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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Kennedy, JamesUSS Prairie (AD 15)FNForward FireroomMar 1988 – Nov 1989Would love to hear from any shipmates.
Kenny, TomUSS Prairie (AD 15)IM3R2Jan 1961 – Jan 1966Started in 1st Div. then on to the Instrument Shop with Linderman, Parish, Hunt, Davis, Serer, Anderson - can't remember the rest. Drop a line if you were there.
Kent, Rochelle - Daughter Father Emmett Cecil KentUSS Prairie (AD 15)Em2 (t)ElectricalFeb 2, 1948 – Feb 2, 1953My father was aboard the uss prairie during Korean conflict. He died 40 years ago and I am wondering if anyone knew him. Champion boxer. His name is Emmett Cecil Kent
Kimball, SonnyUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT2R-1Nov 1986 – May 5, 1988I ran the Lagging Shop (57-A). Great times and GREAT crew. If anybody remembers me, email me! I'd really like to find Judy Dianne Carrier, my old party buddy and Mike Maxey
Kinney, David (Dave)USS Prairie (AD 15)EM3E1960 – 1963
Kirby, SteveUSS Prairie (AD 15)SKCSupply S-1May 1, 1975 – Mar 10, 1979Remembering the great times with SKCM Christian and DK3 Tom Snyder! There were so many others, SKCS Chilton, Dan Welner, Louis Bustamante, SK1 Pike, Rafael Soto and all of my other shipmates in S-1 thru S-7.
Kirkland, Kriste ( Arkansas)USS Prairie (AD 15)SA/ E-2signalmanMay 1991 – Aug 1992Fun times...ole country gal from Arkansas , first duty station , stuck in long wow crazy times.... miss it! Would love to get in contact with old friends.
Kirkland, DianaUSS Prairie (AD 15)YN3/E4Captain's Office1989 – Jul 12, 1991I was just remembering my time aboard ship and how much I loved working in the Captain's Office. It took awhile to get used to but I really enjoyed it. I'm trying to refresh my memory because it was so long ago. Duty!
Kissling, Jim (Kiss)USS Prairie (AD 15)2ND CLASS MMMar 20, 1965 – Jul 9, 1969Started in the valve shop for 3 months, then went to diving sch. and was assigned to the diving locker for the remaining time aboard the Prairie.
Kitchens, HowardUSS Prairie (AD 15)BT2B DivisionMay 1, 1958 – May 1, 1962
Kitts, Rick PopsUSS Prairie (AD 15)DC2DC ShopMar 10, 1990 – Nov 1991I miss the old girl and the good times I had.
Klemens, FrancineUSS Prairie (AD 15)TM3Weapons/Torpedo ShopJan 1983 – May 1985Look for me on Facebook
Klemens (Was Armitage On Cape Cod), FrancineUSS Prairie (AD 15)TMSR-TM3WeaponsJan 1983 – May 1985
Knippenberg, LucyUSS Prairie (AD 15)E4R3Jul 1986 – Apr 1989
Kohlbauer, DonUSS Prairie (AD 15)PH2 (AC)R5 Photo LabDec 1976 – 1979I was a photojournalist for the San Diego Union Tribune after I got out and covered the 50th Anniversary RE-Christening of the Prairie in Long Beach Ca. Several Captains were aboard including my Captain, Captain Miller.
Kokosky, FredUSS Prairie (AD 15)EMCM RetiredR3 Division1980 – 1984I had the pleasure of serving aboard USS Prairie as the R3 Electrical Repair Division Officer. She was a fine ship with an Outstanding crew.
Kortuem, JohnUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT3R-1Feb 17, 1970 – Jul 25, 1973Two West Pacs. She was due for decommisioning when I went aboard and yet she held her own for another twenty years. God bless all who serve aboard the old lady
Kowalik, MichaelUSS Prairie (AD 15)BM33RD1982 – 1984
Kozakiewicz, MichaelUSS Prairie (AD 15)DTCDental1990 – 1993
Kyle, JimUSS Prairie (AD 15)skstorekeeperMar 1985 – Oct 1988lots of partying, was on from hawaii in 85 and got out during 88 westpac
Komonosky, JoeUSS Cascade (AD 16)HT3R-1Sep 28, 1972 – Nov 22, 1974Looking for past shipmates from Carp Shop, Pattern shop, Sail Loft, Shipfitter shop, 72-74, Crow, Kal, Roach, Ski, Karpo, etc, etc It's been 40 years,great times steaming the Med and in Naples and Ischia (302) 521-1545
Kastens, William (Bill)USS Piedmont (AD 17)ET2Repair GangMar 8, 1951 – Sep 22, 1954San Diego Boot Camp Dec.1950 2nd Div. Deck Force March 1951 ET School Treasure Island, CA 1952 ET Repair Div. 1953-54 Discharged Long Beach, CA Oct. 1954
Kedik, MarkUSS Piedmont (AD 17)MM3M divisionDec 7, 1971 – Feb 26, 1974Worked in the hole of aft engine room (Main Control) Stood throttle watch during GQ and sea n anchor detail. Also stood lower level watch. Just want to say HEY to all my ship mates.
Kedik, Mark/ YogiUSS Piedmont (AD 17)MM3M-DivisionDec 8, 1971 – Feb 19, 1974Homeported in Long Beach , Calif. was a Blast. I worked in Main Control ( aft. eng. room). Stood lower level watches, and was the Throttoleman during G.Q. and Sea and Anchor Details. I loved being a MM.
Kelly, KevinUSS Piedmont (AD 17)FTG1R51977 – 1980
Kempski, Robert (Bob)USS Piedmont (AD 17)Lt. JGDentalSep 1, 1948 – Aug 16, 1951Great Lakes Navel Base - training. Navel Base San Diego till deployment in 1948 aboard the USS Piedmont. Served as a sick call dentist till 1951 in Sasebo, Inchon. Looking for old shipmates of my grandfather.
Kenworthy, BobUSS Piedmont (AD 17)mm3A-gang Forward holeDec 24, 1975 – Aug 14, 1979Some of the best times in my life met some great people have kept in contact with a few. If any of you remember me get in contact am on face book live in Ft. Wayne In.
Kill, BobbyUSS Piedmont (AD 17)E-3RepairNov 12, 1973 – Jun 20, 1975Hey all my Ship fitter buddies, I've been trying for years to locate you pencil dicks, where the world is everyone? My Phone: 304-551-4936 My email: P.S. I'm in Wheeling West Virgina for now
Kirby, William (Junie)USS Piedmont (AD 17)EM3R-3Mar 14, 1968 – Dec 2, 1968
Kling, MichaelUSS Piedmont (AD 17)BT3R2Nov 1975 – Apr 27, 1979Spent many good days with a lot of good people in R2 div. Many memories in the BR Shop.
Koegel, Mike (Slim)USS Piedmont (AD 17)E-32nd DivisionJan 1, 1968 – Dec 11, 1968Worked as a crane operator for BMCM Knowles, great guy, hung out with "Soupy" Campbell and John Mikal, West Pacific will never be the same!
Koons, KoonsUSS Piedmont (AD 17)MR 3R-2Oct 1971 – Feb 1973
Kronschnabel, PeterUSS Piedmont (AD 17)SFP-2R-1May 1956 – Jan 1959Good duty. Learned my trade well from excellent leaders
Kanode, WardUSS Sierra (AD 18)SH-3S-3Nov 1965 – Aug 18, 1966
Keener, DonUSS Sierra (AD 18)RM3Radio ShackJun 1967 – Sep 1968Had a tight crew in the Radio Shack. Fond memories.
Kenney, Robert/bobUSS Sierra (AD 18)E-3R-1Oct 20, 1972 – Feb 10, 1975was on board about 2 years ,worked in repair shop with some good guys. Some names i remember were John Lacruie , Gary Benoit, Woody, Jonesey (big guy, could eat ten hot dogs at midrats.) D. Wibby. Good times
Kerkemeyer, JamesUSS Sierra (AD 18)RM3Admirals1958 – 1961After radio school in Norva I went aboard the Sierra and was attached to ComDesFlot4. I, along with others was involved in Project Mercury at Cape Canaveral handling communications for the recovery of the Astronauts. Great duty.
Keylon, EllisUSS Sierra (AD 18)BT3ENGINEERING BNov 28, 1979 – Apr 1982Worked in both firerooms under BTC King.Ran with Frame,Kimble,Delfosse,Mary,and Besozzi.What good times.What good operators!From Mobile to IO cruise of 1981.
King, Wallace (Wally)USS Sierra (AD 18)IC2RMar 1970 – Jul 1972I worked in the gyro shop in the repair department. Had a good experience on the Sierra, and was on the MAA force towards the end of my time on board.
Kline, KarriUSS Sierra (AD 18)ENSIGNEngineeringOct 31, 1980 – May 20, 1982I was MPA and one of the first 4 women members of the ship's crew. Working in the "hole" was the highlight of my time in the Navy! I've often wondered where we all landed.

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