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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Futch, DavidTiger Tails / Torchbearers (VAW 125)E-4CHB-14 Bravo Det.Nov 16, 1991 – Jun 23, 2003
Futch, DuaneUSS MacDonough (DDG 39)STG3Weps - SonarNov 1, 1988 – Feb 11, 1991My first ship- great crew. Miss these guys
Futch, Kenneth/kennyUSS Scranton (SSN 756)ET2(SS)/E-5COMMSJul 1, 2002 – Oct 18, 2004I miss you guys, I wish that I'd made the Deployment, but wish me luck, I'm getting out soon and am going to get married and all that good stuff. That's right, KENNY's settling down!!
Futch, ShawnUSS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)E-5V-2Aug 6, 1998 – Sep 19, 2000GEAR DAWGS
Futch, Tom profile iconUSS Chevalier (DD 805)YN32nd DivisionDec 1960 – Feb 1963I was gunnery yn for Lt. Overholster. Made 3 wespac cruises. Would like to hear from any crew members aboard this period.
Futch, WoodyUSS Texas (CGN 39)sh2/1s-3Jun 28, 1976 – Jun 29, 1979retired after 25 yrs with the rank of mcpo
Futch, WoodyUSS Mount Whitney (LCC 20)shsns-3Sep 29, 1970 – Aug 5, 1974left the mt and went home to be a cop after a yr decided not what i wanted to do so reenlisted in the navy and retired after 25 yrs as SHCM (SW)
Futch, WoodyUSS Iwo Jima (LPH 2)shc(sw)S-3Aug 29, 1984 – Dec 18, 1986LPO -3 Division
Futfch, JohnUSS McCandless (FF 1084)BM2(SW)1stJan 18, 1984 – Apr 29, 1989My first ship. I remember the battle group being sent to test Quaddafi's "line of Death", Palma, Ishcia, Capri, Agusta Bay, Naples, Genoa etc.etc. 60 foot seas for 3 days, and BM3 Christian announcing flight quarters to recover the whirly b
Futfch, JohnUSS Wichita (AOR 1)BM2(SW)1stMay 1989 – Sep 9, 1991I wonder if Lt Leasure or Bm3 Williams remembers Sn Knight? Finally went UA after cleaning urinals with a toothbrush. OR when Ens Black dropped the UB on the keel rest? BM2 Loomer's teeth in the XO's beer? Returned in the urinal!
Futral, DaveUSS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)FTCSMissile Fire Control/Weapons DepartmentApr 1, 1987 – Jan 31, 1990
Futral, Timothy BoatsUSS Antrim (FFG 20)BM-3DECKMar 1987 – Apr 1988Hi to all my shipmates. I had a lot of fun aboard the Antrim.I enjoyed France,Scotland,England and all the other places. I would like to here from the guys I served with, on board . So take care and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.. Boats
Futral, Timothy / BoatsUSS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)BMSNDECK/ SMALL BOATSOct 1978 – Jan 12, 1980I have a lot of good memories of the Gilly, and of La Madd. I served on the OMB Crew most of my time there, and what fun I had. I remember Paulue,Barcelonia , Yougaslavia,what memories. Like to here from old friends.
Futrell, DelUSS Sierra (AD 18)PN3OperationsDec 1965 – Apr 1966Transferred to Sierra from the destroyer USS Wallace L. Lind (DD-703). Headed up the separations section in Sierra's personnel office. Only one deployment--three weeks to, in, and from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Futrell, KevinUSS Thorn (DD 988)SMCS Ret.OCJun 7, 1983 – Nov 30, 1986Not looking for anyone in particular just going down memory lane.
Futrell, KevinUSS Moosbrugger (DD 980)SMCS Ret.OC1987 – 1989Man what an experience a great ship with a great crew. Never thought I'd end up being a retiree.
Futrell, KevinUSS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49)SMCS (ret)Nav1992 – 1996The Bad Bob made my career, I had a great bunch of guys working for/with me Jimmy, Corey, Jerry (god rest his soul) to many to name that had positive impacts on my career. Thanks to all those that pushed me.
Futrell, LarryUSS Kearsarge (CV 33)AWA2VS-21Apr 2, 1969 – Sep 2, 1969
Futrell, RooseveltUSS Benfold (DDG 65)SH1(SW)S-3Jun 19, 1995 – Oct 15, 1997Plank Owner
Futrell, Roosevelt FutrellUSS Missouri (BB 63)SH2(SW)S-31987 – 1989Received my ESWS on the big MO.Love my tour of duty did not realized how special it was.
Futrell, ShaylaUSS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)E-3/ DECK1StApr 19, 2005 – Jun 7, 2006None
Futrell, ShaylaUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)Apr 10, 2007 –Im looking for anyone that would know the personal email of AN Francois. He used to wrok in V3 I believe.
Futtere, MatthewUSS South Carolina (CGN 37)ET2Comms1985 – 1987Enjoyed the fun times on the ship! Good to see some names on the roster which brought back some great memories!
Futtner, Henry (Hank, Gus)USS Pigeon (ASR 21)ET1Weight Handling (Crane Driver) / ET ShopMar 1986 – Feb 1988
Futty, MikeUSS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)SK3Subron Six StaffSep 2002 – Sep 2004During my stay on the LY Spear, we took one cruise to the Bahamas, opened a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream shop onboard, installed some of the first modern computers (IBM, Osbornes, etc), and supported issues going on in Beruit and the Falklands.
Fuzzard, PaulUSS Conquest (MSO 488)HM1OperationsApr 1, 1968 – Oct 31, 1970Great ship, great crew. Spent some of the best times of my Navy service aboard her.
Fyda, Joseph / joe / greasemonkeyUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)E- 3 LANCE CORPORALMarine DetachmentApr 15, 1988 – Apr 15, 1990spent 2 years in marine detachment. Helped win battle e ribbon, was a part of ems streatcher team spent time all over the ship in medical and watching flight opps. Seen a lot of great places.
Fye, BenUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)EN2A Gang and MMar 1, 1989 – Sep 3, 1994Very sad to see the SAC go!Love to hear from any one! Send me an email at
Fyfe, ChrisUSNS Butte (T-AE 27)E31st/XOct 14, 1989 – Feb 10, 1993Miss most of the people from the Ship.
Fyfe, JamesUSS Hewitt (DD 966)OS31993 – 1995
Fyfe, JamesUSS John Adams (SSBN 620)IC1(SS)E div1980 – 1982
Fyfe, JamesUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)IC2RE div1978 – 1980
Fyffe, BryanUSS Cushing (DD 985)SHSNSupplyOct 1994 – May 1997Dirty Cush. Deck/OD then to Supply/S-3. Tough work, but tougher shipmates. I'm proud to have been a part of it.
Fyffe, JeffUSS Edward McDonnell (FF 1043)QM 2NX1978 – Sep 19, 1981
Fyffe, JustinUSS Thorn (DD 988)OS2 (SW)OIDec 1999 – Jul 2004For some reason I only remember the good parts.
Fyffe, MattUSS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)AO3Weps/G-1FltDkDec 20, 2000 – Jun 4, 200410 months. One of those things that you're proud of... but would never sign up for again
Fyffe, MichealUSS Dewey (DDG 45)SM3OCDec 17, 1980 – Aug 3, 1984What a fun 4 years. Like to hear from anyone from 80-84.
Fyke, JohnUSS Spruance (DD 963)MS2S-2Aug 10, 2000 – Sep 29, 2002Bad divisionand bad COC but some fond memories of some of the port visits.
Fyke, John S.USS Spruance (DD 963)MS1(SW)S-2Aug 9, 2000 – Sep 29, 2002Worst morale I've seen in S-2 division onboard a ship. Worst SUPPO I've served for.I've been on 4 other ships. Good thing was I made first class, but I was junior to the other 2 first classes in S-2 so I really didn't have a chance to
Fyke, John S.USS Taylor (FFG 50)MS2(SW)S-2Nov 27, 1997 – Oct 13, 1999The best S-2 division I served with. I really miss the guys I worked with in S-2. I got my pin on the goodship Taylor. The best COC- CO, XO, and CMC I've ever had. Thanks for the memories FFG-50

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