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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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H, J.j.USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730)ET2Gold crew member.Apr 23, 2013 –Provided only the first initial of last name and omitted division. Active crew member .............. as of October 2013.
H, Larry HarboltUSS Charleston (LKA 113)BT 2engineroomDec 1973 – Jul 1977 just looking for guys who was onboard when I was
H, SliderUSS Fox (CG 33)E3EnJun 14, 1992 – Apr 1994
H.l. Stedman, SnakeUSS Plymouth Rock (LSD 29)OS2OI-01Jan 19, 1976 – Sep 22, 1979The best damn building in Little Creek. Great times, Great memories. Still in contact with J.J. Mejia, Partington, Peplowski, RM2 Kelly, SM2 Britt. QM2 Mike (Father) Flanagan. Great crew. Give me a shout. cposted@yahoo
H0lleman, RobertUSS Bolster (ARS 38)FRDeckAug 4, 1979 – Feb 12, 1982Smithy,tom smith
Haack, AllenUSS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22)E3FirstSep 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 1972Had a good time when I was there, wish I did 20.
Haack, BrianOak Ridge (ARDM 1)SN/HM STRIKERDeck/Medical (OPS)Feb 1984 – Mar 1986Worked in 1st Div and Struck for HM under HMCS McGlothin. CPO in 1995 and commissioned in 2000. My best buddies were Dave Ruggiero and Ron Killion. I wrote about the Oakride on my Blog. Check it out at
Haack, BrianUSS Forrestal (CV 59)HM2Medical H divAug 27, 1987 – Nov 1, 1990Great crew great times
Haack, JohnUSS Chikaskia (AO 54)AO-541944 – 1945looking for someone who knows who captain of ship was at end of war - have "captain's guest" napkin holder my mother received, apparently as guest of captain in 44 or 45. john haack
Haack, JohnUSS Bougainville (CVE 100)ensignvb1001945 – 1945This was my uncle jack killed in yamato attack 4.7.1945. Anxious to hear about him from those serving with him
Haack, RobertUSS Saratoga (CVA 60)ANV-5Nov 1975 – Jan 1977Great cruise especially the bi-centenial.
Haack, ThomasUSS Summit County (LST 1146)Ensign/LTJGSupplyAug 1968 – Oct 1969It is always a pleasure to reunite with Navy buddies. I will always remember my pals on the Summit CTY - CO Blackmon, XO Butterfield, and my fellow junior officers Corrigan, Pruitt, and Wolf.
Haacke, J. CraigUSS Dixon (AS 37)SKSNSupplyApr 1971 – Dec 1972Assigned to the ship in Quincy, Mass, and remained on board until returning from Brimmerton Wash. Am a Plank Owner/ Shell Back
Haacke, RandallUSS Oriskany (CV 34)BT-3BJan 1975 – 1976I worked in fire room #1 . Would like to hear from some friends.
Haaf, Dane H.USS Midway (CV 41)MS3S-2 / S-5Jun 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1985If you served on the Midway from 1980-90 and attended the Yokosuka Christian Servicemen's Center (OCSC/Cadence, Intl.) please E-mail me at We are planning a reunion at the 2004 dedication of the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museu
Haag, Charlie "2 Dogs"USS Portsmouth (SSN 707)ET1(SS)NavigationJan 1988 – Jun 1991
Haag, Charlie II DogsUSS William H. Bates (SSN 680)SNDeckJul 1985 – Dec 1986Can't believe it was only18 months. COB (Clyde Zortman) once said 'Boy, I bet you can't name something I don't have in my pocket somewhere' Me: Do you have any rubbers? COB: Shut up boy I'm being serious
Haag, DougUSS Reeves (CG 24)FC1(SW)FOXJun 1987 – May 1989
Haag, DougUSS Gridley (CG 21)FC1(SW)FOXOct 1984 – May 1987
Haag, EugeneUSS Constellation (CV 64)LTDeck & FuelsJan 3, 1989 – Jan 10, 1992
Haag, GeorgeUSS Albany (CG 10)RM3OCJan 16, 1969 – Nov 22, 1971Good friends Rex Coatney, Phil Bode, Mike Meade; great Med Cruises
Haag, JimUSS Merrill (DD 976)SN-FC3Deck-CMMay 23, 1984 – Aug 17, 1987This makes three of my five ships that are no more. I guess I'm getting old.
Haag, JimUSS Holland (AS 32)EM21R-3Jun 1985 – Mar 1990Recognized a few names and beleive it or not, Im a still in the reserves and have in over 24 years now. Most of you who knew me would have never beleived I would have made it this long., drop me an email
Haag, MichaelUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)MM3RASEMar 1988 – Jul 1991
Haag, MichaelUSNS Rainier (T-AOE 7)MM2RASEDec 1994 – Mar 1996Proud to have served aboard her, the short time I was there. I'll never forget "Degaussing" in Pearl...Talk about a workout...whew!!! I'm also proud of the fact that I'm a Plankowner, too. I'll never forget my first day aboar
Haag, MichaelUSS Haleakala (AE 25)MM3EngineeringSep 1985 – Dec 1987Is there anyone out there, who remembers the Homeport move, to Guam, as well as all of the fun times, spent in the "Pit"??? The Haleakala was my first "At Sea" command, and even after all these years, I still remember her very well.
Haag, Mike HaagieUSS Mauna Kea (AE 22)HT3RSep 1981 – Jun 1982Seemed like I was always unpluging someones bathroom.But had a great time for the most part still live in concord hi all
Haag, Richard profile iconUSS John Adams (SSBN 620)ET1(SS)Reactor ControlsJun 2, 1981 – Jun 2, 1985EWS, SRO, RO, EO and such
Haag, RobertUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)IC3EApr 1968 – Nov 14, 1971An FA plankowner, E division worked in the telephone shops and was IC on the bridge during sea and anchor, refuelings & replentishments..
Haag, ScottUSS Constellation (CV 64)AO1G-4Jan 23, 1993 – Mar 8, 1995
Haagen, MichaelUSS Baltimore (SSN 704)EM1ElectricalAug 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1984Found this site and had several flashbacks... Plankowner
Haagensen, RobUSS Anchorage (LSD 36)LTJGDeckJun 1968 – Jun 1972Plank Owner, Weapons, 2nd Deck Division, First Lt.
Haagenson, Isaac IkeUSS Kawishiwi (AO 146)D C E-5R Damage Control1966 – Dec 1969I worked as a damage controlman and worked the cargo deck. I was petty officer in charge of cargo deck when I left the ship.. I am married 2 daughters 1 son and 6 grandaughters. I enjoy horses, Hunting, Fishing, & being with my grandaughter
Haak, DanUSS Jason (AR 8)DP2Mar 1976 – Nov 11, 1976Joined the ship in Subic Bay and departed in San Diego after 6 years of active duty. My tour on the Jason was a special time that I will never forget.
Haake, ArthurUSS Elkhorn (AOG 7)gmggmAug 1969 – Jun 1971looking for rw miller lenny liston George frost les synder
Haake, JasonUSS Independence (CV 62)aviation ordanancemang1994 – 1997
Haake, John profile iconUSS Merrimack (AO 179)E-3Deck (honorary fireman)Jan 1994 – Mar 1996The best time of my life. Glad to see so many people on here. There are many more people on Facebook. check it out
Haake, MichaelUSS Constellation (CV 64)EW1/EW2OWAug 5, 1984 – Oct 16, 1988Sometimes when I sleep at night, it is like I never left. Navy brainwashing, haha. Overall, it was a very good experience.
Haakonson, BobUSS Randolph (CV 15)ADR3AIMDApr 1967 – Dec 1968From boot camp to the Randolph to Boston for Decommissioning, left went to A school Chg rate ASM and was then assigned to VF-41 in Oceana.
Haaksma, Don profile iconUSS Mispillion (AO 105)RM3RADIO1975 – 1977Best time Best ship ever
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