pearce, Fred (Fireball)Naval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)ATR-3AvionicsAug 1963 – Apr 1965Worked in "At Tweetie shop" , flight line, then base Amd shop. Would like to hear from anybody that remembers.
Peters, PaulNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)AK3squadronJan 1, 1962 – Mar 1, 1964VR-21 AK3 from 1962-1964 Atsugi, Japan. Made 2 deployments to PI and climbed Fuji. Contact me if you would like to catch-up & also on VR-21 FaceBook website. Atsugi, Japan fantastic duty station for young sailors. lol
Pippitt, DarellNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)ANsquadron1966 – 1967Worked on the line and as a ADR worked on car on the side had a 1954 Ford Glass top,Ford Ranchero 50 Ford and more over time there
Plybon, Charles WNaval Air Transport Squadron 22 (VR 22)Chief Petty OfficerVT75 Attack Squadron 4B VR221945 –Dad will be 97 this July. His memories are vivid; have been caring for him the past 20 years. He served in Navy 1941 to 1960, many hats, many ships. Picture memorial at please visit or email if you remember
Patskin, MikeCapital Skyliners (VR 48)AMHCAIRFRAMES/AIRCREWAug 1979 – Jun 19841989-1992 FLEW LAST FLIGHT, SECURED LAST ENGINE.
Paul, John PaulWindjammers (VR 51)AT 21970 – 1976
Palaszewski, SkiGlobemasters (VR 56)amcssquadronJul 12, 1976 – Aug 15, 1995looking to contact Dalton Van Houten from Nartu Norfolk
Parker, ByronGlobemasters (VR 56)AME2?Mar 1983 – May 1986Best Squadron Ever, even had a C.O. named Kuhl(cool)

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