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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Cushing, DickUSS Healy (DD 672)EN2"B & "R"Dec 31, 1952 – Jun 26, 195614 months in After Fire Room for the world cruise, then moved to "A" Gang for remaining time onboard.
Cushing, Harold (Cush)USS Sturgeon (SSN 637)RMCS(SS) RETRMLPONov 1, 1980 – Dec 1, 1983
Cushing, Harold (Cush)USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)RMCS(SS)RMLPOAug 1985 – Jun 1987Served as the Radio Division LPO.
Cushing, Harold (Cush)USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640)RM3, RM2RadioJan 1976 – Jun 1978Also served on Blue Crew as RMLPO from December 1983 till June 1985. RMC
Cushing, NickUSS Alaska (SSBN 732)E-6USS Alaska0000 – Oct 24, 2006
Cushing, ScottUSS McKee (AS 41)HT3R-1Jul 1981 – Feb 1984Plankowner, worked sheetmetal, pipe, carpentershops. Still can't figure out how I avoided mess-crankin'. Hmmm. All's well back in KS. How 25 yrs flies. Shoulda invested that $$$ in MicroSoft instead of booze!! Naaa!
Cushman, DonUSS Pluck (MSO 464)MS3SupplyAug 12, 1980 – Jan 15, 1984oh the good times in long every other port that would have us. glad to see a bunch of the crazy ass squids I served with are alive and kickin'.
Cushman, Greg (Cush)USS Sculpin (SSN 590)STS2 SS/DV SonarJul 20, 1985 – Feb 13, 1990Only boat I was on and it was a great time and great crew.
Cushman, JamesUSS Spartanburg County (LST 1192)RMSNcomunicationsAug 1971 – Jun 1972Plank owner, What a great time we had.every once and a while i'll be some where and get that navy paint smell, you know what i mean? brings me right back there. Anybody heard from cheif Jett or cheif Deboard ?
Cushman, RichUSS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN 686)ETN2/SSETJan 1973 – 1975PRE-COMM CREW MEMBER - GREAT TIME! GREAT CREW!
Cushman, SteveUSS Lorain County (LST 1177)E-3EngineeringMay 1971 – Sep 30, 1972Looking for buddies from a long time ago. Trying to get in contact with Louie but no luck yet.
Cushnie, MichaelUSS Tattnall (DDG 19)BT-3fire room 1Jul 1982 – Sep 1986
Cushwa, Charles/USS Sea Leopard (SS 483)Electrician's Mate first classunknown1955 – 1957
Cusick, Craig (Stick)USS Indianapolis (SSN 697)MM2Reactor LaboratoriesJan 1990 – Mar 1994Haven't been in contact with you guys in a long time until Pete Smith and I ran into each other on a Bahamian cruise 20+ years later.
Cusick, DanielUSS Ponce (LPD 15)MM3MP-2Sep 27, 2002 – Mar 25, 2006GOD BLESS AMERICA AND MAY GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES NAVY!!!
Cusick, DavidUSS Aylwin (FF 1081)HT2Repair (R)Aug 24, 1986 – Jul 19, 1989Commander Schwier was, hands down the best Skipper ever to Command the Aylwin! I came on board with Commander Craighill and he was just NUTS! Then after Commander Schweir had his accident, we had Pee-wee, M.W. Hess.
Cusick, EddieUSS Sellers (DDG 11)FNWeapons1980 – 1983
Cusick, RobertUSS Oriskany (CV 34)E-4 AE3VF-1911973 – 1976
Cusick, RobertSatan's Kitten (BA) (VF 191)E-4 AE3squadron1973 – 1976
Cusimano, Chuck "Cowboy"USS Navasota (AO 106)EN3"A" DivisionJun 1968 – Jan 1972Hope to hear from old friends. Web-site,
Cusimano, LannyUSS Maine (SSBN 741)ET1/SSRCAug 10, 1993 – Nov 18, 1998
Cusimano, LannyUSS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634)ET1/SSRCFeb 1984 – Mar 1990
Cusimano, NoelUSS Ingersoll (DD 652)Machinists Mate 2nd classEngineeringAug 18, 1958 – Dec 21, 1961Any shipmates aboard the USS Ingersoll DD652 during 1959 and 1961 please contact me.
Cuskey, Snuff (Jack)USS Hobby (DD 610)botswaindd 610Nov 3, 1942 –My Uncle Snuffy was in WWII on the DD610, I have many pictures of his time on the Hobbie
Cusmano, PaulUSS Reclaimer (ARS 42)EM3ElectriciansNov 1979 – Jun 1980Arrived in Hawaii while the USS Reclaimer was in drydock. Stayed on until June 1980. Assisted in the rescue of a Greek freighter. Good times and good friends. Looking to hear from some old shipmates who were onboard from 1979-1980.
Cusmina, Thomas profile iconUSS Hunley (AS 31)LCDRS1Nov 1, 1991 – Mar 1, 1994Am looking for anyone who served with me in Supply Stores division during my tour to review / correct parts in my book about a miracle that happened which improved the working conditions and life of some S1 personnel
Cuson, CharlesUSS Theodore E. Chandler (DD 717)Lieutenant Junior GradeSupply DepartmentNov 1953 – Dec 1954I was the Supply and Disbursing Officer and enjoyed being a tin can sailor. Captain John D.H. Kane, Jr.,USN, was the Commanding Officer. He later made Admiral. Has since passed away.
Cuspard, Frank S.USS Albany (CG 10)JO3X1970 – Sep 1, 1972Worked in the Public Affairs office. Also coordinated broadcasts on the ship's radio and TV stations. I have a lot of good memories serving aboard the Albany.
Cuspilich, JohnUSS Joseph Hewes (FF 1078)GMT2foxMay 29, 1973 – Jan 8, 1975asroc gunners mate
Cuspilich, JohnUSS Voge (FF 1047)GMT2thirdNov 24, 1971 – May 28, 1973my first ship
Cussimanio, Tom (Nmi)USS Casablanca (CVE 55)Seaman 1st ClassUS NavyJul 5, 1944 – Oct 1, 1945Listed by his son, Thomas J. Tom (senior) just turned 95 on May 10th, 2009.
Cussins, DavidUSS Ranger (CVA 61)SeamanThrid Division1964 – 1966Thank you, to Ships Company, Third Division, and the Medical Group for saving my life. To Capt. Leo .McCuddin our ships Captain and Cuddles, Capt. Web, MD and Surgeon Lt. J.D. Pinkerton, MD. I Made it. Thank you One and
Cussins, DavidUSS Alvin C. Cockrell (DE 366)Seaman ADeck Div1963 – 1964A good ship! Had many a great weekends on her as a Weekend warrior. I remember my first cruise standing bridge watch and saluting the captain everytime he came onto the bridge, he asked the OD, to ask me to stop.
Cusson, BruceUSS Iwo Jima (LPH 2)GMG-2FOXSep 1975 – Dec 1980Great memories, Lots of good friends, Got to see some of the Med.
Cusson, JimUSS Saratoga (CV 60)MMPropulsion1982 – Aug 16, 1985Come on while in Philly and was discharged prior to the '85 cruise. I spent too much time in firewatch when I got aboard before moving to an AMR. God that was long ago... now I work in Information Security and hold a CISSP
Cusson, MarkUSS Omaha (SSN 692)ET2(ss)RCOct 20, 1986 – Aug 20, 1990good times, good guys...
Cusson, RichardUSS Harry E. Yarnell (DLG 17)EMCEJul 18, 1970 – Aug 21, 1971Reported aboard at 1920 Jul.18,1970,made the 1970 UNITAS XI cruise.The E Div gang were hard workers,sorry I had to be tough with you guys but we did do a outstanding job for the few electricians we had at that time.Thanks. Retired Aug.21,1971
Cusson, RichardUSS Roanoke (CL 145)EMCEJan 21, 1952 – May 3, 1958My first ship and the BEST ever.Shipmates I'll always remember,Gus-Gus,Dan Alball?,Jim Worsick,to name a few.great memories.
Cusson, RichardUSS Amherst (PCER 853)EMCEng.Jan 13, 1961 – Jan 3, 1966
Cusson, RichardUSS Sunbird (ASR 15)EMCEng.Jan 4, 1966 – Mar 21, 1967

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