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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Kauffman, DonUSS La Salle (AGF 3)YEOMAN SECOND CLASSpersonnelJan 4, 1971 – May 29, 1972
Kennon, DennisUSS Power (DD 839)YNnaval1960 – 1964
Kerr, Lenard/ LennyUSS Coral Sea (CVA 43)YNAIR INTELANGENCEDec 26, 1966 – Jun 17, 1970Long time no see
Krug, PaulUSS Thaddeus Parker (DE 369)YNSHIPS OFFICENov 28, 1960 – Sep 2, 1962REMEMBER STORM OF MAR 1962
Krupp, DonaldUSS Cochrane (DDG 21)YNAdminNov 1964 – 1965Was my first duty and had a great time
Katcher, BarryUSS Massey (DD 778)YN-3Jul 1964 – Nov 1965Great ship and crew, Capt. was Leo G. Kearns.
King, PhillipUSS Hunley (AS 31)YN-3XNov 22, 1969 – Nov 22, 1971Served as Ship's Librarian and reported to the Chaplain during this time.
Klepper, Kenneth )Klep)USS Cleveland (LPD 7)YN-3o-i div.Nov 7, 1971 – Nov 6, 1975None
Kain, CarolUSS Holland (AS 32)YN1Repair AdminJan 1991 – Oct 1992Started out in Captain's Admin but we did a "Yeoman shuffle" onboard and I ended up in Repair Admin - best thing to happen to me onboard, that was work-related
Kanetzky, JohnUSS Rhode Island (SSBN 740)YN1AdminApr 1997 – May 2000
Keller, AndrewNaval Air Station KingsvilleYN1AdminOct 15, 1983 – Sep 2, 1985
King, CharlesUSNS Butte (T-AE 27)YN1Captain's office1987 – 1990Would enjoy hearing from past friends.
Kirk, ChrisUSS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709)YN1YNNov 1997 –I dont think i ever left.
Kizer, Omer EUSS Yorktown (CV 10)YN1OA1953 – 1955
Knott, MartinArgonauts (VA 147)YN1squadronJun 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1987
Kochniarczyk, FrankUSS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634)YN1EXECUTIVE DEPT1966 – 1967Fond memories of the BLUE crew
Koffler, MichaelUSS Tuscaloosa (LST 1187)YN1XJan 1981 – Mar 1984Assistant Division Officer. Published onboard newspaper "Wind Tunnel"
Koffler, MichaelUSS Midway (CV 41)YN1X & embarked Desron 151974 – 1976Operation Frequent Wind was not only history making, but a special event for me. I feel proud to have been a part of it.
Koffler, MichaelUSS Tuscaloosa (LST 1187)YN1Admin LPOMar 1981 – Sep 1984Enjoyed my time aboard the Tuscaloosa! Worded with great crew and three COs.
Kottke, JoshuaUSS Boone (FFG 28)YN1DeckSep 5, 2005 – Sep 5, 2009She was my first command. Met a lot of great leaders on this ship. I will never forget my time onboard.
Kruger, GeorgeUSS Klakring (FFG 42)YN1OIAug 8, 1989 – Aug 31, 1991Already had twenty years service when I arrived onboard. Spent two more years and a couple of cruises and generally had a good time. Retired onboard on 31Aug91.
Kruger, GeorgeUSS Nicholson (DD 982)YN1OIJan 25, 1981 – Jan 5, 1984Found the ship to be more modern than my first sea duty vessel. The Captain, who eventually was promoted to Admiral, volunteered the crew to an inordinate amount of UNREPs and other "We Volunteer" scenarios. Overall: Good Experience !
Kelley, Jean (Jt)USS Houston (SSN 713)YN1(SS)LEADING YEO1984 – 1986WOW!!! Talk about a flash to the past. Lot of great shipmates on this list. Good ol' Petey, failing ORSE, Emergency Blow when the ship's office WASN'T NAILED DOWN>>
Kraus, GeorgeUSS John Marshall (SSBN 611)YN1(SS)YeomanJul 1969 – Mar 1972Just researching Gold crew 69 - 72. I'm currently residing in Turner, Oregon and considering going to John Marshall reunion next year in San Antonio, Texas.
Kualapai, RodUSS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709)YN1(SS)Ship's OfficeJul 1991 – Sep 1994Had a great time when I was there. Sometimes I miss it but then I slap myself back to reality. Retired and moved to New Mexico. Enjoying life and grandkids.
King, Debbe KingUSNS Sirius (T-AFS 8)YN1(SW)adminJan 1991 –the best shipboard experience of my life! Cruising in the Red Sea was incredible. I was sorry to hear the ship had been decomissioned
Kingsbury, JerryUSS Boxer (LHD 4)YN1(SW/PJ)EXECJan 2, 1995 – Jun 8, 1995Proud to serve with such a great crew.
Kesler, MarkUSS Safeguard (ARS 50)YN1/YNCAdmin/PersJan 1996 – Sep 2000Tough but ultimately rewarding assignment. Bunking with snipes was painful :-) Made Chief onboard and Senior Chief first time up after I transferred cause of SAFEGUARD. Get EOOW or OOD underway qualified--It will help promotion a lot.
Kahn, RobertUSS Fargo (CL 106)YN2executive (legal yeoman)1947 – 1948
Kale, JamesUSS Paul Revere (APA 248)YN2XJul 1, 1958 – Nov 27, 1960Served with pre-com detail. First as non-designated fireman. Then in Capt's Office, Post Office, and Print Shop. Served under Capt R. B. Erly (CO) and CDR George B. Bush, Jr., (XO).
Kale, JamesUSS Francis Marion (LPA 249)YN2XDec 9, 1960 – Apr 20, 1962Nucleus Crew. Served under Capt Bill and Cdr Harlan both of whom I have seen in the last few years. Capt Bill passed away a couple of years go.
Kane, MikeUSS Haleakala (AE 25)YN2OXAug 1, 1979 – Mar 5, 1983I had a good time that I can remember, even through the alcohol and drug-induced haze. I probably wasn't the best sailor, but it was one of my most memorable life experiences. I still dream I'm going on WesPac and I'm thinking,what am I d
Kanetzky, JohnUSS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657)YN2AdminOct 1989 – Sep 1993
Karst, BryanUSS Tortuga (LSD 46)YN2Mar 2001 – Feb 2004
Kaufmann, JoyceShamrocks (VS 41)YN2Officer Records/Admin OfficeJan 1, 1975 – Sep 13, 1977It was a great time to be in San Diego and in the Navy. Wasn't married when I first got there (maiden: Crutcher). Still keep in touch with John and Colleen Potts.
Keith, WilliamsUSS John Hancock (DD 981)YN2NAV/ADMINMay 4, 1986 – May 1, 1989i was the Ship Secretary on the USS JOHN HANCOCK(DD981). I remember the good times is Pascagoula where 1 of my daughters and granddaughter resides. I had numerous good time in Mayport alot of good shipmates.
Keller, AndrewUSS Kansas City (AOR 3)YN2X -DivisionJan 1980 – Jul 6, 1983Will always remember my deployments, especially as I went back to live in Australia following my discharge. Still catch up with the boys when the ships arrive here in Fremantle, West Australia and have a good talk.
Kelley, RichardUSS Forrestal (CV 59)YN2V-1Apr 2, 1978 – Dec 20, 1981Worked the Flight Deck, Fly 3 for the 78 Cruise, Moved to the V1 Office for other two Cruises I made. Met allot of great men on the ship during my time on the FORRESTAL. Allot of Hard and Fun Times.
Kennally, Mark profile iconUSS Camden (AOE 2)YN2AdminOct 1971 – May 1975Was in 2nd div. when I first arrived, transferred to admin, worked in captains office and then the legal office. Made 3 tours to Vietnam 72, 73, & 74 / 75. Would love to hear from old shipmate. Current commander of VFW.

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