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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Johnson, JeffUSS Dixon (AS 37)YN21990 – 1995lot's of great times were had onboard and offboard too
Johnson, Kenya L.USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51)YN2AdminAug 2000 – Aug 2002I found true happiness among the crew. Best times of my life serving onboard the Gates!!!
Johnson, Thomas "TJ"USS Gettysburg (CG 64)YN2Supply/AdminFeb 1989 – Sep 1992PLANKOWNER From Constitution Hall to Mayport, Florida I enjoyed it all!
Johnson, TroyUSS Mahlon S. Tisdale (FFG 27)YN2XNov 1989 – Jun 1993One of the most influential people in my life was YN1 Robert Muniz. He was not only my boss, but he was a mentor and friend.
Johnston, Greg "Johnny"USS Constellation (CV 64)YN2XO Admin/Engineering Log RoomJul 1979 – Jul 1982Great times,great memories-Iranian Hostage Crisis, 110 days in IO, shellback initiation, PI, Pusan, Singapore.remember B Wolfe Print Shop. Would like to contact R Downin (Pers Off), Lt. Hull, R Johnston, T Hunter.others.
Jones, FredUSS Constellation (CV 64)YN2V2Feb 5, 1977 – Aug 3, 198177 cruise was the best! Made a lot of friends along the way and the memories of certain shipmates who had impacted my life when I was first starting out. Spent 23 years and retired.
Jones, JoshUSS Lake Erie (CG 70)YN2NXDec 23, 1998 – Dec 4, 2001
Jones, LorenzoUSS Savannah (AOR 4)YN2Captain's YeomanOct 1989 – Apr 1992Yes, we were inches away from that riot in the berthing area. Please do not touch him Chad!!! Do you still have those Wolf tickets for sell? LOL.. Wow the good old days (Med 90 & Med 91-92).
Jones, MattUSS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602)YN2Admin1971 – May 1974
Jones, NathanUSS San Bernardino (LST 1189)YN2Mar 25, 1977 – Nov 6, 1978A crazy bunch of SanBerdo crew off on WesPac!
Jordan, BillUSS Esteem (MSO 438)YN2Admin1967 – 1967She was a great ship with a great crew. I still miss the tour on her after all these years.
Joslin, GuyUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)YN2OX/Captains OfficeMar 1983 – Oct 1985Wow lots of names I still recognize. Had to look at my cruise book again. Great memories. Married now with 4 children, Deputy Sheriff K-9 handler in Idaho. Hope to hear from an old friend.
Jostedt, MikeUSS Epperson (DD 719)YN2Ship's Office1969 – 1970crew and Westpac outstanding experiences
Jowers, FletcherUSS Robert H. McCard (DD 822)YN2OperationsJun 2, 1963 – Mar 7, 1966Made friends while aboard the Mighty Mac that were and are like brothers. Two Med cruises one to the Red Sea and on to India. Gtmo and Bermuda
Juarez, ErickUSS George Philip (FFG 12)YN2ADMINSep 2000 – Aug 2002Best group of MEN I've ever served with.....Even though I enlisted in the ARMY, I still think the "G" Crew was the best. We made fun of each other constantly yet would do anything for one another.
Judy, JamesUSS Hawes (FFG 53)YN2Nav/OpsSep 1991 – Feb 1994best ship in the fleet..miss all shipmates..
Juon, JimUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)YN2AAug 1966 – Jun 1968Engineering Log Room yeoman
Jurgensen, Craig -- SonnyUSS Savannah (AOR 4)YN2XJan 1973 – Aug 1975
Johnson, TinaUSS Barry (DDG 52)YN2(AW/SW)NAVADMIN/NXMar 5, 1999 – Jun 15, 2001First ship and best ship
Jack, WalzUSS George Washington (SSBN 598)YN2(SS)Crew1968 – 1970
Jarrett, MichaelUSS Newport News (SSN 750)YN2(SS)Admin1986 – 1989Part of the Commissioning Crew.
Jeffery, Will (Wolf)USS Von Steuben (SSBN 632)YN2(SS)Ships Office1989 – 1991
Johnson, JohnUSS Sea Devil (SSN 664)YN2(SS)YeomanJul 9, 1986 – Feb 5, 1990GREAT TOUR!!! I will remember the men that I served with for the rest of my life!!! You guys were great!!!
Jones, ScottUSS Springfield (SSN 761)YN2(SS)YNMar 15, 1996 – Jul 11, 1999Good memories and great stories. I'm on the SAN JUAN now getting ready to take over as leading YN.
Judy, Rude JudeUSS Bremerton (SSN 698)YN2(SS)YN/EXECSep 16, 2002 – Oct 4, 2004Whats good b i t c h e s????? Hit me up!
Judy, Rude JudeUSS Buffalo (SSN 715)YN2(SS)YN/EXECOct 4, 2004 – Feb 18, 2006Whats good b i t c h e s???? Hit me up!
Jackson, D. MichaelUSS Paul F. Foster (DD 964)YN2(SW)NAV/ADMINJan 18, 2002 – Mar 29, 2003Had a great time in the short tour. Learned alot and experianced alot. Now heading to Norfolk, VA to work for Rear Admiral Reilly Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group TWO
Johnson, NathanUSS Heron (MHC 52)YN2(SW)NAV/EXECMar 23, 2001 – Mar 13, 2003I HAD MORE BAD TIMES THAN GOOD.
Junso, ShaunUSS Tortuga (LSD 46)YN2(SW)XXAug 15, 2003 – Aug 14, 2006The time on here was great, met a lot of great people. Enjoyed the places I travelled and got to see part of the world and it definitely made me a stronger person as far as my integrity. I miss some of my friends that are onboard!
Johnson, ShakishaUSS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52)YN2(SW/AW)NXO1Jul 1, 2001 – Oct 17, 2003Memories that I will never forget!!!!!!
Jackson, StevenRecruit Training Command Great LakesYN2/ E-5047/ 058Nov 11, 2005 – Jan 20, 2006I am looking for my old recruit division commanders as well as any classmates that I went to bootcamp with. I will add that I was assigned to two different divisions during my time in RTC Great Lakes.
Johnson, JohnBounty Hunters (VF 2)YN2/YN1squadronJun 15, 1997 – Jun 17, 2001Great squadron and great group during time. Many great cruises onboard CONSTELLATION.
Joseph, TrappUSS John Marshall (SSBN 611)YN2SSShips OfficeOct 1969 – Dec 1972What a trip started out in Holy Lock then Rota Spain medevac ked for appendectomy, crossed artic circle, launched 7 missals off Florida, learned about moon worms and had 3 enjoyable years
Jack, Timothy W.USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51)YN3AdminDec 7, 1989 – May 31, 1992It was my pleasure to have served on the USS THOMAS S. GATES (CG-51). Take care everyone and GOD Bless.
Jackson, BobbyUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42)YN3Jan 1971 – Aug 1974
Jackson, CharlesNaval Air Station North IslandYN3Captains OfficeNov 1, 1988 – Jul 3, 1991
Jackson, D. MichaelUSS Nassau (LHA 4)YN3ADMIN / ENGINEERINGDec 18, 1994 – Nov 23, 1998First tour, had fun, made great friends and learned alot there.
Jackson, Hugh (Nickname: "Jack"USS Columbus (CG 12)YN3S-61965 – 1969Most of my best buddies were in S-6 division while mess cooking. "Mac" McClure, "Robby" Robertson, Riggs, Schumacher, "Doc", and more. Miss you guys. Hope you all are still around and have had good lives. contact me.
Jackson, JimUSS Navasota (AO 106)YN3Personnel office1968 – 1969Enjoyed my tour aboard this ship and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Jackson, JohnUSS Columbus (CG 12)YN3XMar 26, 1970 – 1973After looking back, I had an outstanding aboard the Tall Lady, Any one remember BM Stillwell, or YN1 Beckwith

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