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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Nadeau, TimAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EN3E1986 – Aug 1990LCU 1633and the1635
Natividad, Javier/harvAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)E-4 EN3LCM Dept1990 – 1994
Norton, DonAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EN2Boat Group 1Mar 1977 – 1979Fun Times! Also looking for guy's that served in Enewetok.
Nothem, Donald : Aka BabysanAssault Craft Unit 1 (ACU 1)EN3EngineeringApr 15, 1975 – Sep 20, 1976was also a Coxwain of thw LCM-825
Needham, JohnAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)LT-CDRfrom Training up through C.O.Jun 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1997NRRC Baltimore
Nelson, Dennis (Lefty)Assault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)EN3desert coveFeb 1979 – Sep 1980hey cove rats where are you!!!!!!
Nicholas, BillAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)EN-3LCU 1608Jun 20, 1962 – Aug 19, 1966Would like to hear from anyone from the 1608.
Nelson (Seigel), Emily (Boats)Assault Craft Unit 4 (ACU 4)BM3(SW)First Lt2003 – 2004I don't miss filling sandbags or mowing mass tons of grass but I do miss those night watches in the tower. Fod walk down and JLG's so many fun things to do on shore duty! Thank God for Sea Duty. Miss ya shipmates!
Noe, ScottAssault Craft Unit 4 (ACU 4)LCDRMaint Ofcr2003 – 2006
Nakamoto, LanceAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)GSE2OPS DET CHARLIEJun 1998 – Mar 2003
Nation, JoeAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)DC2 (SW)Ground OpsJun 2005 – Oct 2007
Nicasio, ChristopherAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)GSMCRepair Division2005 – 2008
Nixon, IssacAssault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5)OS2OIJan 1991 – Apr 1994Long Days
Nichols, Robert (Nick)USS Whitney (AD 4)S1C deepsea diverPacific FleetSep 1941 – 1946My father Bob Nichols served on the USS Whitney leaving San Diego for Hawaii just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, staying with the ship throughout the war until its return to San Diego in 1946.
Nelson, Alfred(Pelli)USS Dixie (AD 14)MEFNDestroyer repair1948 – 1950Metalsmith
Newcomb, RollinUSS Dixie (AD 14)MM3R-3 Pump ShopNov 15, 1980 – May 15, 1982Anyone Remember me?
Nicholas, NickUSS Dixie (AD 14)DT1DentalNov 1979 – 1981
Nickel, Bernard. (Red)USS Dixie (AD 14)ME35 thApr 24, 1952 – Dec 5, 1953My Dad was on the USS Dixie. He did a lot of welding. I would really appreciate it if anyone remembers him that you would contact me. Thank you. Bernard's daughter. Theresa
Noonan, RauUSS Dixie (AD 14)SK2S1Sep 15, 1967 – Jun 15, 1970Two cruises to West Pac with some of the best men I have ever had the privilege to know. Happy Veterans Day!
Nelson, DavidUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT 1DC Shop Known as the Flying SquadJan 1, 1979 – Jan 1, 1983Hey Guys, Was glad to have made it through it, but looking back it was pretty cool. First time over seas, Subic Bay, Hawaii, Japan add booze and good friends and it doesn't seem so bad. Hope to hear from some of my old pals..
Nelson, JonUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT-1R-2Oct 1981 – Feb 1985Sheetmetal shop, Carpenter shop, Divisional yoman, CO2 shop
Nelson, GarryUSS Prairie (AD 15)BM-3Nov 16, 1948 – Oct 11, 1952
Nelson, DeniseUSS Prairie (AD 15)DPSNSupplyJan 1989 – Feb 1994
Nelson, KenUSS Prairie (AD 15)E5/DS2R4/67A and 84BAug 8, 1990 – Mar 5, 1993Had a wonderful time, met a lot of great people (Drop me a line sometime). She was a cranky old Bitch, but got us to some great liberty ports, after many Class Charlie fires and hours DIW I might add.
Nevarez, BobbyUSS Prairie (AD 15)BT2BSep 27, 1982 – Jun 25, 1984If you know Tom tell him hi for me Bobby
Newman, MikeUSS Prairie (AD 15)EM3Dec 20, 1957 – Mar 25, 1960
Newman, StaceyUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT2R-1 11 Alpha Shipfitter Shop1983 – 1985My son recently joined the Marines and it has made me nostalgic for my Navy days. I wouldn't have missed the experience for the world!
Newman, MikeUSS Prairie (AD 15)Dec 19, 1957 – Mar 25, 1960Wonder how many of the old R3 Div people are still around from the late 50s.
Newman, MikeUSS Prairie (AD 15)EM3R 3Dec 20, 1957 – Apr 25, 1960
Nielsen, Joel profile iconUSS Prairie (AD 15)OM3R-5Mar 1976 – Nov 1979Looking for Mike Osborn. He was my best friend on Prairie.
Norlund, LewisUSS Prairie (AD 15)EMFN/EM3/EM2R-31969 – 1972Worked for CWO2 Lovitt, EMI Hughes and EMC Raxter
Nixon, BillUSS Cascade (AD 16)EM 2EJun 2, 1970 – Jun 6, 1971Served on the Cascade while in Newport RI and relocated to Naples, Italy
Nolder, Patrick/dekeUSS Cascade (AD 16)Seaman1st divisionDec 14, 1957 – Sep 25, 1959Looking for Robert MacNally, Seaman
Narvaez, NelsonUSS Piedmont (AD 17)EM2REWIND SHOPJul 8, 1979 – Jul 31, 1983
Newbauer, William (Bill, Willie)USS Piedmont (AD 17)fireman first classrefrigeration1945 – 1946I was assigned to the refrigeration shop.
Nishiyama, Melcin M.USS Piedmont (AD 17)IC2EJun 1967 – Dec 1970ALOHA, Good health and best wishes to all.
Norlund, LewisUSS Piedmont (AD 17)EM1E-Div1974 – 1976E-Div LPO worked for EMC Bell
Norwood, JamesUSS Piedmont (AD 17)shsnsupply1974 – 1975Fun time in Long Beach shipyards and the trip from the shipyards to Napoli, Italy. Would like to find Albert Petroski.
Nanukin, PaulUSS Sierra (AD 18)EM2R3Jan 4, 1981 – Feb 4, 1984Willie moore, billy or jr ramsey, shultzy, sambolic, or any friends contact me 304-218-0331

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