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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Bonnici, Michael (Shadow)Shadows (VQ 4)RM2Comms/opcon/crew 5Nov 1984 – 1987Best duty ever...Crew/Staff and Command was like one big family...all working together..perfect team work...RM2 Aircrew Michael C Bonnici.
Brainard, HenryShadows (VQ 4)AT-3squadronJan 1, 1984 – Dec 31, 1985VANS 3/4 Tech after training. Was there when the VANS were moved across the base and back
Brodeur, KevinShadows (VQ 4)E-6AircraftSep 16, 1995 – Nov 16, 2009I had lot of fun flying with you guys. And watching what's his name throw his coffee cup acoss the Hooch kithcen because he was mad at his first position!
Bonzo, GerardBlack Ravens (VQ 6)AM2squadron1992 – 1996The best command I was in in my 23 year career! Many a good times and many a good friends! Good times! Go DET ALFA!
Bradshaw, TimBlack Ravens (VQ 6)AT1Maintenance Control1991 – 1993.
Boswell, Dan- Bozz profile iconStar Lifters (VR 1)ANAME shop1968 – 1969Looking for old shipmates
Bivens, AlvanNaval Air Transport Squadron 2 (VR 2)sa121950 – 1954
Bernard, DonaldNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)E3squadronDec 1962 – Dec 1964I was in bldg 37 and the 3rd shift wood building working as an ADR. I was 17 when I joined, learned a lot and have very fond memories of VR-21 and the friends I made. love to hear from others who were there.
Bibler, ScottNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)e-3squadronOct 1972 – Jan 1975Pineapple Airlines...the Watermelon Gang, Makua beach...had fun, glad to have survived
Bowers, JohnNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)E2Jun 1, 1962 – Mar 12, 1964I WAS 17-18 YEARS OLD. AWAY FROM HOME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. WAS STATION IN HAWAII (BARBER POINT). HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE.
Bronson, RussellNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)E-3squadronApr 16, 1963 – Jan 16, 1965Hi, I am on Facebook, Rusell Bronson also my email is It would be great to catch up. Russ
Boellner, PaulNaval Air Transport Squadron 22 (VR 22)AT2Electronics1958 – 1960
Birdsall, ChanceWorld's Biggest Little Airline (VR 24)AZ3Aircraft Maintenance Admin1990 – 1993The "Best" Squadron" Ever!!
Bundy, RonWindjammers (VR 51)AME3 (TAR)Maintenance W/C's 300, 130 & 120Apr 23, 1983 – Aug 18, 1986Fresh out of tech school and stationed at Glenview, IL the squadron consisted of C-118B's and later transitioned to C-9B's Other units assigned VA-205 Marietta GA, a short stint at NAVHOSP Charleston, VR-58 NAS JAX Fla
Berger, DanaSun Seekers (VR 58)Pr 1(AW)aircraftJun 1, 1990 – Jul 15, 1993Transferred to AIMD Glenview Ill then retired Nov 1 1994
Bundy, RonSun Seekers (VR 58)AME2 (TAR)Maintenance W/C's 120 & 130Aug 28, 1989 – Aug 25, 1991This was my last Navy unit. I left to pursue other things and joined the WA Air National Guard and became a full time KC-135 hydraulic technician. The cry boys in Guard left a lot to be desired in comparison to the USN!
Brockway, TracyLonestar Express (VR 59)E-5/AE2WC 220Jul 18, 1989 – Nov 14, 1993
Bigley, JohnIslanders (VR 61)ABE2squadronSep 1982 – Jul 1988I served with the Islanders as a plane captain.
Bradley, EricProviders (VRC 30)E-4squadronSep 12, 1994 – Sep 13, 1998
Barry, Dave profile iconFoo Dogs (VRC 50)AMS-2squadron1976 – 1979Maintain the VRC-50 db and organize the VRC-50 reunions
Bondoc, BenjiFoo Dogs (VRC 50)AD2squadron1986 – 1989S3-Plane Captain
Born, Rolf-michaelFoo Dogs (VRC 50)PR3squadronJan 1972 – Jun 1972
Brockway, TracyFoo Dogs (VRC 50)E-5/AE2WC 220Jan 18, 1983 – Dec 14, 1985
Brown, Charles L.Foo Dogs (VRC 50)AO1AME ShopMar 5, 1985 – Mar 4, 1988
Bulger, ThomasFoo Dogs (VRC 50)AMS1Line DivisionAug 20, 1977 – Aug 31, 1979I am involved with B.P.O.E Lodge 1437, Tillamook,OR and bowling in 2 leagues
Brad, Schuitema ( Shoot )Fighting Redtails (VS 21)ADJ 3squadronNov 7, 1975 – Jun 24, 1979I worked in the Line Division for my entire assignment, Got to the squadron when they where still on the JFK in the Med..I was sent TAD to VS-41 to await their return. Made the Westpac 77 cruise .on the Connie CV-64
Branham, EricFighting Redtails (VS 21)E3squadronFeb 2000 –
Brustol, JohnFighting Redtails (VS 21)AX2AV/ARM1964 – 1968
Bullington, BullFighting Redtails (VS 21)AME-2AircraftApr 1975 – Feb 1977 I was night check in W/C-131. I had just sat down in the shop after working on the flight deck when we had the collision with the Belknap. After the Norfolk Det, I was sent to QA as the AME/PR rep.
Bergmans, Henricus (Hank)Checkmates (VS 22)E-5Assigned to AIMD 65-P VASTJun 1, 1982 – Jun 15, 1984
Bonzo, GerardCheckmates (VS 22)AMCsquadron2006 – 2008What a time!
Bill, Wild BillScouts (VS 24)AMH E4squadron hydraulic shopOct 13, 1979 – Oct 1983
Bonzo, GerardScouts (VS 24)AM1squadron1999 – 2003It was a good time and bad time! Some good people and some bad people, but we worked together and accomplished the mission! Go Navy!
Butler, DonaldScouts (VS 24)ATC (AW)squadronMar 1987 – May 1991Best group of people I have even been associated with. Go Scout
Bonelli, StephenPelicans (VS 27)PH-2Photographic SupportMar 29, 1968 – Oct 15, 1971I was an aviation photographer assigned to support filght and carrier operations for for Airantisubmarine squadron 27.
Bonzo, GerardPelicans (VS 27)AMH3squadron1989 – 1992My first command and what an indoc it was! What a fun place to be to learn, make friends(good friends) and begin a U.S. Navy career! What a party it was!
Barrett, TomHukkers (VS 28)Plane CaptainLINEJan 3, 1973 – Oct 9, 1975
Bartholomew, David/bartHukkers (VS 28)YN2CO's/Admin office1983 – Mar 1, 1984Is there anybody out there...?
Balboa, RonDragonfires (VS 29)AO2squadron1989 – 1993
Barak, DavidDragonfires (VS 29)AW2squadronDec 1984 – May 1987

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