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USS Cascade (AD 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cascade (AD 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 91 crew members registered for the USS Cascade (AD 16).

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Bakko, TomSNMar 1, 1969 – Jul 1, 19703rdLooking for Vinny Mastroserio
Bryant, CharlesHT/SCPODec 1969 – Feb 1973R
Ponton, BobHT 2Jan 1970 – May 1972R-1 Shipfitter Shopwas supply PO for the shipfitter shop the last 8 months of my tour
Bright, Dennisbm3Feb 1970 – 1972forward a team bos,n matesstarted off in newport ri, went to dry dock in boston., then getmo, r&r motego bay and nasua. then artic w/nato ships then on to naples italy.did turkey, spain, greese.shipmates buddy p, vinny m, r broach, nesmith
Doherty, JohnHT3(DC)Feb 11, 1970 – Jun 9, 1972R-1(carpenter shop)Came aboard in E.Boston dry-dock,went to GTMO,crossed the Atlantic to Naples.Went to Athens twice and Spain twice for R&R.Played on the Cascade softball team and Cascade cooler team during football season.Good memories.
Ferment, Georgeem3Mar 4, 1970 – May 1, 1972R-3assigned to the rewind shop with Phil Wilcox, Elmer Young,Woody, Vaughan,Freeman,&Zemel did the same Reported to ship in Boston Dry Docks then to Newport R.I departed to Getmo than cruised the atlantic for Nsples De
Beier, Verdell (Virg)TM1May 1970 – Feb 1974W1 Mk 46 shopChecked aboard in Newport, R,I, About two months aboard we got the word the ship was to be the Sixth Fleet Flag and was to home port in Naples Italy. We had about 30 days to move families and households to Naples It
Lawrence, Michial/slickemSKSNMay 18, 1970 – Jul 20, 1971Supply-S1
Nixon, BillEM 2Jun 2, 1970 – Jun 6, 1971EServed on the Cascade while in Newport RI and relocated to Naples, Italy
Loflin, JohnHT/SCPO1971 – 1974R
Sharp, RobertE41971 – 1974boat shop
Brubaker, ByronCS31971 – Mar 4, 1974S2 division
Wagner, William/billEM31971 – 1974R-3Spent three years aboard the Cascade in Naples. It was a great experience and I met some great people. I think it's where I finally grew up
O'Connor, SteveMM31971 – Oct 1974R2Don't see anyone from R2. I was in OM shop
Janerella, FrankE 5Apr 20, 1971 – Sep 1974EI served on the Uss cascade in Naples , Italy from 1971 to 1974.' I was in the ELectrical shop and I would like to hear from any ship mates. I remember DALE HALBERG,CARL DANESI, JOE CANNIZARO,
Stovall, OcieHT2/HT1May 10, 1971 – Jul 16, 1974R1 SHIPFITTER 11A
Roof, ThomasHM2May 10, 1971 – May 9, 1972MedicalSickbay with Doc Barlow, Sarge Laird, Larry (?), Steve (Lab Tech), George M. Hood et al
Robbins, TylerSNMay 26, 1971 – Jan 17, 1972Spercial services
Countryman, Larry D.LTAug 1971 – Nov 1974Deck DepartmentShips Boatswain, First Lieutenant, Acting XO for decommissioning in 1974.
Poe, EarlsnAug 9, 1971 – Jun 7, 19731st
Perdue, JimE2Oct 1, 1971 – Jan 31, 1974Deck
Mielke, DickBt 3Dec 17, 1971 – Oct 1974BDamn, we were young then.....Have some great memories of those days.
Danesi, CarlEM31972 – 1974EMet the ship in Naples. Lived off base for a while.How's Larry Bauder, Ed Coyne, Frank Janarella, Danny Perez, Steve Gracie from the electric shop. Lots of good mems and cruises. Mike Russo you still in Ohio? Robert JF Wilson ?
Cockroft, RoachHT21972 – 1974R-1Good times, good memories, good buddies. Weld shop and Carpenter shop.
Roehner, LarryEN31972 – 1974A gang and captains gigWorked with great group of guys, lived off base in Naples. Would love to hear from some of them. 716-445-7758 Now living in Hamburg, NY
Funt, GlennLI2Jan 1972 – Nov 1973R-?Print Shop. Rode motorcycle with Rapid Transit Motorcycle Club from the ship. Had a great time in Naples.
Sharp, Ronmm2Jan 1, 1972 – Dec 15, 1973A
Rhodes, Ronald Gene (Kentuck)E-3Mar 1972 – Nov 1974R-1 Div. Sheet Metal ShopLooking for shipmates that were in my division
Short, BillEM2Mar 1972 – Sep 1973R-3GREAT TOUR. NAPLES, ITALY.
Perroni, Mikemm3Aug 4, 1972 – Sep 10, 1974engine roomI was a top watch in the engine room. When we went to sea I manned the throttle valves. It was around 120 degrees I went to Turkey, Greece, and Spain.Also took the ship to Norfolk Va. where it was de-commisioned.
Smith, Eddie (Smitty)EN 2Aug 28, 1972 – Jun 1, 1974A- GangEugene Love,Mike Russo, Delaney,Marty,Rader,Cozart, Where are you guys? Doug Drummond, Doug Walsh, Would like to hear from you.
Bishop, JohnHTSep 1972 – Jul 1974RHad a blast on this ship ,,Home port Naples It,,,Went to Turkey..Athens Gr,,Spain,,,saw that i lived in the greatest country in the world,,would have stayed in the Navy if i could have stayed on this ship/
Komonosky, JoeHT3Sep 28, 1972 – Nov 22, 1974R-1Looking for past shipmates from Carp Shop, Pattern shop, Sail Loft, Shipfitter shop, 72-74, Crow, Kal, Roach, Ski, Karpo, etc, etc It's been 40 years,great times steaming the Med and in Naples and Ischia (302) 521-1545
McDaniel, BruceEMOct 1972 – Sep 1973unknownTrying to search up info on the Ship and found this. Thought what the heck might hear from soneone that was in the Motor Rewind shop. It was a good time for a kid that i will never forget.
Longhofer, David "Hofer"SK1Nov 1972 – Nov 1974Storekeeper (SUPPLY)I left the Cascade from Naples, Italy in 1974. That was a sad day, as I left many friends behind that I've lost track of. I regret that. My main duty on the Cascade was manning the 5 forward verical storerooms.
Bruce, Robert/bobgmgsnDec 1972 – Aug 1974armory
Carlin, ThomasEM3Dec 4, 1972 – Aug 10, 1974Quartermaster
Anderson, Michaele-31973 – 1975deckassigned deck division,ran liberty boats
Froehle, RickMM21973 –MWorked in A-gang. Played softball in the comand league. Cross decked to USS Yosemite for a couple of months when Cascade went back for decom.
Coyne, Edwardem3Jan 11, 1973 – Sep 1, 1974e divtried to e-mail Carl Danesi but no luck . Maybe someone can help me . like to contact some old sailors from the cascade .
Ison, JoeBTFANov 15, 1973 – Dec 15, 1974B
Jones, Richard L.HT2Dec 1973 – Aug 1974SHIPS COMPANY RHenry Lovato, where are you, Joe Arcolla?, Doug Drummond? Visited with Senior Chief last year, he retired in Washington.
Essex, Steve1974 – 1974
Hall, RichardBTJan 1974 – Nov 1974B DivServed 1 yr onboard , assisted decommission and sent aboard USS CALOOSAHATCHEE AO98
Rizzo, Andrew P.PNSNFeb 16, 1974 – Nov 22, 1974Admin, "X" DivisionThis was my first ship during my 20 year Naval Career. I worked in ESO (Portside Aft) then in the Personnel Office prior to decommissioning 11/22/74. I was the last person to be transferred off the USS CASCADE (AD-16).
Olman, MarkE3Apr 30, 1974 – 1975Bt
Cox, JamesA GangMay 15, 1974 – Nov 4, 1974EngineeringFirst ship I was on. Came to her after book camp, engine man A school, and GM Main propulsion C school. The place was crazy cool. Was there for the feed pumps going out in the Atlantic And our near capsize in Norfolk
Wold, James WoldEN1Aug 1977 – Feb 1979A-GANGThe worst ship any one could be attach to.But I did have a great crew in A-GANG.Skip Rayn, Cruz and all the rest were are you? Skip you still driving?

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