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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Fain, JoelUSS McFaul (DDG 74)VANov 7, 2001 – Nov 7, 2004Engaged to be married, still serving in the navy and stationed in Norfolk, Va.
Falcon, VincentUSS Cowpens (CG 63)MPJun 21, 2000 – Jan 25, 2004Crew swapped with the MOB. My second ship in FDNF. As with any Cruiser, rides like a Caddy. Stayed for nearly four years.
Falkenmeyer, Gustav/gusUSS Constellation (CV 64)1984 –If there is anyone out there that remembers me...give a shout!
Fansler, AdamUSS Mustin (DDG 89)CFJun 13, 2003 – Oct 18, 2006
Fanucci, Chris (Nucci)USS Hawes (FFG 53)OISep 3, 2003 –This is my ship baby!
Farias, Antone (Tony)USS Hancock (CV 19)1968 – 1973This is his daughter, Leah. Tony, passed away September, 2005 due to lymphoma cancer...He was a true fighter and will be remembered always. If you knew him please feel free to contact me, he never did speak much of his times in the navy.
Farino, RichardUSS Constellation (CVA 64)V-41963 – 1965
Farley, C.E. (Clarence Earl)USS Canopus (AS 9)Jul 30, 1930 – Nov 30, 1930I am entering this info for my step-father who died in 1990. This was his 2nd ship after joining Navy @ 15 yrs old.He retired after 30 yrs as Lt. Commander. He Loved the Navy!
Farley, ShawnUSS Tennessee (SSBN 734)DeckDec 3, 1995 – Feb 28, 1997
Farlinger, JimUSS Bordelon (DD 881)1971 – 1973How good were your meals?????
Farman, ShaunUSS Merrill (DD 976)CE1991 – 1995It was my first real command. I think for a ship that had a yard period on my stay there we still had a lot of underway time. I loved all of it. At the end of the tour I had lots of friends from many divisions. Thanks for the memories moo.
Farmer, Doyle GeneUSS San Marcos (LSD 25)1959 –
Farmer, GaryUSS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)1982 – 1984
Farmer, MattUSS Dixon (AS 37)Repair - RadconOct 20, 1983 – Mar 1, 1987Be fun to find some of the old crew. They sunk our ship, cut the reactors out of our boats, and sold the rest for scrap, we are old. Still having fun!
Farmer, RichardUSS Huntington (CL 107)1948 –
Farnham, JamesUSS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654)May 1976 – May 1979Great boat. Retired from Marshall.
Farrar, DaveUSS Kalamazoo (AOR 6)A-GangMar 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1980Only in the Navy.. screwed up fireman Farrar went on to make Master Chief in 18 years and retired @ 23. I went after Kazoo to TC Hart, Recruiting, Biddle, Company Commander, and then retired off Willamette out of Pearl.
Farrar, EdUSS Nereus (AS 17)ICJun 11, 1967 – Aug 7, 1968I remember the trip to Mexico and the fun times. We had this odd E-7 over the IC locker who had a strange arm twitch.
Farrell, TomUSS Princeton (CG 59)Dec 26, 1993 – Sep 11, 1995To Cory, Brian, Eric, and Dave.....Hope all is well with everyone.Drop me an email let me know how you are doing!!!Hardcore still rules
Fatherree, BillUSS Bagley (FF 1069)OIDec 1983 – Dec 1987Great crew, lots of memories....always looking for 1SD
Fatherree, BillUSS Bagley (FF 1069)OIDec 1983 – Dec 1987Great crew, lots of memories....always looking for 1SD
Fatherree, BillUSS Bagley (FF 1069)OIDec 1983 – Dec 1987Great crew, lots of memories....always looking for 1SD
Fatton, EugeneUSS Vulcan (AR 5)1944 – 1945My father served on the Vulcan from the Med in 1944 and sailed to Guadalcanal in 1945. I know he did some steamfitting work but I am unsure of the exact rank. He passed away in 1992 and his service on the Vulcan was the only thing he talked about.
Faulds, TomUSS Firebolt (PC 10)OPSFeb 2005 – Feb 2007Great ship and great crew.....
Faulkner, RichardUSS Billfish (SSN 676)ELTOct 1986 – Jun 1989ICEX and Refueling
Fausett, RichardUSNS Kilauea (T-AE 26)May 11, 1979 – Dec 11, 1981
Fayle, RalphUSS Haraden (DD 585)Jan 1, 1943 – Jan 1, 1945
Fearon, HarryUSS Saginaw (LST 1188)deckMay 1983 – Jan 1986hello to all. just had a small get together with Dino Barratt and Pat Whalen in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend 2006. planning on having them every several years ot so.
Fearon, HarryUSS Saginaw (LST 1188)deckMay 1983 – Jan 1986some fond memories
Fears, PaulUSS Lester (DE 1022)BNov 29, 1963 – Mar 29, 1966Served 26+ years, retired CWO4, miss the Navy.
Fecteau, FredUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42)Apr 1945 – Aug 1946A member of the original Shakedown Cruise. Was a storekeeper on the ship. Good friend of Robert Schena from Brookline also on the ship.
Feduccia, CharlesUSS Suribachi (AE 21)s2Aug 29, 1963 – Oct 27, 1964was a first class cs1 aborad at mayport fla
Feider, ScottOak Ridge (ARDM 1)Sep 1985 – Jul 1988Just looking to see if anyone remembers me.
Feigl, David / DaveUSS Jason (AR 8)Dec 1973 – Feb 1976
Feldman, WilliamUSS Pandemus (ARL 18)1966 – 1967
Feldman, WillieGolden Warriors (VA 87)squadronJun 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1988The Indy, Silver Anniversary. Bob Hope. Loretta Lynn
Felegie, TimothyUSS Julius A. Furer (FFG 6)FirstAug 15, 1977 – Jun 7, 1981
Feliciano, KeoneUSS Russell (DDG 59)OWJun 1994 – Oct 1997Plankowner. Great crew, awesome bunch of guys in OW Div. Left the navy in 97 to live in Honolulu, but somehow ended up in law enforcement in freakin' North Dakota of all places. And with 4 kids to boot!
Felmly, MikeUSS Merrimack (AO 179)EngineerJan 1986 – Dec 1988A most memorable tour!!!
Felske, PhillUSS Lawrence (DDG 4)/ A-GangJan 1983 – Sep 1985Came aboard and was in the #1 Engineroom, then was moved to A-Gang. I worked with alot of Great People in both Groups.

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