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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Karl, MichaelUSS Heron (MHC 52)YNC (SW)(RET)NAV/EXECJul 16, 2001 – Jul 10, 2004I loved getting stationed there...but loved leaving there due to the lack of leadership from the very top...the rest of the crew was awesome. Haze gray and the GCOA...hoorah HERON!!!
Kangas, Ronald (Toby)USS Queenfish (SSN 651)YNC(SS)XMar 30, 1975 – Aug 18, 1980Retired. Spend winters in OH, summers in MI.
Kulavic, MarkUSS Boise (SSN 764)YNC(SS)ExecutiveFeb 14, 1990 – Sep 25, 2002Leading Yeoman Personnel/Admin Officer
Keith, JamesUSS O'Brien (DD 975)YNC(SW)AXFeb 15, 2000 – Jan 2, 2003Believe it or not...I miss it. Contact me at
Kimmel, TeresaUSNS Grasp (T-ARS 51)YNC(SW)Ship's OfficeJan 2, 1997 – Jan 1, 2000The hardest and best tour of my 22yrs. LCDR Harrell, XO, made this tour fun and enjoyable. Made Chief and earned my SW onboard. Sorry to hear she is decommissioned.
Kippers, Demiko "Kipp"USS Lassen (DDG 82)YNC(SW)EXECUTIVE/XX01Jan 6, 2006 – Jan 6, 2009Serving as the Ship's Secretary onboard. We have an excellent crew. If you get the opportunity, come aboard, I guarantee a rewarding tour.
Kane, BrianUSS Bigelow (DD 942)YNCS(SW) (RET)Captains OfficeApr 1980 – Nov 1983
Knapp, RobertUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA 42)YNSJun 18, 1971 –
Keith, JosephUSS Paul F. Foster (DD 964)YNSANavJan 10, 2001 – Sep 19, 2002Just wanted to say hello to everyone.. derrick, clay.. chief moore.. and rj... gimme a call sometime..
Knoll, Philip/philUSS Halsey (DLG 23)YNSA - YN2FOX - NXOct 11, 1972 – May 1, 1976
Karcher, JohnUSS Shreveport (LPD 12)YNSNAdmin1975 – 1976
Keller, BobUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)YNSNREAug 20, 1966 – Jul 13, 1967Was one of four YNs in Reactor Department Office. Made the '66-'67 Vietnam cruise.
Kelly, Francis JUSS Schenectady (LST 1185)YNSNOIFeb 1, 1970 – Feb 10, 1972
Kindle, MarkUSS Elliot (DD 967)YNSNadminNov 14, 2002 – Oct 8, 2004this was my first command, this was a great boat, i had the honor of serving with some of the greatest minds ever, CDR Nolan, CDR Jenkins and CMC Dwyer and the rest of the crew, thanks for the memories, kindle, dip set.
Kline, StanleyUSS Tiru (SS 416)YNSNExecutiveSep 1969 – Mar 1970Ship's Office under YN1 Medina. Deployed to WestPac end 69 and onboard for Special Ops when ship received the Armed Forces Expedition Medal (Korea). Hospitalized on return and transferred. Retired as NCCM(AW) / CMC.
Knight, Leonard / DirtyredUSS Tattnall (DDG 19)YNSNadminNov 1, 1982 – Jun 18, 1985i had fun on the ratty tat
Kohlmyer, CharlesUSS Chandler (DDG 996)YNSNDeck/Admin1996 – 1999All I got to say is I never forget that dirty Eng who cockblocked me in Columbia..But seriously thank you all for some of the best times of my life..Im out of the Navy and Graduated from college now. Find me on Myspace if wanna chat..
Kouang, JohnUSS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)YNSNexecApr 2000 – Aug 20, 2001
Kremin Jr, William J.USS Cape Esperance (CVE 88)YNSNCaptains OfficeJan 1951 – Jul 1952Made two trips to the Philipines and Thailand and numerous trips to Japan (Yokosuka), one stop at Eniwetok to deliver cargo for Nuclear Operation Greenhouse.
Kusuplos, Michael " Greek" profile iconUSS Paul Revere (LPA 248)YNSNX DivisionSep 1970 – Aug 1971Came on as ship's company in Yokosuka, was assigned to X Divison. Was PMS Yeoman Worked for ENCM Clark and Ltjg Olson
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Klostermann, TonyUSS Philadelphia (SSN 690)YNSN(SS)YeomanJan 6, 2006 – Jul 10, 2008
Kent, RobertUSS Finback (SSN 670)Ynsn/ssXO doorApr 1988 – Mar 1991
Kjaerbye, SteveUSS Roark (FF 1053)YNSN/USNRN&X/AdminAug 1, 1985 – Oct 1, 1988Reserve Crew Member
Kabella, JoeUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)YNSN/YN3N1 Flag Admin/N6 Plans and Policy1982 – 1985What a great time onboard. Always think of the crew in Aft Staff Berthing and the crazy stuff we did (on ship and off). Hey Moon Dog and Hair Bear (from N6) you out there?
Kramer, GeorgeUSS Arkansas (CGN 41)YNSRX Division1990 – 1994One of the most memorable four years.
Kelchner, RichardUSS Mobile (CL 63)YOEMAN 2ND CLASS"C"Mar 1943 – Feb 1945 I was the Liberty card yoeman in the Executives office
Kenmore, RonnieUSS Goldsborough (DDG 20)Yoeman 2nd class petty officerCommodore Staff1971 – 1972Very challenging mission. I was on-board when the ship was hit in December. I was in the area of impact only minutes before impact
Kuperus, DavidUSS Alaska (SSBN 732)\"LAZY COOK\"Aug 8, 2005 –
Kendall, PaulUSS Deyo (DD 989)\"SW\"OS2OI/DCApr 1, 2000 – Oct 22, 2003Great times, definately changed me for the rest of my life.

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