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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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B, FoleyUSS Proteus (AS 19)AS19----------------------Apr 30, 1990 – Dec 20, 1992I lots of fun knowing some very good friends.Looking for Bryan Jackson and Christopher Lounsbury>If anyones heard from them would like to be contact at my e-mail address: or
B, KdUSS Drum (SSN 677)YNJun 1, 1980 – Aug 30, 1982
B, RingoUSS Manitowoc (LST 1180)PFC3 BN 2ND MarinesAug 2, 1991 – Apr 15, 1992Gulf 1. Lots of fun steel beach parties.
B. Douglas Hindmarsh, DouglasUSS Worden (DLG 18)LCDRInvestigationsJan 23, 1993 – Feb 15, 1993I will update this later. Thank you for asking! 305 893 4930 Miami FL Did anyone see two guys drive off the pier and drown in Feb 1993? Bahrain area.
B0lger, Philip (Johnny)USS Wilkes-Barre (CL 103)SEAMAN FIRST ,SIGNALMAN STRIKERC (ccommunications)Sep 15, 1945 – Jun 20, 1946During the war I was on the USS Vicksburg ; saw the signing aboard the Missouri while the Vicksburg was in Tokyo Bay.. Ultimately transfered to Willie Bee and we went to China.There until late January 46;then home to Philadelphia Navy Yard.Greatcrew
Ba, Francois-regisUSS Nassau (LHA 4)ANPower Plant2001 – 2003
Ba, OusmaneUSS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)GSE 2MPApr 4, 1992 – Apr 4, 1996 Wow I miss you all. The good old days. How is everybody doing ? JPJ is the best
Baach, Bill BaachRoyal Rampants (VAH 2)AZ2squadronNov 1965 – Sep 1968
Baade, AlanUSS Brister (DER 327)STG2Sonar TeamOct 2, 1964 – Nov 22, 1967Looking for crew members that were aboard in 1965-1966 when we docked at Da Nang and pulled "White Hat Liberty". It can mean a 20% increase in our Social Security for being "Boots on the Ground" in Vietnam.
Baalman, SamanthaUSS Nicholson (DD 982)OS2OINov 6, 1997 – Feb 24, 2002Kind of sad to see her go...she was a good ship, with a great crew, and not-too-shabby officers! :) I miss the comraderie!!! Couldn't have met any better group of peole or made better friends...I miss you all!!!
Baardseth, GeraldUSS New Jersey (BB 62)BT2B-DivJun 15, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984
Baartley, ThomasUSS Eversole (DD 789)WA1966 – 1969
Baas, JerryUSS Pogy (SSN 647)MS2(SS_MS Div1981 – 1982
Baas, KenUSS Ponce (LPD 15)OS3OIApr 13, 1992 – Dec 27, 1996Those of you who remember, good times in Odessa, Israel, SPAIN (all ports) I was on class C in Boston after my F up in Halifax (Coming home a little too late) Canary Islands after that horrible 2 1/2 month off Liberia.. Mid watch was the best!!
Baas, RobertUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)MSSNS-2 galley, chiefs messFeb 1983 – Feb 1985
Baas, WeldonUSS Holland (AS 32)DP3XD1969 – 1970
Baas-lacombe, LisaUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)MS3Supply1993 – 1996
Baas-lacombe, LisaUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)MS3Supply1996 – 1996
Baasch, LarryUSS Robison (DDG 12)BT2BFeb 1969 – Nov 1969
Baasch, Tyrone USS Ohio (SSBN 726)MMFN/SSAuxJul 1981 –Great Memories; Pre-Com at EB, Commissioning, Assigned to Gold Crew, DASO testing, Launch at Cape Canaveral, Panama canal transit to Bangor. Qualified in 8 months with the help of great crew members. Classified departure
Baase, ToddUSS Constellation (CV 64)BT34MMMay 1987 – Aug 1989Just looking for my ole' shipmates give me a call
Baase, ToddUSS Vancouver (LPD 2)BT2MP1 & MP2Jan 1990 – Mar 1992Looking for any of my Ole ship mates that I worked with. Give me a call
Baase, ToddUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)BT2BMar 1992 – Mar 1994Looking for any of the guys that I worked with. Give me a call
Baase, ToddUSS Anchorage (LSD 36)BT2MPO1 & MPO2Jun 1997 – Jun 2001Looking for any of the ships crew that I worked with while I served on the US Anchorage. Give me a call sometime
Babb, BarbaraUSS Platte (AO 186)EN1 - ENC(SW)A-GangMay 17, 1989 – May 1994Initial embarkation of females aboard. What a micromanaged thing that was! Enjoyed myself. Making video of time aboard ship. Visit for more info.
Babb, BarbaraWathena (YTB 825)EN2/EN1Chief EngineerFeb 1986 – May 1989Was the CHENG of YTB-825 and YTB-790 at various times in the dates provided.
Babb, BeckyUSS Boxer (LHD 4)OS2Sep 2, 1998 – Sep 2, 2002
Babb, BeckyUSS Boxer (LHD 4)OS2/E5Info systemsSep 2, 1998 – Sep 2, 2002
Babb, CharlesUSS Canberra (CAG 2)ENS/LTJGSupply Disbursing / food serviceOct 20, 1967 – Oct 24, 1969
Babb, DaveUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)SN-BM21st & FinestFeb 1988 – Dec 1989Miss those times and Chief Conatser. Where are you 1st Div? Long, Christensen, Bossler, Martinez, DeValk, Harvey, Monk, Healy, Gunzel... What's going on...
Babb, HaroldUSS Roark (FF 1053)HM1-HMCNAVJun 1977 – Jun 1980If you're lucky you get to look back on an assignment and know that you did some good work. She was a fine ship with a good wardoom and a great crew, and it was the best job I've ever had.
Babb, Jeff / BubbaUSS Tripoli (LPH 10)BM2 / E51st Division / DeckSep 15, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986Wow! Some of the hardest work I ever did in my life! And some really good times too! I am still in contact with Chief ( Bill ) Brown and BM1 ( Jimi ) Kemler. I would love to hear from others also. WESTPAC 83 changed my life! Hey Tom!
Babb, Jeff / BubbaRecruit Training Command Great LakesSRCompany 922 State FlagsJun 1, 1982 – Aug 1982Marching threw Gary, Indiana was probubly the worst experience I had in my whole 4 years.
Babb, JerryUSS Sumter (LST 1181)BM3DECK SECOND DIVEISIONNov 1986 – Jul 1988
Babb, KeithUSS Groton (SSN 694)MM3 (SS)Auxiliary1989 – 1992Fond memories of the ol' boat and the crew that I went to sea with. Here's hoping you are all well.
Babb, LauraUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)DS2S81987 – 1989USS Simon Lake was my first command out from my year of school command. A lot hard work and good times in Scotland. It's been a long time and I don't remember names, if you remember me feel free to send me a message.
Babb, MarkUSS Texas (CGN 39)ETR3RCSep 1977 – Jul 1981Wish I’d been a bit more mature than I was - guess I had to learn the hard way. Some day I’d like to thank Lt. Kimura - you made a bigger impact than you imagine. My salute now is genuine.
Babb, MichaelUSS Bristol County (LST 1198)en3a-gangApr 1991 – Feb 14, 1993has anybody seen chris george in from radio
Babb, PatrickUSS Vesole (DDR 878)MMFNMMMay 1, 1956 – Apr 1, 1958Looking for any one who served MM 56-58 year send me your email Address.And any one the on vessole with asbestos.Patrick
Babb, Perry (Bubbles)USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641)MM3May 1, 1975 – Oct 29, 1978My first love, we had some great times,charleston,goose creek, holy lock, i look back and remember a simple time in my life. times have changed. working on cv in newport news, retired a mmc(ss) 1994. live in suffolk virginia, JESUS IS LORD

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