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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Bruno, DonnaNaval Air Station PensacolaYNCCNET1996 – Jan 31, 1999Leadership Continuum until retirement.
Bynum, BenjaminUSS Cushing (DD 985)YNCNXNov 1, 2001 – Dec 1, 2004I will always remember the dirty CUSH. I was in a HELO crash on the 2002 deployment in the GULF and I went to mast at this command. I guess I grew up there. Thanks to everyone onboard that made my tour a successful one. I will never forget!!!!
Brumsey, TerrenceAssault Craft Unit 4 (ACU 4)YNC SELADMIN1993 –Looking for Jarrett and to talk to other shipmates
Brocksmith, Christopher G.USS Providence (SSN 719)YNC(SS)Admin1991 – 1993
Brodie, Alan C.USS Providence (SSN 719)YNC(SS)Leading YeomanFeb 9, 1985 – Feb 16, 1988Plankowner, Initial Builder's Sea Trials, First Deployment. An incredible boat with an even more incredible crew! Would love to be part of a ship's reunion!
Burdick, EdUSS Lafayette (SSBN 616)YNC(SS)/LDO ENSIGNAdminJul 5, 1978 – Apr 2, 1982Blue Crew Leading YN, Qualified COW/DOOW, Commissioned as LDO Ensign, retired as LDO Captain. Lafayette was a great ship
Benya, RayUSS Roark (FF 1053)YNC(SW)NAV/AdminJul 1990 – Dec 1991
Blas, JoeUSS Morton (DD 948)YNC(SW)X-DivisonJul 1977 – Jul 1980Westpac 78, MORTON had the best softball team, winning Subic Bay Memorial Cup, and also played in Hong Kong with the locals. Keep in touch guys.
Baker, JoiUSS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)YNC(SW/AW)ADMIN/AIR ADMINOct 19, 2002 – Oct 1, 2004Most DEMANDING tour of my career. Had enough stress that the average man would have crumbled. Showed me that God was TRULY on my side. AIR DEPT was the best!! Met some real and great people, dealt with a lot of fakes ones too. History!!
Brown, DerekUSS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)YNC(SW/AW)Log RoomNov 20, 2000 – Jul 23, 2004This was my first carrier. Boy I must say what a different life. I enjoyed it, met some good Sailors. Also, this was my 3rd PRECOMM.
Barajas, RaulUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)YNC(SW/AW/SCW)ENGINEERING DEPT ADMIN LCPOApr 4, 2005 – Sep 30, 2008I MISS THE HAWK!
Beason, TonyUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)YNC(SW/SS), NOW CIVILIANFlag Boat Pool & N6 Plans & PolicyJan 9, 1986 – Mar 13, 1990Was lucky enough to be on 7th fleet staff - visit tons of ports and learned to call Yokosuka home....I sure do miss it. My time on the Ridge was the best of my life and I have friends from that period that are in my life today. Good luck!!
Bancroft, MarkUSS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626)YNC/RETOct 1976 – Jun 1989
Brigham, RodUSS Pargo (SSN 650)YNCM(SS)XNov 1988 – Jul 1991
Buermeyer, HenryUSS Jack (SSN 605)YNCM(SS)X1980 – 1982I was privileged to serve as Chief of the Boat (COB) on the Jack during this period. We made a number of Med cruises and Northern Runs. Lots of great shipmates. Great ports of call.
Bybee, RickUSS Tucson (SSN 770)YNCM(SS)Chief of the BoatFeb 12, 1995 – Oct 15, 1997One of the finest experiences I've had in life. Taking care of this family of shipmates was foremost in my life. God bless all who sail in her!
Ball, StephenUSS James E. Williams (DDG 95)YNCSEXECAug 23, 2003 –
Bridgers, CalUSS Tripoli (LPH 10)YNCSAdminJul 1980 – May 1982Anyone know where CAPT Kehrli (XO) is these days or CWO4 Johnson (Admin Officer)>
Baker, ScottUSS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)YNCS(AW/SW) (SAR)ADMIN/XO ADMIN/DAPA/AIR/REACTORJul 16, 2000 – Oct 27, retired and doing what I love to do the most...teach! Plankowner #16
Boyd, BrianUSS Vicksburg (CG 69)YNCS(SW/AW)NXJan 11, 2001 – Jun 6, 2004Served with the finest! GOD SPEED to VICKSBURG! Stay the course and do your country honor!
Bound, FredUSS Norfolk (SSN 714)YNCS/M(SS)AdminJan 31, 1980 – Sep 30, 1984Officially, 1st crewmember. Reported myself onboard then reported Capt Karr. Best crew I've served with. SO-O-O-O many memories. I really reported onboard 29SEP81 at crew manning but wanted to show up on the list ahead of Ken.
Becker, RandyUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)YNSA to YN3X-1 and CRAug 1974 – Feb 1977
Bailey, BradleyUSS Hunley (AS 31)YNSNEngineering Log Room YeomanJun 1982 – May 1986Looking for those old buddies, Overton (OT), Louie B from Deck, Thomas (ET) from WEPS, anybody else who remembers me...
Bailey, ErrolynnUSS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52)YNSNNov 2000 – Feb 2003
Bailey, ForestUSS Houston (SSN 713)YNSNEXECDec 17, 2004 – Nov 18, 2006
Baldwin, EdwardUSS Manitowoc (LST 1180)YNSNDECK AND ADMINNov 11, 1986 – Aug 4, 1989Great ship and crew. I enjoyed serving onboard the Mighty Manny.
Bard, AlanUSS Little Rock (CLG 4)YNSNX DivisionNov 1969 – Sep 1971
Barnes, PerryUSS Butte (AE 27)YNSNX DivisionJan 20, 1980 – Aug 11, 1984This was my first command/ship. I started out as a Seaman in Deck Department and departed as a YNSN. It was a great command and I was glad to be a part of it.
Bean, JohnUSS Belknap (CG 26)YNSNEngineeringNov 9, 1971 – Aug 10, 1973The first step and the foundation for a career in State and Federal government, retiring as a U.S. Senate staffer. Many thanks to Captain Walters, LCDR Selgrin, Ensign McMann, and Ensign Brown.
Beck, RonaldUSS Reasoner (FF 1063)YNSN?Feb 10, 1977 – Oct 29, 1980I will never forget the time I had on the Reasoner, and all the friends, places that I went to onboard. I've been from Hobart, Singapore, Japan, Phillipines, Guam, and Korea.I had a great time on the Reasoner .
Berg, BrianUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)YNSNCaptains Office, Navigation1988 – 1990
Berg, BrianUSS Barney (DDG 6)YNSNPersonnel Office1990 – 1990
Berry, DawnUSS Saipan (LHA 2)YNSNDeck/1st DIV2006 – Apr 2007I was only there for the last deployment and then decom, but by far didn't compare to any other command I was at. Loved the ship and all it's crew. I miss it dearly.
Bierwag, Byron Aka WagalicioiusUSS Jacksonville (SSN 699)YNSNYNFeb 6, 2006 –
Blank, BillUSS Sirago (SS 485)YNSNAdministrative1963 – 1963Served onboard for a few months and then transferred to the Cutlass.
Blessing, Frederick J.USS Burleson (APA 67)YNSNAdminSep 1946 – Oct 1946
Bonds, Nelson E.USS Valley Forge (CG 50)YNSNExecSep 9, 1984 – Sep 13, 1986My first command
Bookout, CoreyUSS Kentucky (SSBN 737)YNSNExecutiveMar 1998 – Jun 1999
Boone, RobertUSS City Of Corpus Christi (SSN 705)YNSNYNJan 1, 2001 – Oct 16, 2001
Booth, RonUSS Fechteler (DD 870)YNSNDeck/XJul 23, 1967 – Dec 31, 1968Didn't like ship or command,glad to get off. Transferred to a brand new DLG which was lke a luxury liner in comparison to the Fech

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