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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Keebler, RickGolden Dragons (VA 192)AE 2VA 192 Airwing CCApr 1983 – Feb 1984I have never been able to get the events of Nov 1st, 1983 out of my head. Anybody else have that problem?
Kjelshus, MichaelMain Battery (VA 196)AT2squadronApr 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1993
Kraus, JohnMain Battery (VA 196)AMS3squadronNov 1987 – Jun 1991Bombs on Target..!!
Kreis, JackMain Battery (VA 196)AO3/AO2squadron1966 – 1968Transitioned to A-6As at NAS Oceana/VA-42 and made the '67 Westpac Cruise on the Connie with VA-196 Main Battery. Great Squadron/AO shop.
Klein, ChrisRiver Rattlers (VA 204)AD2squadron1982 – 1986Great times with the rattlers
King, JeffAttack Squadron 205 (VA 205)AZ2MAINTENANCE CONTROL (WORK CENTER 020)May 1972 – Aug 1976I went to NAVAIRRES boot camp at NARTU Memphis 11/16/71-12/16/71. I've been looking for our graduation picture. I graduated from AZ A school on 3/8/72. I'm hoping someone has a picture of our class.
Knipp, DaveBarn Owls (VA 215)AMS3squadron1975 – 1977I had a great time onboard the USS FDR. I also had a lot of fun as a plane captain for the A7 jets.
Kyzer, GeorgeBarn Owls (VA 215)ADJ3squadronFeb 1974 – Jul 1977
Kemery, DavidBlack Diamonds (VA 216)AE3electric shopOct 9, 1960 – Jun 7, 1961Looking for any one how made west pac cruise 1960/1961 aboard Lexington,CVA16
Knox, RonGolden Hawks (VA 303)AT(N)3IWT (Integrated Weapons Systems)Sep 17, 1969 – Sep 18, 1972
Knez, PaulAttack Squadron 728 (VA 728)ET2ElectronicsJun 6, 1948 – Dec 24, 1952Happy to have served on Antietam CV-36. When called to Active Duty I was able to go with 120 shipmates I knew from Glenview Naval Air Station. My 1st Class was Phillip Alcorn Jr. who was a good friend until he died.
Kirkbride, MelanieTigers (VAH 1)Lt j.g.VAH-1Mar 1, 1959 – Jun 19, 1959Actually I am the daughter of Lt. Golden....would love any and all stories regarding my Daddy, bad or good, ....Thank you!!!!
Koster, StanRoyal Rampants (VAH 2)AQ3AvionicsDec 1, 1964 – Aug 1967
Kirkendall, JerryFireballers (VAH 8)unknownsquadronMar 1969 – Nov 1972writing this for my father Jerry Kirkendall who is passed. I know he was fire control on CHevalier 3/69 to 72 but dont know what his rank and division where. Looking for anyone who might remember him.
Kirk, Daniel (Danny)Vikings (VAH 10)AQB3AvionicsFeb 21, 1963 – Sep 30, 1963I was in the Navy and on the USS Constellation CVA64 Heavy Attack Squadron-West Pack Cruise. I was a plane Captain in A3D Aircraft 1964. If you remember me please contact me at 252-393-8881 or email
Kimbril, Charles profile iconVikings (VAQ 129)IS1EW Library1997 – 1998
Klepper, RussScorpions (VAQ 132)AT2AIMDMar 1980 – Aug 1982Mostly TAD to AIMD. Deployed on CVN-69 for "THE CRUISE" in '80 and the easy Med cruise in '82. Stayed at Whidbey until '98.
Kouba, KeithScorpions (VAQ 132)PR-2PR shopOct 1969 – Dec 1970
Kelley, JkGarudas (VAQ 134)E4squadronJan 9, 1978 – Jan 10, 1982
Klepper, RussGarudas (VAQ 134)AT1AIMDAug 1986 – Jan 1988Mostly TAD to AIMD. Transferred to SeaOpDet sometime before the '88 deployment on the Chuckie V.
Kessler, MichaelRooks (VAQ 137)IS3 (AW)squadronMar 19, 2007 –I'm the first independed IS (Intelligence Specialist) in the VAQ-137 SQ. I'm proud to be a ROOK.
Knight, RobertRooks (VAQ 137)ANsquadronOct 1990 – Jan 1992Keep your bags packed.... we're not staying long.
Kinder, RyanPatriots (VAQ 140)E-4/YN3squadronMar 1, 2003 – Sep 28, 2006
Keesling, Jim BonesZappers (VAW 13)AM1965 – 1967
Kern, ThomasZappers (VAW 13)ATW/AX-3squadronFeb 1, 1965 – Jun 10, 1966flew off the oriskany, independence ,coral sea,midway,boonie dick. det yo-yo
Kingzett, Robert ThomasZappers (VAW 13)ADR-3squadronJun 7, 1961 – Sep 25, 1964
King, MichaelGolden Hawks (VAW 112)E4PowerplantOct 1983 – Apr 1984
Kowalski, JamesGolden Hawks (VAW 112)AM2squadronMar 15, 2000 – Jul 14, 2004
King, MichaelBlack Eagles (VAW 113)AMS3squadron1973 – 1977
Koermer, PaulHormel Hawgs (VAW 114)AZANsquadronSep 15, 1967 – Sep 29, 1968
Kelso, TerranceWilly Dogs / Liberty Bells (VAW 115)E-2squadronFeb 1979 – Jan 1981Never forget being on the ocean on our way to Iran when we got crashed into by that barge still have a scar on my hand from that day
Klinger, MartinWilly Dogs / Liberty Bells (VAW 115)ASM-3squadronSep 12, 1983 – Sep 16, 1985Worked on flight deck and hanger deck
Klinger, MartinWilly Dogs / Liberty Bells (VAW 115)airmanAirwingSep 16, 1982 – Sep 12, 1986Looking to see if any of the crew and friends are out there
Kuhlman, James (Jim) profile iconHummer Gators / Steel Jaws (VAW 122)AK3VAW-122 / S-61980 – 1983 Looking for Paul J Bradley of Media, PA who was my wing man during every Med cruise port and in Perth!
Kaighin, Charles (Tom)Screwtops (VAW 123)OS3OPS1984 – 1985
Karlson, DavidBear Aces / Bullseyes (VAW 124)AM1QAFeb 2004 – Jul 2009
Karlson, DavidTiger Tails / Torchbearers (VAW 125)AM3Airframes/Corrosion1997 – 2001
Keane, JoeTiger Tails / Torchbearers (VAW 125)AME2AMEFeb 15, 1980 – Jul 6, 1983I am seeking all my former shipmates who I had the pleasure to serve with during my time with the Tigertails. Send me a email, I would like to here from you.
King, JdTiger Tails / Torchbearers (VAW 125)CWO4Maintenance1998 – 2000Good maintenance people, great airplanes!!!

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