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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Ingram, BillAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)RM2RM on LCU 1489,1469 & 1608.Jun 1962 – Aug 15, 1965Embarked aboard LSDs-1,6,14,21,25,29,32,34&LPD-1. 5 Caribbean,2 Med cruises.Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for Dominican Crisis in 1965.Played 3rd & short for ACU-2 softball.Thanks USN. 35yr AT&T.Retired since 2000.
Iobst, JohnUSS Dixie (AD 14)PH3R5Dec 1, 1980 – Dec 26, 1981I have fond memories of the last cruse of the Dixie and enjoyed sea duty as a photographer
Isbill, TennesseeUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT 3Jun 13, 1990 – Mar 11, 1993Still in Long Beach. hit me at
Ison, JoeUSS Cascade (AD 16)BTFABNov 15, 1973 – Dec 15, 1974
Isom, Aaron / Mr. PeabodyUSS Piedmont (AD 17)Apr 16, 1953 – Aug 13, 1956I am looking for old shipmates , would like to hear from anyone who might remember me or has any old photos of the ship and shipmates ,is my daughters email , and she will forward all mail to me. Thanks.
Ivy, CharlieUSS Piedmont (AD 17)BM32ndSep 1973 – May 1977
Ingersoll, FloydUSS Yosemite (AD 19)RM SACommunicationsAug 10, 1963 – 1965
Ibarra, ManuelUSS Hamul (AD 20)IC 2ndE divitionDec 19, 1958 – Dec 19, 1958
Ingebretsen, ErikkaUSS Bryce Canyon (AD 36)MMFNR-2Jan 2, 1971 – Jun 13, 1971It was an interesting experience
Ingram, RonnieUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)EN2A GangJul 1983 – May 1987Looking for old friends. Hope all is well.
Ingram, SteveUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)HT1 (SW)RT/NDT LabMar 15, 1980 – Mar 31, 1984Had a great time onboard.
Irwin, LeilaUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)EM3EJul 1993 – Oct 1995
Iannon, RichardUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)SM3OPSMar 1971 – Sep 1974
Iderstine, Bob VanUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)CDR (RETIRED)ExecutiveMay 15, 1983 – Dec 13, 1986The best sea duty a person could have. Living in Gaeta and living on the economy in Italy was a wonderfully great adventure. Would like to hear from shipmates.
Imparato, JohnUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)CAPTAINDECKFeb 1970 – Sep 1971Served as 1st Div Officer then 1st LT. Made LT in this tour. Stayed in Reserves, Returned to Active Duty, Made Captain before I retired here in the DC area.
Iverson, BryceUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)ETCR-4May 6, 1991 – Oct 31, 1992I have a lot of great memories from my time aboard and would love to hear from any of my Shipmates.
Irons, Elizabeth "Liz"USS Yellowstone (AD 41)MSS2Nov 11, 1984 – Aug 1, 1985i was ships baker and worked in the cpo mess. enjoyed the sun set and the great cruses on the ship.
Ignacio, WilfredoUSS Acadia (AD 42)GSE3r-2Apr 16, 1991 – Dec 20, 1994i used to be in boat's and crane. Now I'm in ACU-5 Camp Pendleton.
Isenman, James W.USS Acadia (AD 42)FC1(SW)R-4Aug 17, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994
Isola, MatthewUSS Acadia (AD 42)ETSNR-41993 – 1994just trying to find some old friends so if ya remember me let me know
Ivey, KevinUSS Acadia (AD 42)DS2S-7 ADPNov 1988 – Jul 1991
Ifert, Richard (Rick)USS Cape Cod (AD 43)ET2OPSJan 1989 – Jan 1991One WESTPAC deployment. One drydock. I miss San Diego!
Isaak, MichelleUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)MM3R2Jan 1989 – Sep 1991
Iannicello, ThomasUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)EN3A GangAug 1, 1983 – Jun 29, 1987I'm looking for my buddies Fred Way, Mitch Godsay and W Kirkland.
Iman, RalphUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)OM1MAA1987 – 1991The best years of my life were onboard BOBO. The best of times, friends and memories were on her. I loved her so much I spent my last day onboard and Retired in November 1995 with her STINGER.
Ishmael, RobertaUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)EN2A GangDec 1986 – Apr 1990The Sheandoah was my First and Only ship but I had the greatest adventure of my life on that ole boat. Wish i could go back and do it all again. 2 Med Cruises, Cuba, Softball, and I do mean all again.
Irving, TedUSS Wrangell (AE 12)BMSN2ndMay 15, 1960 – Dec 13, 1963
Isom, James H. IsomUSS Great Sitkin (AE 17)EMP3Engineering1955 – 1957
Isom, James H. IsomUSS Great Sitkin (AE 17)1957 –
Insler, StuartUSS Suribachi (AE 21)RM3radio shackDec 1956 – Dec 1957I served on the USS Intrepid CVA-11 2 yrs then was transferred to Uss Surabachi AE21 to put in commision and made the gitmo shakedown cruise
Iverson, IverUSS Suribachi (AE 21)MM11981 – 1983
Iverson, IverUSS Suribachi (AE 21)MM1MNov 1981 – Nov 1983
Ingenhutt, PeteUSS Mauna Kea (AE 22)QM2NavFeb 10, 1971 – Apr 4, 1974Some enjoyable times, some wonderful stories
Irvine, PaulUSS Mauna Kea (AE 22)E3MM1974 – 1976I Remember the '75 WesPac sorry I missed ships movement last day in Subic. I beat you guys back to California by two weeks!
Ireland, RabbitUSS Pyro (AE 24)SN3rd gunner mateMar 11, 1969 – Mar 15, 1971looking for rich
Ireland, RabbitUSS Pyro (AE 24)SN3rd gunner mateMar 15, 1969 – Mar 12, 1971
Ireland, RabbitUSS Pyro (AE 24)SN3rd gunner mateMar 11, 1969 – Mar 15, 1971looking for rich
Iacolucci, BernieUSS Haleakala (AE 25)seaman1st DivisionAug 1969 – Aug 1971I had some wonderful times in between all the hard work and met a lot of great guys.
Ingham, RobUSS Haleakala (AE 25)HM1OPS /Medical1970 – 1973I retired in 1988 and live in Tucson AZ now. I served with Chief Riggs,Ken Phillips, Curt Dunn, and Larry Woods.
Isbell, DennisUSS Haleakala (AE 25)BMSNfirst divisionDec 28, 1967 – Sep 11, 1969Just letting my shipmates know that i am still alive and still thinking of all of you. Had some very interesting times, and i will never forget. God bless you all.

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