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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Palmer, ToddAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)BMSN E-3LCU-1630Oct 1983 – Jul 3, 1986Still Proud to have served on the "Dirty 30". with All the Surf Riders at ACU-1
Perez, LouisAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)BM2AC Div-121967 – 1969Sent tad NSA danang may 1968.sent tad NSA tam my1968. coxswain Lcm855.
Phillips, Richard/ GeedunkAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EN3LCM 8'SJan 7, 1974 – Oct 12, 1977Did two WESPACS Both tad on USS OGDEN LPD 5 Advance Army Navy team on Enewetak Spring of 77. Crewed on 919 & 736 LCM 8'S Awesome duty! Didn't know how good until I left.
Pixley, TaylorAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)E-6 / BM1(SW)LCU-1651Feb 2, 1992 – Nov 28, 1998
Polte, John / PolecatAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EN/FN 3Jan 3, 1977 – Jan 3, 1989Im trying to find Robert A sosa who was a e-5 Engine man This is the polecat!
Polte, JohnAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EN/FN 3landing craftJan 1977 – Jan 1980this is the polecat from acu'1 im looking for any one that remembers me from 1977-1980 contact me at
Polzin, RonAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EM3West PacJan 4, 1969 – Sep 16, 1969I am trying to get proof I was on board so the V.A. will raise my rate to what I deserve. I have been searching for 40 years for proof. My records are either sealed or lost. I really need some help. It would be great to
Probert, JosephAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)Bmsn, e3LCM 8, BOAT GROUP ONE1979 – Jul 1981Hey this is your Indian brother from Mt, yes to enewetok atoll, lojawa animals, Jim ,Chuck, Jt, Bob, Chico,Martyr, Kurt, Geek, we had a us on show, Kramer did a udt workout, saying hello, this is Joseph Probert.hemp
Park (Carcich), DeborahAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)SN/YN3Desert Cove and Landing Craft UnitJul 1980 – Nov 1985I spent a total of 5 years with ACU 2. I was at Desert Cove for 2 years and then spent 3 years at ACU 2 in the Landing Craft Office. Really loved being stationed at Little Creek. Met a lot of good people.
Partin, Angie (Pearson)Assault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)ET3ETApr 1990 – Sep 1992
Piccoli, JohnAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)EM 3LCU 1608 ( all divisions)Aug 6, 1959 – May 8, 1962 We should all have been " Craftmasters", I would love to get back aboard and see what I could make one of these boats do with 2 screws compared to the 3 we worked with. Good times in ACU John
Pope, TimothyAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)EN3LCU 1662/1664Oct 16, 1981 – Aug 1983Just wondered how many of us were left after Beruit, Saw that the Raleigh LPD 1 was scuttled as a target ship
Porter, GusAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)EN2(SW)LCU 1663 Chief Engineer1987 – 1992Some great times were had by all
Pride, RobertAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)ENACU-2Oct 2, 1990 – Dec 24, 1992I was there from 1990-1992 so if anyone was there during that time, drop me a line. I deployed with the USS Saipan for the original gulf war. I was a EN on the small boats.
Peace, ClarenceAssault Craft Unit 4 (ACU 4)IC1/(SW)MMay 24, 1994 – Jul 29, 1996
Pettibone, MikeAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)EN1MaintenanceJan 3, 1989 – Dec 3, 1991
Pierson, AndyAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)DET CJun 1, 2002 – Jun 1, 2004
Plake, MatthewAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)ht3mainOct 2004 – Oct 2005
Purdie, TristieAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)MSNGalleyAug 1995 – Dec 1997
Parzych, John "Chet"USS Dobbin (AD 3)BKR3CBakerJul 6, 1944 – Aug 1945In memory of our Dad Chet Parzych who passed away 7/2/2015.
Paggi, Willard "Bud"USS Dixie (AD 14)Seaman First2nd1943 – 1945This is for my father who is 87
Pahl, JohnUSS Dixie (AD 14)SNXOct 1965 – Nov 1967Great memories. Still have Dixie dreams. I'm always telling 'em I'm too old to do this again!
Parker III, JosephUSS Dixie (AD 14)E3boat shopApr 16, 1980 – Sep 17, 1982i served abord for all most 2 yrs it was the best times of my life . and i would do it again. any crew member can e-mail me any time. i should of retired in the navy.
Parr, RalphUSS Dixie (AD 14)COXSWAIN2Dec 28, 1943 – Dec 21, 1946Was coxswain deck force motor launch pilot crane director
Patten, RoyUSS Dixie (AD 14)?????1940 – 1947This was my great grandpa, Roy Edward Patten, if you knew him email me at plz and thank you!!! I heard stories from my grandma that he fixed the ships so I don't know exactly what he did...........
Patterson, EarlUSS Dixie (AD 14)SNSupplyJan 1969 – Dec 1969Haven't had anything as good as a Dixie-Burger in years.
Pearson, ChrisUSS Dixie (AD 14)MM3MJun 9, 1970 – Aug 31, 1973Spent my whole Navy career in the Fwd Eng Room. I guess the Ol' Girl is razor blades now but if not I believe I could light her off today. Hard to believe now, that a bunch of us kids held that old bucket of bolts together. M&B DIV ruled
Pease, FrankUSS Dixie (AD 14)E32nd Aug 1978 – Aug 26, 1981looking for anyone else from 2d div.
Perdue, MickUSS Dixie (AD 14)YN3Admin1975 – 1977Worked with Chief Black, Billy Kendra
Peters, AlanUSS Dixie (AD 14)MMFNMAAFeb 1972 – Apr 1972
Phillips, Richard AUSS Dixie (AD 14)SN1st1970 – 1974Hey to all the shipmates I had the pleasure of serving with
Pierce, Johnnie WebbUSS Dixie (AD 14)sfm2shipfitterMar 2, 1955 – 1969I am trying to locate my shipmates and any other info about the USS Dixie.
Plaisance, Etienne (Paul) profile iconUSS Dixie (AD 14)RM2R-4May 1, 1975 – Dec 15, 1976
Powell, RobertUSS Dixie (AD 14)BT2BJan 1973 – Jan 1978
Powers, CecilUSS Dixie (AD 14)unknownR5 division diving crew1954 – 1958My dad served on the Dixie and would love to make contact with members of his diving crew.
Price, KennethUSS Dixie (AD 14)FN...HT3R1Apr 9, 1972 – Mar 1, 1976
Priddy, AlanUSS Dixie (AD 14)QM2operationsOct 1960 – Sep 1962I would like to hear from friends aboard 60-63
Puntervold, DaleUSS Dixie (AD 14)HT3RNov 1976 – May 1978It was a great life experience. Had some great time's in Mexico remember, Kenny Wilkerson? A Texan never takes his boots off! Chewy, LA was a blast.If I could I would do it all again!

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