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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Branham, EricFighting Redtails (VS 21)E3squadronFeb 2000 –
Brustol, JohnFighting Redtails (VS 21)AX2AV/ARM1964 – 1968
Bullington, BullFighting Redtails (VS 21)AME-2AircraftApr 1975 – Feb 1977 I was night check in W/C-131. I had just sat down in the shop after working on the flight deck when we had the collision with the Belknap. After the Norfolk Det, I was sent to QA as the AME/PR rep.
Bergmans, Henricus (Hank)Checkmates (VS 22)E-5Assigned to AIMD 65-P VASTJun 1, 1982 – Jun 15, 1984
Bonzo, GerardCheckmates (VS 22)AMCsquadron2006 – 2008What a time!
Bill, Wild BillScouts (VS 24)AMH E4squadron hydraulic shopOct 13, 1979 – Oct 1983
Bonzo, GerardScouts (VS 24)AM1squadron1999 – 2003It was a good time and bad time! Some good people and some bad people, but we worked together and accomplished the mission! Go Navy!
Butler, DonaldScouts (VS 24)ATC (AW)squadronMar 1987 – May 1991Best group of people I have even been associated with. Go Scout
Bonelli, StephenPelicans (VS 27)PH-2Photographic SupportMar 29, 1968 – Oct 15, 1971I was an aviation photographer assigned to support filght and carrier operations for for Airantisubmarine squadron 27.
Bonzo, GerardPelicans (VS 27)AMH3squadron1989 – 1992My first command and what an indoc it was! What a fun place to be to learn, make friends(good friends) and begin a U.S. Navy career! What a party it was!
Barrett, TomHukkers (VS 28)Plane CaptainLINEJan 3, 1973 – Oct 9, 1975
Bartholomew, David/bartHukkers (VS 28)YN2CO's/Admin office1983 – Mar 1, 1984Is there anybody out there...?
Balboa, RonDragonfires (VS 29)AO2squadron1989 – 1993
Barak, DavidDragonfires (VS 29)AW2squadronDec 1984 – May 1987
Beardshall, ElmerDragonfires (VS 29)O51962 – 1965
Birnbaum, Bruce profile iconDragonfires (VS 29)PH3Photo LabApr 1972 – Dec 1972I was assigned to the Fleet Air Photo Las, NAS North Island, San Diego, CA
Bork, FredDragonfires (VS 29)AT-2AIMDDec 1, 1973 – Jun 30, 1976AVI'B' - Memphis - 74; VS-29, VAST North Island - 74/76.
Brown, RobertDragonfires (VS 29)MS3squadron1983 – 1983Completed "Round The World Cruise"
Bancroft, CarlosDiamondcutters (VS 30)ms3Supply DivisionJul 23, 1993 –
Barry, RobertDiamondcutters (VS 30)Dc3R1Jan 1960 – Jan 1962
Beall, JoeMaulers (VS 32)Ltjg-LtAirwing OneOct 15, 1977 – Feb 15, 1979S-3A Viking Aviator with VS-32 Carrier Airwing One 1978-79 Med Deployment - In Alexandria Egypt Oct. 1978 during Camp David Peace Treaty Accords meeting between President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menechem Begin of Israel
Broome, DarrellMaulers (VS 32)AO3squadron1974 – 1978I LOVE THE JFK& VS-32
Burns, PatrickScrewbirds (VS 33)AO3squadronSep 7, 1992 – Jul 12, 1997
Brandau, MichaelBlue Wolves (VS 35)PN1(AW/SW)squadronMay 21, 2002 – Mar 31, 2005My absolute BEST command in a 20 year career. A stellar crew of squadron-mates, both men and women, who combined their time and talents to get the mission accomplished together. I miss all you guys and girls. What a great experience!
Bambo, GreggSawbucks (VS 37)CaptainsquadronAug 1957 – Sep 1960My first squadron assignment after flight training. Duties were as pilot and ASW Training Officer
Brandt, RonSawbucks (VS 37)AirmanVS-37 SqudronAug 15, 1989 – Oct 15, 1991That was the greatest experience of my life. I met so many friends and learned so much. Every year I see our ship moth balled in Bremerton, Washington. It still looks good.
Balboa, RonaldRed Griffins (VS 38)Airmansquadron1983 – 1988.
Balboa, RonRed Griffins (VS 38)AAsquadron1983 – 1987
Blackburn, Michael (Toney) profile iconRed Griffins (VS 38)AME1 (AW/SW)squadronMar 1, 2001 – Mar 1, 2005
Baker, TomShamrocks (VS 41)AE-3May 1982 – Jun 1985
Barron, Thomas (Tom) profile iconShamrocks (VS 41)LI2squadronFeb 1989 – Feb 1992Worked in Building 609 print shop.
Behrens, Don (Scotty)Shamrocks (VS 41)PC2ADMIN/PostalJan 1974 – Dec 1976Had a lot of good times here
Blevins, BoShamrocks (VS 41)EN21st LTJan 1, 1992 – Jan 1, 1995Good command, some nice people....YNC was awsome.
Brown, JerryDoerbirds (VT 2)AE2squadronJul 15, 1963 – Sep 1966
Bartlett, Robert / BobTigers (VT 5)E2 AVIATION MACHINEST MATE W/ HYDRAULICSSep 17, 1965 – Mar 16, 1967
Barnes, Charles/lynnTigers (VT 9)PO3squadron1977 – 1981
Byrd, AllanWildcats (VT 10)AMH3AirframesJul 11, 1976 – Feb 2, 1980
Becker, MichaelTraining Squadron 25 (VT 25)AME3squadron1970 – 1974Really enjoyed my time at Chase
Berry, RobertFlying Tigers (VT 26)ADJ E-5VT 26 Engine Crew, Plain Captain, Chase Field Engine ShopApr 5, 1965 – May 1969VT-26 has been a corner stone in my life. What a great time we had serving our country in a time it was not "cool" to do so.
Baugh, TerryTactical Air Control Squadron 11 (VTC 11)AC1/E6squadron1982 – 1984THis duty, was probably 1 of the highlights of my career..I have a lot of great memories,and I made alot of lije long frirnds I am trying to locate OS 1 ret.. Dan Clasby.Oh yea, Ive been trying to get a tacron 11 patch

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