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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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F0ster, KennethUSS Courtney (DE 1021)mm fnm1966 – 1968my pets name bear
Fa'Aita, Poasa (Pose)USS Constellation (CV 64)PNCM(AW/SW)Command Master ChiefJul 1, 1991 – Jul 15, 1994I reported aboard at Navy Yards, Philadelphia, PA while CONNIE was undergoing SLEP. Tough times: a lot of hard work by the crew to get things moving, to get CONNIE out to sea. A great ship and great crew!
Fa'Aita, Poasa (Pose)Boomers (VA 165)SN - PN3Admin/PersApr 1965 – Sep 1967Great times! It was my first command after boot camp. Met some great guys and super friends. Skipper Knoizen was an outstanding CO who went on to Adimral. Boomers forever!!
Fa'Aita, Poasa (Pose)USS Tarawa (LHA 1)PNCM(SW/AW)ExecutiveJun 1977 – Jun 1980I was the junior CPO in the Executive Division, having 3 SCPO's and 4 CPO's. They agreed to have me as Division Leading Chief (LCPO), which I accepted and the XO, CDR Gamboa, concurred. I made SCPO and MCPO shortly.
Faalevao, EdeleneUSS Samuel Gompers (AD 37)E4/DS3 (NOW ETCM)R-4 CRYPTO/COMPUTER REPAIR1991 – 1994GREAT MEMORIES!!! Michelle Hendrickson, Andy, Randy Spry, John Eddy, Rick, McKinney, Findley...and many Think about you all every now and than... Lots of great memories.
Faas, DavidUSS Saratoga (CV 60)RM3cmFeb 1986 – Feb 1990Served onboard for 4 years. Deployed for 2 med cruises and the overhaul in Porthsmouth, VA
Faas, RobertSubmarine Squadron 4 (SUBRON 4)HT3Repair DivisionFeb 1975 – May 1977My dad, Senior Chief Robert MacDonald and I served together until he retired in November of 1975. I miss the good ole days
Faatz, George profile iconUSS O'Brien (DD 725)RM1Destroyer Division 132Sep 1950 – May 1952This is in memory of my fathers service George J Faatz RIP
Fabacher, DannyArcata (YTB 768)EN3Jan 1975 – Dec 1977
Fabacher, ScottUSS Deyo (DD 989)MS21997 – 2000
Fabans, RobertUSS Alaska (SSBN 732)ET1(SS)RC1985 – 1988
Fabans, RobertUSS La Jolla (SSN 701)ET2(SS)RC1983 – 1985
Fabbri, DennisUSS Grand Rapids (PG 98)E3GalleyJun 19, 1972 – Aug 19, 1974
Fabbri, Stephen L.USS Anchorage (LSD 36)DKSNSupply1969 – 1971In Div. 1 for short while then to supply, DK. Many fond memories of her first West-Pac. USS ANCHORAGE THE BEST OF HER CLASS
Fabec, LouisUSS Boulder (LST 1190)MS2SupplySep 25, 1989 – Aug 27, 1992Hello, Nice to see this website. Contact me if you want to catch up.
Fabel, AdamUSS Stump (DD 978)SNDeckApr 1992 – Apr 1994Never thought I'd say it but I miss it
Fabela, RubenUSS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)RM3CommunicationsMay 10, 1983 – Dec 15, 1985Great time, great memories and great cruise....Anyone that served aboard drop me an e-mail sure would like to know whats been going on in your life...
Fabela, TimUSS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968)SNGMAug 1991 – Mar 1992I was attached as a Stinger Missile Gunner during the Persian Gulf MED RED cruise. I had the time of my life, and met wonderful people. Would love to hear from you if you have pictures of me or the ship. Also, if you know where I can get a ships coin
Faber, Bob (Bous'N Bob)USS Guam (LPH 9)SM-BM3FirstAug 30, 1968 – Sep 1971Only Service allowed in Peru after earthquake to do rescue work.
Faber, JohnUSS Eversole (DD 789)MM2M divisionJun 4, 1969 – Sep 1, 1971I worked in the after engine room
Faber, Matt (Fabe'Or Flave)USS Sacramento (AOE 1)MM1MP1 & 21998 – May 2002We were all kids. I'm older than I thought any of us would ever be. McKracken, Drake...Havana Crisis...(no surprise Crazy Marvin went to prison). I miss all y'all. See you on deck plates when we sail to the end!
Faber, RichardUSNS San Diego (T-AFS 6)BM3Deck1968 – 1970Plank Holder. Pre-com duty in San Diego. We lived in the barracks. Waiting for ship to be completed. Cooled beer with fire extinguishers. Sun-bathed on the roof. Skated from duty to go to Mission Beach. Weekends in T.J. in our T.J. Taxi.
Faber, (now Grdina), Richelle (Roach)USS Cape Cod (AD 43)PN2Oct 1984 – Jan 1987Worked in Personnel w/the Master Blaster Whitson and PN1 Jemison. Where is everyone? Retired in 1998 and live in Virginia. That Yokosuka Westpac was a hoot! SCOOBIE! haha What a cool site, my daughter turned me on to it.
Fabian, AmyUSS Seattle (AOE 3)PN3AdminApr 1996 – May 1998I had some good and bad times on the Seattle but wouldn't change anything if I had to do it again.
Fabian, Andrew FabzUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)ANV4 Fuels / Training : fam and Indoc assistantMay 11, 1977 – Mar 1980I am the one who caused the major fuel spill on pier 12 I qualified on the aft fuel pump room as an E3 and ended up helping to run the Fam and Indoc class in the training dept later became an EM2 Retired in 1998
Fabian, Andrew FabzUSS John King (DDG 3)EM3E / IC shopApr 1981 – 1985I miss this command so much made many friends who i hope see this post know that i stayed with this navy thing and retired with 23 years as an EM2 in 1998 miss you guys well maybe not BIll White
Fabian, Andrew FabzNaval Base NorfolkEM3YTB 766 / YO 781985 – Mar 1988another fun command yeah I almost sunk the YO78 when her bilge pump quit but I did dewater her before the crew came aboard the next morning and thanks BMC Lukas for teaching me to steer the Wapakoneta up to Yorktown
Fabian, Andrew FabzNorsemen (HM 18)EM2Tac SupportApr 1988 – 1990I stayed on special active duty for 2 years to set up their tactical support unit spent many days learning to handle the RIB's went to little creek and spent a week with the Navy seals who taught extensive handling
Fabian, Andrew FabzVanguard (HM 14)EM2Tac Support1993 – Jul 1, 1998My last command before retirement. which included a wild ride on 10 foot seas off the tailgate of LHD-7 to racing alongside an MH 53 towing a sled atop 10 feet hydrofoils to being rescue boat for a hydrofoil race
Fabian, BrianUSS Ponce (LPD 15)DC2RAug 1991 – Mar 1995
Fabian, CraigUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)IM2R-4Sep 20, 1988 – Sep 20, 1989
Fabian, DavidUSS Knox (FF 1052)EM2E1979 – 1981Seems like so long ago. It was kind of fun though when I think back on it now. Got out after 4 years.
Fabian, GeorgeUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)BT3BOct 1970 – Jun 1974It was great to be on Her. I have some great momories. Hear She's going to Retire. "Party ?"
Fabian, GeorgeUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)BT3BSep 1970 – Jun 1974keith smith, larry deal , lost contact, call me, I'm in Cle elum WA.
Fabian, MikeUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)EM2EApr 3, 1988 – Apr 12, 1993
Fabian, RicardoUSS Piedmont (AD 17)BM32nd DivisionJun 1973 – Jun 1976
Fabian, RickUSS Spiegel Grove (LSD 32)EN2AJul 16, 1967 – Sep 21, 1970Had a great 3 1/2 yrs. on board. So many great memories.
Fabian, ShawnUSS Henderson (DD 785)BM2Deck1975 – 1978Good times with great crew on Hendy Maru. I was aft gun Mt Capt, in charge of motor whale boat, ship swimmer. I'll never forget a steering contest with Comm Shrader while refueling in rough seas - close battle, he won.
Fabian, VickyUSS Nicholson (DD 982)PNCM(SW)Sep 2000 – Feb 2002Awesome crew & great times.

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