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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Akerson, BrianUSS Mississinewa (AO 144)YN3Sep 1974 – Dec 1976I have many good memories aboard the Missy. We completed Med Crusie, Rota, and Decommisioning on the west coast. Trying to re-establish old ties with buddies.
Akerson, BrianSea Dragons (HM 12)YN3Jan 1977 – Jun 1977I wasn't on board the command very long but I did take advantage of the helo trips to various locations in the states. I was supposed to go on a west pac with the helo sq. but enlistment came to an end.
Alanis, Pedro (Yo)Black Panthers (VA 35)YN3ADMIN1965 – 1966Served Under CO CDR Ross and XO CDR Berry. Assigned to the Operations Office. Best Friend at the time was AN Huntington or Hunington. I transferred from VA-35 to the Submarines USS Threadfin(SS410) & USS PICUDA(SS382
Alcantara, AlexUSS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54)YN3Nav/adminAug 1, 1996 – Nov 1, 1999where's the crew from 96-99 at?
Alcaraz, MaximinoUSS Arkansas (CGN 41)YN3XOct 7, 1990 – Apr 6, 1992
Alcorn, Antionne Dewayne "corn"USS Comstock (LSD 45)YN3Jul 1988 – Mar 1991PLANKOWNER - Many memorable moments from being stationed with the crew! Never shall forget the experience and serving with everyone! Life changing experience onboard.
Alexander, SteveUSS Fort McHenry (LSD 43)YN3AdminMar 1993 – Oct 1997These where the best days of my single life! The experiences and lessons learned here are things I still reference on a regular basis! Cheers to all my shipmates that have served and currently serve in Sasebo!
Allen, JohnUSS Shangri-La (CV 38)YN3OP1966 – 1968Worked in Operations Office - 2 Med Cruises
Allen, Michael RUSS Annapolis (AGMR 1)YN31st DivisionNov 1968 – 1970 I was 1st Div Deck Office YN -Want to Contact Shipmates, Especially SN, BM Chiefs and Officers of 1st Div Deck Office. Mike ANDRADE. I want to find Fred CROSS-Tom HICKLE- BOYETTE -Rocky HARDING- Nick ARANDA-
Alonzo, RayWarhawks (VA 97)YN3Operations, ready room (on board)Aug 1975 – Dec 1978
Alston, Vincent "Big A"USS Independence (CV 62)YN3MaintenceJan 25, 1990 – Jul 26, 1992To all my friends, we had fun being the toughest ?B-Ball Team the INDY ever had. I miss, you White, Thigpen, Big E, Hamby, Babineaux, Stew. If I missed anyone please forgive me. The INDY will always be in my heart. From Alston ~ Big A...
Althiser, HowardUSS Fresno (LST 1182)YN3OpsMay 1972 – Feb 1974 Had a good time onboard and met a lot of good guys. Still in contact with a couple from Ops after all of these years.
Alvarez, AlanUSS Midway (CV 41)YN3Admin/LegalJun 1984 – Oct 1987It's been log enough now... we need to connect. Zach, Smallwood, Grier and the rest... you know who you are.
Amgott, GordonUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)YN3VAW-125Jul 22, 1971 – May 10, 1973
Amundson, Randy (Maddog)USS England (DLG 22)YN3Nav/AdminDec 15, 1972 – May 15, 1975I was OPS YN for two years and spent the last 9 months on board as legal yeoman. Steve Billington, Richard (Bear) Yacenda, Kevin Fitzpatrick,Marty O'Connell, Brian Tracey, Eddy Gray, Kelly Ballard and Moose Manweiler were a few of our cre
Amundson, Randy (Maddog)USS England (DLG 22)YN3NAV/ADMINDec 15, 1972 – May 12, 1975
Amundson, Randy/maddogUSS England (DLG 22)YN3Nav/AdminDec 15, 1972 – May 20, 1975
Anders, DonaldUSS South Carolina (CGN 37)YN31981 – 1983Getting older now. Miss my days on this fine ship...was young and had a good time, now having to work for a living. Just think people pay for cruises.
Anderson, JonUSS Valdez (FF 1096)YN3Aug 1974 – Jan 1978
Anderson, Kim S.USS San Bernardino (LST 1189)YN3AdministrationMay 1970 – Sep 10, 1972Plankowner. Shellback from her first cruise to South America. Helped design her logo.
Anderson, PatrickUSS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730)YN3AdminFeb 5, 1991 – Mar 4, 1994Where is Chief Cross? Man he was something. Whats up to everyone and if I leave you out its because I ran out of space. Troy Keatley, Tim Cole, Lance Harrison, Matt McCormick, Scott Ballard send me and email PA
Anderson, ToddUSS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)YN3CO, Safety, NavigationJul 10, 1996 – Oct 15, 1998Looking ofr Aregona, Jo Chirs, Amy Zentner, any one in Nav, look a brother up!
Anderson, William "Bill"USS Orion (AS 18)YN3Repair OfficeNov 15, 1968 – Nov 15, 1970
Anderson (Taylor), MichelleUSS Jason (AR 8)YN3AdminAug 1992 – Mar 1993A West-Pac I will never forget, along with some friends that I miss keeping in touch with. Richard V., Jeff P., Matt R., Rudy and all the rest! Don't miss that old boat though!
Andreano, AndyUSS Firedrake (AE 14)YN3Log room YN1964 – 19662 WestPac, lots of work, but great crew and great times
Andrews (Aka - Larson), Ann-marieUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)YN3Weapons DepartmentJun 1, 1992 – May 1, 1993
Anthony, DennisUSS Holland (AS 32)YN3ADMIN/REPAIR1978 – 1979
Anthony, DennisNuclear Power SchoolYN3ADMIN/POST OFFICE1975 – 1976
Anthony, StuartUSS Hancock (CV 19)YN3W DivisionJun 1965 – Sep 1967Started in OA Division as an Operations Yeoman, then moved to Captain's Offfice as incoming mail P.O.. Served voluntarily with Strike Operations and ultimately ended up in W Division.
Apple, GarryUSS Suribachi (AE 21)YN3Ship’s OfficeNov 1977 – Mar 1979Reported after re entering USN, left to go to brother duty,
Appleby, DouglasUSS Okinawa (LPH 3)YN3XNov 9, 1987 – Nov 5, 1991I have served with C. Bakkula, QM3 Bollotta, QM2 Shiwart, YN3 Prange and YNSN Guidry, how is everyone doing and hope you are having a great life after the military.
Aragon, JuanUSS Thomas C. Hart (FF 1092)YN3XNJun 20, 1973 – May 23, 1975I was part of the original crew "plank owner". Good times in GITMO and shipyards, Norfolk, good people. Weich, Black, Hinojosa, Lundquist, Flores, Montoya, Gandara, Chief Kelly, Ens Long, Ens Lyons, LT Meadowcroft....
Arcieri, FrankUSS Wren (DD 568)YN3Engineering1960 – 1962
Arcieri, FrankUSS Boston (CAG 1)YN3Engineering LogroomAug 1957 – Aug 1960Joined BOSTON in Charleston, SC, right after She returned from Midshipman's Cruise. First deployment was on North Atlantic NATO Operations in, Arctic. I became a "Bluenose" ! Upon return, I transferred to Engineering.
Arcieri, Frank "arch"USS Boston (CAG 1)YN3ENGINEERING LOG ROOMJul 7, 1957 – Jun 10, 1960Was originally in Div.7, Guided Missile Division. Later applied for job in Engr.Logroom with, Lt.Clemens. Left USS BOSTON in June 1960 as YN3 and in charge of the Engr.Logroom.
Armstrong, GaryUSS Gettysburg (CG 64)YN3ADMINMar 8, 1990 – Mar 7, 1992Not too much I can say good about the tour working in NAV/X under PNC Yap and YN1 Birtley. But I can say that YN3 Tommy Johnson was a true shipmate and the BURG was a powerful ship ready for combat. Take good care Shipmates. YNCS(SW) Armstrong.
Armstrong, MarkUSS Passumpsic (AO 107)YN3Captains Office1969 – 1972Best buddy, Ralph Turner. Remember Rip Parker, Larry Wilborn, Sweet Willie Sauer, Olongapo, Homer Johnson, Shore Patrol in HK. That shot of brandy after nite unreps.
Armstrong, MarkUSS Passumpsic (AO 107)YN3b1969 – Dec 1972Verification for dates anchored in Danang Harbor
Arratia, JoseUSS Kinkaid (DD 965)YN3Log Room YeomanMar 30, 1975 – Mar 27, 1977Plank owner. I was about the tenth person to report for precom duty to bldg 55 at 32nd st Naval Station.
Arthur, Valentine/aj/valUSS Detector (MSO 429)YN3AdministationJul 2, 1966 – Jul 5, 1968Would like to hear from ship mates! Trying to remember all the good times spent aboard! Remembering the Mediterranean Cruise! Crossing the Atlantic aboard ship at 18 years of age!

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