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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Ohle, NormanSubmarine Squadron 3 (SUBRON 3)opticalmanrepair1965 – 1968
Ouellette, Maurice/moeSubmarine Squadron 8 (SUBRON 8)TM3(SS)Submarine Squadrine 8Aug 12, 1966 –I left the Sea Roin in 1968 and was involved in Law Enforcement for a total of 46 years until I retired in 2014. I woorked for a local police department then spent 23 years with the Maine State Police until I retired in
Oneil, MarioSubmarine Squadron 11 (SUBRON 11)ET2/ssNavigationJul 1984 – Mar 1987I learned quite a lot about sub life and even more about people, especially when living in such close quarters. I enjoyed most of my time there and learned a few things from the captain and some of the officers.
Oke, Donald 1960-1964Submarine Squadron 12 (SUBRON 12)SNAdministrative Div. X-DivMar 1, 1960 – Mar 1, 1964I was the Chaplin.s assistant and editor of the ships paper. I have a new SubRon 12 web pape.
O'Brien, Gary profile iconSubmarine Squadron 17 (SUBRON 17)RM1(SS)Communications1987 – 1988Stationed at COMSUBRON 17 while being turned over to surface detailer and orders to a surface ship due to medical disqualification from subs. Had a great division officer and Senior Chief to work for.
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Osteen, TomFlying Ubangis (VA 12)AZ3squadronJun 15, 1975 – Jun 22, 1978
Olson, JimFist of the Fleet (VA 25)ATN2squadronJun 1970 – Dec 1972I was in the AT shop on the USS Ranger on the 1970-1971 cruise. See a few names on here I recognize. Love to hear from you!
Overby, CharlesFist of the Fleet (VA 25)AT2AIMDJun 1976 – Nov 4, 1980I'm hoping to connect with as many shipmates as possible from the Ranger WestPACs and VA-25, as well as fellow students from Memphis/Millington AT-A school and AFTA.
Oviedo, SantiagoBlue Blasters (VA 34)E-4Line DivisionAug 1, 1991 –Hey Line Rats buddies hit me up, heres my phone number 575-318-9460!!!! Missing them days on the flight deck!!!
Olson, RichardBlack Panthers (VA 35)AQB2squadronJan 1969 – Mar 1972USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Vietnam Sept 69-July70 USS America CVA-66 Mediterranean July 71-Dec71
O'Brien, KevinBulls (VA 37)aeanva37 bullsJan 1, 1989 – Feb 28, 1992
Oravec, LouisBulls (VA 37)amh1 and 2check crew1966 – 1968i am looking for a cruisebook for the 1967 cruise. any info or pics for va37 would be helpful
Ousley, Dennis {oz},{ozzy}Green Pawns (VA 42)AN Ousleydiv 17Apr 1, 1980 – Jul 17, 1982first off my phone is 636 221 7146, I was in M/C worked with AVCM ADAM, But my best friend and boss AZ2 Laprade, Joe Fecchi Steven Mays, Lt.Boone Id like a call from ant one fom this time even CO lol !
Owen, James (Beaker)Clansmen (VA 46)PR3AIRCREWFeb 7, 1988 – Sep 10, 1991I was with VA-46 through work-ups/med cruise on CVN-69 and fallon, and all work-ups/Desert Shield/Storm cruise on CV-67 and decommision work.... Miss you all, we were the best..... I worked corrosion control/PR SHOP
Orena, FrankChampions (VA 56)AT2VA-561979 – 1981Flight Deck Troubleshooter
Osborn, Mike OzBlue Hawks (VA 72)AMS5AMS AMH shopDec 3, 1975 – Aug 3, 1979Blue Hawk's was wondering how the old crew was, retiring from Government after 33yrs and was wondering who still kicking: Med Cruses 77 and 78-79, weapons deployment Puerto Rico. John Phillips, Jim McDonald, anyone
Oefelein, Jeffrey (Offline)Marauders (VA 82)AZ2Maintenance Control1980 – 1984
O'Donnell, Paul 'Od'Rampagers (VA 83)ams-2Airframes trouble shooterMay 22, 1982 – May 11, 1986Made one Med. I.O. cruise on the F I D , and Two on the Sara, I saw both ships, sitting side by side rusting away last year over in Williamton R I . Its a shame to see them in that condition.
Odom, ShaunBlack Falcons (VA 85)AD 3squadronApr 1983 – Jan 198783-84 Med on the JFK 85-86 Med- IO on the Sara
Osborn, LionelSidewinders (VA 86)AO2ORDNANCE CREW VA-86Jun 1969 – Oct 17, 1970WORKED WITH A GREAT GROUP OF MEN! PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A 'SNAKE!!
O'Rourke, Charles (Dick)Golden Warriors (VA 87)PR-1AircraftSep 1974 – Sep 1977Not quite sure of the dates but they're in the ball park.
Odom, GaryBlue Blazers (VA 93)AT3ElectronicsApr 1969 – Dec 10, 1971Deployed on USS Ranger in Oct. 1969 to VietNam returning in June 1970. Deployed again in April 1971 to VietNam on the USS Midway returning in Dec.1971.
Orr, DonaldBlue Blazers (VA 93)E5- E6AdminFeb 4, 1983 – Jan 3, 1985When I was attached to the squadron we were known as the Ravens.
Orr, DonaldBlue Blazers (VA 93)E1-E4AdminJun 19, 1975 – Jul 28, 1977I enjoyed it so much I returned to VA 93 (Ravens) again in 1983 to 1985. I then transferred to the Philippines' for independent shore duty.
O;neil, PatrickShrikes (VA 94)AE2VA94Apr 15, 1982 – Apr 15, 1982
Oliver, RandyWarhawks (VA 97)AT1squadronMay 1984 –
O'Kelley, J.b. (Butch)Broncos (VA 112)AE3aviation electricanSep 1965 – May 1968A TIME NEVER FORGOTTEN
Orena, FrankStingers (VA 113)E-5squadron (VA-113)1981 – 1982I worked in AIMD FLIR Systems
Olivares, DavidEagles (VA 115)AMH3squadronFeb 4, 1978 – Jul 25, 1981I was with VA-115 as a PC, and worked Airframes while the squadron from FEB 78-JUL 81. Looking forward to hearing from anyone during that time. I did retire from the Navy in 1997.
Olson, DonEagles (VA 115)AT3Carrier Air Group 11 VA115Sep 1957 – Jul 1961Worked on radio and radar gear
Olson, RichardEagles (VA 115)ame3va-1151975 – 1977hi to all served with
Orr, BudFlying Eagles (VA 122)Captain USNsquadron commanding officerJun 1, 1984 – Sep 26, 1985I was a student three different times - instructor - LSO - aqnd Commanding Officer of VA-122 and proud of it and loved every minute.
O’dell, Stretch / OdFlying Eagles (VA 122)BMsquadronApr 15, 1985 – Mar 1, 1987A deck Ape in a brown shoe navy- still the tallest sailor not always a good thing standing out in - but met some good folks learned about motors from a gut who new a thing or two and made it to the base police TAD
O'Keefe, HarryBlue Diamonds (VA 146)AO-2AV\ARMJul 1969 – Oct 1971It's hard to believe that that America cruise was 40 years ago.
O'brien, StephenBoomers (VA 165)ATANsquadronJun 1979 – Feb 1981My only WestPac was the greatest experience of my life. I was proud 2 serve on the Connie, proud 2 serve w/my ship & squadron mates, & proud 2 serve the country in the U.S Navy. Long Live the Intruder.
Oldham, DaveBoomers (VA 165)AMS3Line DivisionJul 1969 – Dec 1972
Odle, William Hell Razors (VA 174)AT2squadronAug 1974 – Aug 1975A7 A,B,C, and E avionics tech
Olbes, Edgar LThunderbolts (VA 176)PN1 - PNCAdmin/PersNov 1976 – Nov 1979Deployed to the Mediterranean on board the USS America (CV-66) and USS Independence (CV-62)
Ormanovich, Rudy JrThunderbolts (VA 176)AE3squadron1982 – 1984Greetings to all old friends" would enjoy hearing from some of ya's
Ocasio, AlfonsoNighthawks (VAQ 33)AMEANsquadronAug 8, 1983 – May 29, 1986While stationed at Key West worked at the flight line and with GSE. After the Navy, went to school and studied airway science, worked as a flight instructor and flew regional jets , retired .

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