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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Hicks, DaleUSS Dixie (AD 14)SMSAOPSMay 10, 1980 – Feb 22, 1982What fond memories I have of this time in my lfie,being part of the last wespac cruise. Diego Garcia, Gloden shellback. Just looking for old friends.
Hinesly, JonUSS Dixie (AD 14)HTFRRepairJul 22, 1980 – Jul 15, 1982Hull tech, I stayed in welding 40 years. Loved to find Greg Ellison.
Hoadley, DanUSS Dixie (AD 14)YN2X DivisionMar 1960 –WestPac -
Hoffman, ElmerUSS Dixie (AD 14)Warrant OfficerEngineering1938 – 1945I am entering this information on behalf of my grandfather, Elmer Hoffman, who was a plank-owner on the Dixie. Anyone with information on his service can email me at
Holliday, BobbyUSS Dixie (AD 14)E3supply1984 – 1986living life, all that know me please feel free to contact to it has been a long time my friends.
Hopkins, Mike "Hoppy"USS Dixie (AD 14)CS2s2May 1971 – Nov 1974would love to meet up with some of the other cooks and yes savage i would walk across the street to talk to you.not many guys get to serve on the same ship as their dad but to both be cooks but i did.
Hortoh, WillieUSS Dixie (AD 14)E-3 FIRECONTROL STRIKERR5Oct 31, 1967 – Dec 23, 1968I did most of my palling around with ftg-3 Blankenship in subic bay in 1968.
Houchin, Henry HouchUSS Dixie (AD 14)IC1E DivisionFeb 1966 – 1967Came from IC"B" school, an MK19 Gyro schools... was an IC2, and made IC1..Picked it up in Subic Bay...
Howard, John R.USS Dixie (AD 14)SEAMENFIRSTJun 14, 1961 – Jun 15, 1966It ben a long time for me.
Howard, Jim (Howie)USS Dixie (AD 14)EN3AJul 21, 1980 – Mar 1, 1982Golden shellback, Diego Garcia , lots of great memories for a f$&;@d up teen. Sn chief morris, en3 balbo, martin and victor you guys rocked, gave an 18 year old punk a lot of insight. Thanks
Howey, BillUSS Dixie (AD 14)SOG2R5Aug 1961 –
Hagert, TomUSS Prairie (AD 15)BT 3Engineering Aft fire roomNov 1980 – Jun 1984Had a blast and some of my fondest memories were on the Prairie. Made a lot of friends and still stay in contact with a few. Look me up if I served with you, would like to here from some of my old ship mates.
Hall, NormanUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT-3R-1Oct 1979 – May 5, 1982I Still keep in touch with MM-3 Willie Lozier to this day... friends like we had on Prairie are once in a lifetime...
Hall, DwightUSS Prairie (AD 15)CWO2R-2Apr 1981 – Aug 1982
Hall, DonUSS Prairie (AD 15)TM2W-1 and 1stOct 19, 1965 – Mar 28, 1967Assigned to Exploder shop in Mk 46 shop for 8 months till some PNFR dropped my service record behind a file cabinet. Could not verify my clearance - xfrd to Deck for 7 months till they "MAGICALLY" found my record. Back to Weps for 2 months
Hall, MichaelUSS Prairie (AD 15)SNdeck,1st divJan 4, 1967 – Sep 9, 1968im looking for a guy the only name was a nickname and it was buzz he lived in new jersey if any one knows of him. let me know or buzz if u read this contact me at 931-561-7539 it was great serving on this ship.
Hall, Mike (Hallsey)USS Prairie (AD 15)MSSNSupply S-2Apr 4, 1975 – Nov 17, 1977
Halupa, DinoUSS Prairie (AD 15)BT2BAug 1984 – Feb 1986Loved my time on the ship, not so much Long Beach. Love to find Tim Pettit, Jay Driver and a few more.
Hamilton, DaveUSS Prairie (AD 15)OM3R-5Apr 1974 – Dec 31, 1974Loved San Diego. Ray Penny?
Hamilton, JefferyUSS Prairie (AD 15)LI1REPAIR1980 – Nov 1985Came on board as an LI2, Made LI1 while on board. "Worked in the ships PrintShop and also worked as an Master at Arms during our WestPac.
Hamm, ChrisUSS Prairie (AD 15)TM 3/2WeaponsApr 1983 – Jul 1987Great times on this ship. I can also be found on Facebook.
Hannacher, ChuckUSS Prairie (AD 15)IC-3EJul 1965 – Jul 28, 1969I remember the time we had to show 110volts the deadly shipmate. We spliced in some porn half way thru the film. Just when it got to that part of the film our Div. officer and Chief walked in. Thought I was in trouble...
Harkness, DorisUSS Prairie (AD 15)sncanvas shopAug 1982 – Apr 1985would love to hear from u
Harmon, LarryUSS Prairie (AD 15)SNDECKSep 10, 1961 – Dec 31, 1963Was boat coxswain for captain &officers had the greatest time with the deck crew guys lost touch with every body I miss the time on board ship
Harris, DanUSS Prairie (AD 15)Data Processing Technician 3rd ClassS 7Jun 18, 1974 – Jul 6, 1976The 75 westpac was a time I'll always remember. Turning 21 years old in Hong Kong and the fall of Saigon...weird times.
Hassell, CurtisUSS Prairie (AD 15)OM1Optical RepairAug 1972 – 1974Attended Decommissioning Ceremony 21 years after leaving Prairie. Amazing.
Hastings, SteveUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT2R1-pipe shop1975 – 1979
Hatty, JoeUSS Prairie (AD 15)COMCRUDESPACDec 16, 1966 – Oct 10, 1968Two of the best years of my life! I complained all the time I was in and cried when I left. I met a lot of great people, and learned a lot of great life lessons. I served on five differernt ships in less than two years with COMCRUDESPAC
Hawkes, GroverUSS Prairie (AD 15)ET3R4Jun 15, 1971 – Oct 10, 1972I made the westpac trip to subic bay in 1972
Hayes, DeniseUSS Prairie (AD 15)RM3R-41989 –So much fun
Haynes, RalphUSS Prairie (AD 15)PMFNR-1Sep 20, 1970 – May 16, 1971My first command after PM 'A' School. What fun! PMC Holiday was THE true "old salt" having served in WW2. Lots of GREAT memories cruising up and down the West Coast. Swapped duty with PM3 Whiting and went to the Piedmont.
Hazel, RichardUSS Prairie (AD 15)BM32dn DeckOct 15, 1964 – May 15, 1968I did enjoy my years aboard, I had some good times and some bad times. However, I am sure that I was done wrong by the command, but the times in 1964 were trying time for racial equality even in the US Navy.
Healey, JerryUSS Prairie (AD 15)MM 2A GangAug 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1990What do you say eight years spent on the oldest rust bucket in the fleet at the time,
Heckstall, MelissaUSS Prairie (AD 15)EMEngineering1988 – 1992
Heiney, Randall(Randy)USS Prairie (AD 15)ETN3R4May 14, 1978 – Jun 28, 1980Started in calibration lab, then electronic/communication equipment repair shop. Battle station:Bridge/C.I.C . Underway Watch:Bridge/C.I.C. In Port Watch: Petty Officer of the Deck, Security Alert Force, Shore Patrol.
Henderson, RaeUSS Prairie (AD 15)PN1X1982 – 1985Had a great time.
Henderson, JackUSS Prairie (AD 15)DT1DApr 15, 1955 – Apr 17, 1957Glad to find this webpage. Hope to find some old shipmates.
Henry, Charles Aka ChooUSS Prairie (AD 15)unsureunsure1960 – Feb 1966I'm looking for anyone who may have served with my dad, Charles "Choo" Henry (from Florence, NJ). He was a member of company 61-509. If you remember him, please email me at Thank you.
Hensley, RonaldUSS Prairie (AD 15)MR2R-2 division1982 – 1985Looking to reconnect with shipmates from the "Oldest & the Best". My twin brother and I worked in the machine shop until leaving for Dive school in 85.
Hershberger, Tim “spank”USS Prairie (AD 15)MM3R2Jan 10, 1987 – Jun 18, 1990My 1st and only duty station in the Navy and had a great crew

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