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USS Dixie (AD 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixie (AD 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 412 crew members registered for the USS Dixie (AD 14).

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Lubahn, ThomasDM31967 – 1969R2I enjoyed my time on board the USS Dixie working in the Repair Office. LCDR Staats was a very good officer to work for.
Taylor, Markfn31967 –m division
Lane, JimmieE-5 BTR1967 – 1969BOILER REPAIRMANEnjoyed my time on the DIXIE
Dougherty, MarkSNJan 1967 – 19701STI spent time in both 1st Div and S2 (cook).
Coates, JoeJan 2, 1967 – Feb 17, 1970R-5Great ship,great crew,many good memories.
Jensen, AndrewBM 3Feb 1967 – Aug 1967COMCRUDESFLOT THREE
Martin, JohnMR2/E5Mar 1967 – Dec 1970U S Navy
Ciocian, GeorgeSN Mar 4, 1967 –First DivisionWhat a great time I had serving on the USS DICIE loved the West PAC cruises
Gregory, BrianHM3Apr 1967 – Jan 1968HI was on the Dixie for one WestPac cruise. It was good times! I was the preventive medicine Petty Officer. I tried to keep the roach population down and the mess decks sanitary.
Reynolds, Stanley (Red)HT 2Apr 25, 1967 – Feb 11, 1972R-1I miss the cruises the most. We had a lot of good times in the PI.
Shaffer, PrestonIC2Jul 1967 – Jul 1970EngineeringTimes, people, and places to remember, others to be forgotten.
Rex, GaryIM 2Aug 15, 1967 – Jul 18, 1970R 5Still remember Dixie burgers...unbelievable after all these years. Regards to all my shipmates.
Noonan, RauSK2Sep 15, 1967 – Jun 15, 1970S1Two cruises to West Pac with some of the best men I have ever had the privilege to know. Happy Veterans Day!
Smith, RichardPO2//DCSep 15, 1967 – 1968RI
Reynolds, Stanley (Red)HT-2Oct 1967 – May 1970R-1I sure enjoyed my years on the old girl and the West Pac cruises. I would die for an ice cold San Miguel from Rosanna's
Hortoh, WillieE-3 FIRECONTROL STRIKEROct 31, 1967 – Dec 23, 1968R5I did most of my palling around with ftg-3 Blankenship in subic bay in 1968.
Henry, MichaelOM3Nov 1967 – Nov 1970R-5I really like the times we spent at sea traveling between San Diego, Pearl Harbor, Subic bay, Yakuska, Japan, with a great week of R&R in Hong Kong. Also remember watching movies under the stars. But we worked hard in the Optical shop.
Miller, JonIM2Dec 1967 – Feb 27, 1970R-5Lots of good memories once we got out of the yards in Long Beach. Enjoyed the west pac cruises. I used to work in the MIRCS Lab on the 0-3 level.
Brown, Rexford QM2Jan 3, 1968 – Jan 3, 1971OperationsI had a great time on the Dixie. Being a jock was fun in the navy. Playing penuckle with the lead Radar, Radio, and Signalmen was fun. The Dixie did a lot of good work during the Vietnam War.
Schroeder, JimETN3Feb 1968 – Jun 1969OEGreat WestPac cruise to Subic and Hong Kong. Transferred to the USS Trucrun, DLGN-35 in June'69.
Buchholz, Ken "buck"GMMSNMar 1968 – Jan 1969Ordance repairWorked with Huey Hood and Steve Stoker, Dale Lantrip, John Jernegan
Blankenship, BobFTG3Mar 1968 – Dec 23, 1968R-5Worked with a lot of good people and experienced things that only navy life could provide. Subic Bay ........., enough said. Doesn't seem possible that 40 years has passed since I was on the Dixie.
Muniak, LeonardPM2Apr 1, 1968 – Mar 1, 1971ENGINEERINGHad a great time in the Pattern shop and made a lot of friends. Loved the west pack cruises especially PI.
David, KellyMM2May 8, 1968 – Aug 5, 1972MGreat time in my life. Ologapo City RPI. Made 3 WestPacs. Worked down in the forward hole (#1 Engine Room).
McAndrew, PatrickFTM-3Jun 1968 – Jan 1969R-5Odd group of rates in R-5 (FT, ST, GM, IM, OM) did I forget anybody? We all worked well together, as there were never enough of one rate to do all required. OM, FT, IM, GM, ST's pulling gun barrels from a 5", in Subic.
Curwick, MikeE-3Jun 15, 1968 – 1972E divisionInterior communications electrician . I worked in repair Div. under Chief Miller, the I.C. shop was adjacent to the divers shop. Friends were Randy Newman, Craig Engweiler, Michael Cain, Rodney Dubbert, Steve Miharah.
Allsebrook, GaryIC2Sep 1968 – Dec 1970E Division Section IIHad a great time, especially the '69-'70 Westpac. Wild times in Subic , Hong Kong, etc. IC was the best rate on board. Dixieburgers, Charlie, main electrical switchboard watches in port and gyrocompass watches at sea.
Groathouse, JohnE-2 to EM2Sep 1968 – Oct 1, 1971E DivisionI will never forget the night I reported aboard. Walked the pier between the Dixie and the S. Gompers. . Made 3 West Pac cruises and for the most part had a great time and great shipmates.
Slabaugh, DarrylIM2Dec 23, 1968 – Oct 6, 1972R5Many fond memories of WestPac cruises; the Typewriter Repair Shop; MIRCS Lab; The Watch Shop; The Optical Shop.
Puvogel, Jackmr31969 – 1971repair
Light, TerryEM31969 – 1971E DivHad great experience serving on ship. Best shipmates to serve with.
Patterson, EarlSNJan 1969 – Dec 1969SupplyHaven't had anything as good as a Dixie-Burger in years.
Seamands, EdMR2Apr 1969 – Jan 1973R2Looking for information on Dixie reunion?
Ballew, RobertMM3Apr 15, 1969 – Dec 21, 1970ENGINEERING
Millikin, FredMM3May 1, 1969 – Dec 1972MFirst duty station. Great ship with outstanding West Pac liberty. A good traing ship for life 101. Probably the best ship duty in my 22 plus years. Retired MMC in 1991.
Seamands, EdMR2May 25, 1969 – Jan 25, 1973R2Good times on the Dixie. Ran the grind shop for three years. Looking forward to the next Dixie reunion.
Kuhn, W. ThomasIC E3Jun 1969 – Dec 1969Repair
Kuhn, JamesHM3Jun 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 1970Sick BayI had a great time while on the Dixie. Only one WestPac cruise, but it was a good one. We did our only operation while I was there, an appendectomy, and I'll never forget the storm we went through.
Morris, MichaelSMSA (FIRST TOUR) SM2 (SECOND TOUR)1970 – 1973first tour was as an SMSA in '70 for only a couple of months waiting for precom USS Morton DD-948. Second tour was in '73 as an SM2 as reenlistment incentive. swapped onto USS Barbey
Phillips, Richard ASN1970 – 19741stHey to all the shipmates I had the pleasure of serving with
Gibson, MarcEN21970 – 1971Boat ShopRemember scrubbing those wood decks out at sea. Made one Wes Pac tour and transferred to DD790 after arriving back in San Diego.
Labrier, TimE-3Jan 14, 1970 – Jan 13, 1972Boat HouseLooking for Richard Becker or anyone who remembers me on the Dixie from 1970 to 1972 I was a Boatswain Mate
Valencia, RobertTM2Mar 1970 – Jan 1973WeaponsWorked on the 44 bench. Met lots of good friends from all over. Still communicate with some of the guys in weapons dept.
Gage, JamesIM3Apr 5, 1970 – Nov 24, 1972R4I worked in the Mircs Lab made the 1971 deployment however I left the Ship in Japan, great times and great memories
Conarroe, Michael Aka MotormouthMR-3Apr 13, 1970 – 197231-A R2Now merchandise manager for Uss Dixie reunion association Contact number 760-927-9665 Email for memorabilia info
Robinson, KenSK3Apr 30, 1970 – Nov 1, 1972Supply S-1As a storekeeper I processed requisitions for issue and ordered supplies. I worked in the ADP area validating orders and was in charge of inventory teams. Further, I stood duty for Supply Officers on weekends.
Pearson, ChrisMM3Jun 9, 1970 – Aug 31, 1973MSpent my whole Navy career in the Fwd Eng Room. I guess the Ol' Girl is razor blades now but if not I believe I could light her off today. Hard to believe now, that a bunch of us kids held that old bucket of bolts together. M&B DIV ruled
Becker, RichardbmAug 1, 1970 – 19721sti hated every minute of it at the time. now look back and would do it all over again. looking for tim labrier. would love to hear from my old friend. also my favorite cheif bm, irby
Kelly, StephenMM3Aug 15, 1970 – Feb 4, 1974M
Griffin, TerryHT3Sep 1970 – Sep 1972RNeed info on 2012 Reunion. Planning on attending. Use this email
Thompson, MichaelTM2Sep 1970 – Sep 1973Weapons - W1 DivisionWorked ASROC shop . Loved WESTPAC !!!
Short, TomSFM3Sep 10, 1970 – Apr 26, 1973R1Spent 2 1/2 years aboard. Played soft ball for R1 and bowled in Subic bay for the Dixie. Had a great time aboard and we were in apan when the our conflict ended. Never forget the ramming of the Hong Kong Express.
Raczkowski, Zen "Ski"FNSep 14, 1970 – Sep 14, 1972M divisionRemember when we couldn't wait to get off that tub and get back to the world??? Now that time is one of the best memories of our lives.......DAMN, what I wouldn't give to be 21 and on a Wes Pac cruise on the Dixie!!
Schindle, JimPN2Sep 19, 1970 – Nov 12, 1972Admin
Sovereign, TomBT 3Oct 1970 – Jul 12, 1974BAny BT's or MM's who were on the Big "D" , 1970 to 1974 give a shout. There are a few of us who still keep in contact. And yes it is true, Tim Cremeans is my brother in law!
Schlueter, GlenPetty Officer 3rd class/YN3Nov 1970 – Feb 1972Captian's OfficeI was in the R-1 office, Chaplain's Yeoman, and Captain's Office. Had a great cruise 70 - 71. I retired from the City of Fort Collins CO in 2015 where I worked as a Civil Engineer.
Cremeans, BillBT 2Nov 21, 1970 – Apr 20, 1976B FORWARD FIREROOM
Saxon, BobDec 1970 – Aug 1972X
Taylor, SteveTM2Dec 1, 1970 – May 10, 1972Torpedoman in weapons division. Looking for old mates. Have re-united with Chieg Sessler, Chief Howard, TM Knecht, Haugen, Overman, Valencia and Voris. Lokking for anyone who may know wherabouts of other sailors aboard.
Saxon, BpbYNSNDec 12, 1970 – Aug 9, 1972Admin X DivisionServed in the Educational Services Office with Chief Hall.

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