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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Jones, GeorgeBlue Tail Flies (VA 153)AT3Aviation Tech ShopAug 1971 – Oct 1973
Joseph Sykes, JoeBoomers (VA 165)AMS-2Airframes/HydraulicsSep 1973 – Jul 1975I was "farmed out" to AIMD NAS Whidbey and AIMD on the USS Constellation. Made the '74 WesPac cruise. Great group of guys. I crossed over to the Army retired as Lieutenant Colonel. ADMCPO Keaton was a outstanding mentor.
Jordan, SteveThunderbolts (VA 176)AD3line and fightdeck trouble shooter1976 – 1979one of the best times of my life
Johnson, LelandDambusters (VA 195)LtjgAV/ARM1971 – 1973
Johnson, RonaldDambusters (VA 195)AD 1AIRCRAFT1977 – 1980
Jones, DennisAttack Squadron 205 (VA 205)SK2(SS)squadron1970 – Aug 1973Plankowner, Enjoyed my time and have some good memories from Groton and Norfolk. Spent time with Sonar gang when at sea 72-73
Johnson, FrankBarn Owls (VA 215)E4squadron1973 – 1977Last tour for "O" Boat VA-215 Flight Deck Troubleshooter 'White Shirt' A7 Jet Engine Mechanic A 20+ foot fuel tank leaking, could not be stored on board, drug it down to the stern and off it went! Recovered by helicopter
Jenkins, EricFirebirds (VA 304)AZ1squadronSep 1, 1990 – Nov 1, 1994My first squadron and the best of my career. I would enjoy hearing from the old crew.
Jones, RobertFour Runners (VAH 4)AN/ AE3DET Bravo1966 – 1967Great people, Great squadron I was just a small part of this great squadron. It was a weird experence on the USS Hancock in Viet Nam
James, JohnVikings (VAQ 129)E-3squadronJan 1, 1978 – Feb 9, 1978I was a student in this squadron for one month.
James, JohnWizards (VAQ 133)AE2squadronFeb 9, 1978 – Oct 15, 1981Was sent to Aviation Electrician School in Millington, Tennessee. Also acquired the rank of E-4 while at school.
Joaquin, RabbitGarudas (VAQ 134)ANsquadronAug 12, 2003 – May 8, 2004
Jones, KellyBlack Ravens (VAQ 135)adj 3vaq 135Oct 1971 – Dec 1971only served shakedown cruise before it went to the med should have re uped to go missed a great oppertunity
Jones, CaryYellow Jackets (VAQ 138)e-4 ameAMESep 2, 1992 – Sep 1, 1996n/a
Jacobson, JockoCougars (VAQ 139)MS 2squadron1986 – 1988
Johnson, Robert WEarly Eleven (VAW 11)E-3squadron1964 – 1966Looking for shipmates of VAW-11,detachment Echo..1965-66
Jordan, James (Hoss)Black Eagles (VAW 113)AMS2squadron1977 – 198078 Westpac on the Enterprise, 79-80 Westpac on the Coral Sea. Worked in airframes, and the line.
Johnson, MarcHormel Hawgs (VAW 114)LTFirst LT, Legal Officer, Avionics DivoDec 19, 1983 – Oct 7, 1986
Judd, MikeHormel Hawgs (VAW 114)AE3AEApr 17, 1982 – Apr 18, 1986
Jividen, DavidWallbangers (VAW 117)AE3squadronMay 1993 – Feb 22, 1997
Jorissen, JohnGray Hawks (VAW 120)AD-3squadron1997 – 1999Training squadron, Carrier Quals, long days and short nights but great times
Jorissen, JohnBlue Tails / Griffins (VAW 121)AD-1squadron2001 – 2004USS John F. Kennedy, USS George Washington, Key West and Fallon Detachments JD Power Plants and QA
Jones, JeffHummer Gators / Steel Jaws (VAW 122)AME 2squadronJun 7, 1982 – Feb 19, 1985
Jones, DouglasScrewtops (VAW 123)smsnoperations1970 – Jul 7, 1971just looking for any one on the ship when I was
Jeffries, BenBear Aces / Bullseyes (VAW 124)Ak3squadronFeb 1, 1993 – Sep 2, 1996Looking for Domingo Martinez, Lenzel Walker, Damion Leech, Mike Brown
Jackson, HenrySeahawks / Closeouts (VAW 126)E-6/ADsquadronJul 13, 1998 – May 8, 2002I worked as ALPO in the Line Shack and LPO in the Power Plants shop, best squadron I ever been in.
Johnson, Charles Aka JohnnySeabats (VAW 127)AMH3squadron1984 – 1988WOW just found this! Man there are some names here that bring back some memories i have tried for years to forget!! LOL Glad i never did!
Jackson, ThomasFirebees (VC 6)AT3Dam NeckJan 4, 1983 – Sep 27, 1984Great Days with Great People!!!!
Jordan, Jermain profile iconFirebees (VC 6)E-5 EN2squadronSep 1997 – Sep 1999So much fun with a tight net family.
Jordan, Karl profile iconFirebees (VC 6)LCDRsquadron2001 – 2003Transfered from Naval Support Activity, Chinhea Korea. Great place to retire from. Disestablished.
Jackson, BobThe Saints (VC 27)AEM 3cVC-27/CVE-78May 8, 1944 – Jun 13, 1946I'm entering this for my brother, Lt Cmdr Percival W. Jackson, commanding officer of VC-27, aboard USS Savo Island (CVE-78). In 2003 I wrote a story about VC-27/CVE-78. Contact me if youd like a copy. 845.462.3814
Judge, DaleComposite Squadron 76 (VC 76)AMM1aircraft mechanic1943 – 1944I signed up to list the reunion. My father, George Judge, was on the ship in 1943-44.
Jenks, ScottWolfpack (VF 1)AD3squadron1979 – 1984Looking for any old friends
Johnson, StanWolfpack (VF 1)AQ2squadronSep 1, 1980 – Jun 5, 1982Missing the good old days on Danger Ranger. Capt. (Daddy) "The Duke" Dan Pederson was the greatest.
Johnson, JohnBounty Hunters (VF 2)YN2/YN1squadronJun 15, 1997 – Jun 17, 2001Great squadron and great group during time. Many great cruises onboard CONSTELLATION.
Jaggers, GroverRed Rippers (VF 11)AQ2squadronJan 1976 – Dec 1978Hello fellow shipmates, squadron mates. My experience in the Navy and aboard the Forrestal was an enriching experience in life sharing work, travel, play and brotherhood. Enjoy the rest of life to the best you can, remember the memories.
Johnson, RonaldRed Rippers (VF 11)AQF3avionicsJun 9, 1964 – Sep 20, 1966
Johnson, GaryRed Rippers (VF 11)AE2AE ShopMar 1972 – 1973
Jensen, DoyleTophatters (VF 14)AQ2Aviation Fire ControlJan 1, 1970 – Dec 1, 1971
Jones, WilliamFreelancers (VF 21)Asan e-3squadronJan 25, 1993 – 1995

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