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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Iannon, RichardUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)SM3OPSMar 1971 – Sep 1974
Iannone, JohnUSS Tunny (SSN 682)EM1E DivJan 2, 1985 – Nov 28, 1989Crazy Days, reading comments sent me back, Chris are back in arkansas. What did happen to Leo?
Iannone, JohnUSS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657)EM1E div1990 – 1992
Iannotti, GiulianoUSS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)dt3dental1978 – 1978
Iannotti, RalphUSS Bainbridge (DLGN 25)RM2OPS/RadioOct 25, 1970 – Oct 20, 1971Met a lot of great guys. Had a lot fun. Saw half the world while doing so. Loved the WesPac cruise. Subic, Singapore, Hong Kong.
Iannucci, DougUSS Guam (LPH 9)AG2OAJul 23, 1979 – Nov 3, 1981One day in Norfolk I telephoned the quarterdeck and impersonated the XO, telling the petty officer of the deck to announce liberty for the crew. It worked, and I was never caught. One of my most splendid accomplishments!
Iannuzzi, David profile iconUSS Fox (CG 33)EN-2A GANGMar 1980 – 1983It sure was a fun time if you rember me drop a line.
Iannuzzi, David profile iconUSS Pigeon (ASR 21)EN5A GANG1983 – 1985PORT PLANT
Ianson, RexfordUSS Southerland (DDR 743)BM31 stMar 5, 1962 – Sep 1, 1964Great crew, can do attitude,proud to have served aboard with them.
Ianucci, BobUSS Sarda (SS 488)Captain, USNSupply, Communications and EngineeringJan 8, 1961 – Jun 10, 1963Reported as an Ensign fresh out of Sub School. Worked my way through Supply Officer,, Communications Officer and finally Chief Engineer. SS qualified on Springboard '62.
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Shreveport (LPD 12)CAPT, USNCommanding OfficerJul 15, 1983 – Jul 25, 1985One of the hardest working and best qualified crews in the U.S. Navy. Ship Earned the MUC helo sweeping mines in the Gulf of Suez and supporting US Beirut Lebanon embassy after bombing (set the Guinesses' record for Suez Canal transit.)
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Nassau (LHA 4)CaptainExecutive OfficerNov 1978 – Jun 1981Plankowner and Commissioning XO. Ship reinforced GITMO. Sailed on short notice to MED for Harrier-Carrier Ops,Took CINCLANTFLT on Carib Show-the-Flag round trip, had our 1st UNREP in the MED. It was an honor to serve with this crew.
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Portland (LSD 37)Commander - COCommanding Officer1976 – 1978Great ship! We did it all and in style. Finished MED cruise in Nov '76 and got recalled from Caribbean Ops in July '77 to deploy in Plymouth Rock's slot. Sailed with 100% crew aboard and had a great back-to-back deployment.
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Coronado (LPD 11)LCDR/CDR -XO & COExecutive Officer and Commanding Officer1974 – 1976First Amphib to go through PEB. Lots of good shipmates. Evacuated Beirut, Lebanon during MED cruise '76. Detached in Naples to take command of PORTLAND.
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Odax (SS 484)LCDRExecutive Officer1970 – 1972XO for 2 years and decommissioned the ship in Key West, FL Reported to COMSUBLANT Intelligence following ODAX.
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Sirago (SS 485)LTNavigator/Operations Officer1968 – 1970Went to Sirago after 2 years on COMSUBFLOT 8 Staff in Naples, Italy
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconUSS Sarda (SS 488)ENSIGN & LTJGSUPPO, COMMS, Chief Engineer1960 – 1963New London, CT. First submarine assignment out of SUBSCOL. Went to Defense Intelligence PG School after SARDA, then to Staff, COMSUBFLOT 8, Naples, Italy for 2 years as Intelligence and Asst. Ops Officer.
Iaquinto, ThomasUSS Silversides (SSN 679)YN2(SS)Jul 1975 –
Iaquinto, ThomasUSS Alexander Hamilton (SSBN 617)1967 –
Iaquinto, ThomasUSS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631)YN2(SS)1968 –
Iaquinto, ThomasUSS Von Steuben (SSBN 632)YN2(SS)1973 –
Iaquinto, ThomasUSS Sea Cat (SS 399)YN3(SS)1965 –
Iaria, JohnUSS Enterprise (CVAN 65)SACVAN-65Feb 1971 – Jul 1971
Iaroli, FrankUSS Ontonagon (AOG 36)Black Gang1944 – 1945
Iba, JackUSS Rochester (CA 124)RD2OI1956 – 1960Best ship I served on in a 25yr Carreer
Ibach, ChrisUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)ET3OEOct 1991 – Apr 1997
Ibach, ChrisUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)ET3OEOct 11, 1991 – Apr 30, 1997
Ibach, Jeff JjUSS Peleliu (LHA 5)SH3S-3Jul 1983 – Mar 1987Service to the crew 2 Wespacs one trip to Peleliu Island Shellback best time of my life would like to hear from crew i served with i have so many memories and i still can see the LHA 5 in San Diego long may she sail hey when is the reunion?
Ibanez, BaldemarUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)E3Nov 17, 1967 – Dec 18, 1968Viet Nam WestPac cruise 1968-Unforgettable experience. Great Ship/Great Crew. Ola Reinhard & Kleiber. My love to IRIS LENELLE IBANEZ-MARTINEZ
Ibanez, Herminio [hermie] profile iconUSS Bradley (FF 1041)MS1supplyMay 10, 1983 – Oct 14, 1985LOOKING FOR MY SHIPMATES WHO KNOWS ME....
Ibanez, Herminio [hermie] profile iconUSS Impervious (MSO 449)SDSNSUPPLYNov 11, 1970 – Sep 13, 1974MY FIRST SHIP AFTER BOOT CAMP.
Ibanez, Martin (Tiny)USS Tuscaloosa (LST 1187)BTFR/BTFA/BTFN/BT3Mar 14, 1983 – Sep 30, 1987Assigned to 1 & 2 Aux,, but did a lot of dirty work in all eng. spaces (learned a thing or two about ALCO'S)had a blast, Still working 4 uncle sam (MSC) regards to all of 83-87 Big T shipmates, TJ, West-Pacs, & Trophy Lounge (oh my!!!):-)
Ibanez, Martin (Tiny)USS Berkeley (DDG 15)BT3/BT2#2 FireroomSep 10, 1987 – Sep 15, 1989BTC Devoe, BT1 Evans, BT1 Cebrian, BT1 Buttram, BT2 Stretch, Big P, Moss, Habersham, Lou Wash. n the rest of 2 fire from 87-89, WUZ UP? i saw the ddg-15 in Crete a few years ago, still looking like no other silhouette, learned a lot
Ibanez, RolandoUSS Tripoli (LPH 10)ABH3V-1Sep 2, 1986 – Jun 6, 1991Greetings from Roland "I.B. or The R" Ibanez to old shipmates/friends: Jeff Arguello, Delvillar, Bork, Padilla, Turner, Martinez, Spoon, Pettway, etc. I'm a LCDR close to retirement now, pls. email me so we can chat.
Ibanez, SteveUSS Vandegrift (FFG 48)EMC (SW)EMay 10, 1984 – Mar 31, 1989Proud to be a plankowner. Even more proud that Vandegrift has maintained the reputation for being the best of the best!
Ibanez, SteveUSS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60)EMCS (SW)XMay 1996 – May 1998Best tour of my career, even though I was stuck as the 3MC. Only left because RMD moved to the wrong side of the pond.
Ibanez, SteveUSS Truxtun (CGN 35)EMCS (SW)XMay 1989 – May 1991Truly a unique experience in my career. Made some great friends who somehow made it seem worth the pain.
Ibanez, SteveUSS Seattle (AOE 3)EMFN - EM2ESep 10, 1976 – Mar 1980First ship, learned my rating and so much more... Lots of good times, plenty of not-so-great times. Overall, an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. Made some great friends, too: Rob Martin, Scott Brooks & Greg Ford

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