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USS Midway (CV 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1992 crew members registered for the USS Midway (CV 41).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1951 | 1952 – 1954 | 1957 | 1958 – 1959 | 1960 – 1961 | 1962 – 1963 | 1964 – 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972 | 1973 | 1974 – 1975 | 1976 | 1977 | 1978 | 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 – now

Reynolds, Gerald DBT31964 – 1967B divisionLooking for anyone that will help find proof other than us having the medal that we were in Vietnam Waters during the war.
Burrier, RichardA31964 – 1966v4Purple shirts avation gasoline pumproom
Casey, Tom / TcMMFNFeb 1964 – Apr 1966A-gangHAd alot of good friends in A-gang/steam heat. Left midway in 4/66 and ended up in Chu Lai Viet Nam. spent 17 months there and got discharged from St. Albans Naval Hospital . last rank-MM2
Rickel, PhilYN3Feb 15, 1964 – Apr 15, 19661st DivisionGreat time for a Kansas boy who had never seen salt water.
Thurman, LloydEN2Jun 1964 – Jan 1966AGreat Command. Would go back today if permitted.
Michael, TimFNJul 23, 1964 – Feb 15, 1966MI was young and learned a lot. Sometimes at night I can close my eyes and still see # 2 Engine and pump room.
McCoy, Walt (Mac)MR3Aug 1964 – Apr 1, 1966(A) Machine ShopFirst Ship after boot camp & training school. I really liked being on the MIdway, I probably would have stayed in the Navy if I had been able to stay with the friends and work on the Midway.
Rauchle, BarryETSN/ET3Aug 1964 – Nov 1965OEMany career defining days while aboard. After leaving the Navy in '67 was employed and retired from IBM and then ditto from Chevron. Would like to contact with other personnel I knew on the '64-'65 Vietnam cruise.
Fritz, ErnieE3Sep 19, 1964 – Sep 20, 1968Flight DeckI alway look back on those days. I was young and scared. It changed my life in ways you couldnt imagine. Im older now and think of all my shipmates and the times we shared together. To all my shipmates wherever you may be....I salute you...
Romero, VicICman 3rd ClassSep 19, 1964 – Jan 1, 1966Interior CommunicationsI worked in the PLAT room. Pilot Landing Aid Television. Today I work in Pleasanton, CA as a Real Estate Broker.
Allen, RonaldIC2Oct 1964 – Jan 1966E Dìv/Master-At-Arms ForceReported aboard as IC3 assigned to Catapults promoted to IC2 LPO Fwd IC , transferred to MAA DIV for duration of 65 WesPac (Vietnam ) Trans to ARD 30 Pearl Harbor .
Rief, RichardFNNov 1964 – Apr 1966"M"Most impressionable time of my life, @18 yrs. old I grew up fast. After Midway I went to a yard tug in Pearl Harbor. After Navy, 32 years on the spfld. ma. F.D., but it seems the 3 years I spent in the Navy was longer than the FD. I loved the Midway!
Watson, SteveENCM SWNov 1964 – Dec 1966A-5Good Ship. Looking for A-5 guys, Like Thurman, Del Rosa, ENC Kelly, EN2 Ed Sabo?
Bishop, JerryIC3Dec 1964 – Dec 1965E DivisionE4/V2 Snipe working Flight Deck Pilot Landing Aids Closed Circuit TV (PLAT)
Martin, LeonardBTFN1965 – 1966BWorked in Boiler room #2C Had some good time on her.Now live in vermont. If you remeber me give me a buzz @ 1-802-868-5150. would like to here from you.
Clement, JimE31965 – 1966BT
Gomes, RayADJ 3Jan 1965 – Nov 1965VA 23Spent 5 years in the Navy. VA 23 was a great squadron, the Midway a great ship.
Lee, HarleyEM1Jan 1965 – Apr 1966E DivisionASSIGNED TO THE AFT LOOP ELECTRICAL-- Made cruise to Viet Nam, with stops in Hawaii, Japan, phillipines and Hong Kong. Very interesting cruise
York, Ron ( Walrus)EMFMJan 6, 1965 – Mar 6, 1966EMade the WES/Pac cruise of 1965, 262 days of sea duty, It was the most memorable experience of my life..changed my whole outlook on life..
Wuerpel, JohnCTT1Feb 7, 1965 – Oct 16, 1965ElectronicsInstalled AN/SSC-2(XN-1) satcom terminal at Hunter's Point, CA. Departed for WesPac for Research & Development in Tonkin Gulf (yankee Station) RVN. Transfered to USS PINE ISLAND (AV-12) at Subic Bay 6Nov65. Returned to Nam until June 1866.
Thayer, TinyfiremanFeb 23, 1965 – Feb 23, 1966b div.looking for any b div. crew i worked in A1and A4 ,i would love here from any of the guys. you can call me at 916 798 3944 or e-mail at god bless to all .
Bolt, Rexe3Apr 1965 – 1966alooking for gerald zimmer from luling la.
Zeisler, RichardET-1Jul 1, 1965 – Nov 23, 1965ETWell, chiefs Mayo and Burroughs ever open that nightclub in PI?
Lee, ThomasaqfanAug 10, 1965 – Nov 20, 1965VF-21Line div. Plane Captain of F-4B 151485. I miss you guys, and those high-risk days on the flight deck.
Turk, DavidE-2Sep 1, 1965 – Jun 14, 1966S-6 Hey, Im looking to reunite with some old crew members, I was close friends with Dan Roberts, Gary Sheppard, and Im sure many more, Names Escape me over the years, Hit me back if you remember me...
Courtney, RichardAN/BHSep 24, 1965 – Nov 11, 1965V-3One on the best Fighting Ships. Proud to have served on her during the Viet Nam War. The entire crew were outstanding!!!
Tronstad, DennisEM3Dec 1965 – Dec 1966Electric engineringLooking for any one who was on this cruise. Hope to here from you all.
Coleman, TommyBT3Dec 26, 1965 – Jan 14, 1966B Would like to hear from crewmates who worked in 1C fireroom
Hixon, CharlesE-5Jan 20, 1966 – Jan 20, 1968
Ross, BruceE-3Sep 1, 1966 – Sep 17, 1966S-3Looking for shipmates who served on the midway west-pac cruise 1966-1967 i worked in the laundry most of the time s-3 division, i miss you all, please drop me a e-mail
Watson, DavidCEOSep 29, 1966 – Aug 7, 2014!stWent to work@ Chevron Research@ Richmond Calif.Moved back to TX. 30+in PetroChemicals,Marine Propulsion,1 Night Club,1 Country Farm,RV Park and live in Kemah,TX, retired on a mini ranch life is good!
Leblanc, Kevin profile iconSH2 Allen Coss1967 – 1969SupplyI hope you guys don't mind me adding my cousin's name to the list. He passed away a few years ago. I know how proud he was about serving aboard USS Midway. Not sure of the dates during Vietnam. RIP PO Cross you made it aboard.
Mendiola, FrancisAT3Sep 21, 1967 – Aug 31, 1971VF-161 ChargersLooking for shipmates that was in squadron (VF-161) especially avionics crew. Also anybody that was on the ship from 1970-1971..
Mendiola, FrancisAT3Sep 21, 1967 – Aug 30, 1971VF-161 SquadronLooking for shipmates that was in the squadron from 1970-1971. Or shipmates that was on board the ship from 1970-1971.
Swain, ClarenceAQ21968 – Aug 12, 1972VF-161I am Butch's daughter and am searching for someone on the USS Midway between April and August 1972 who remembers some shipmates being air-lifted by helicopter onto Vietnam soil in mid-August. We need proof for benefits.
Lochridge, JamesE2Jan 3, 1968 – Nov 7, 1970V4 FuelsThe year is now 2004 and I still have memories of the times aboard the Midway and what we were sent to Accomplish. We as Viet Nam Vets were and will always be forgotten for nothing execept what we carry on.
Wyantl, Charlese-5Feb 22, 1968 – Dec 1, 1971v-2most important part of my life!
Mushett, JamesE4May 12, 1968 – Oct 1, 1971V3Worked crash crew during Vietnam war.
Schwinghamer, John profile iconBM3Jul 9, 1968 – Jul 9, 19702ndFine ship. Great times
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Watton, Ronald E.E4/ABE31969 – 1972V2 Arresting GearInterested in communicating with former crew members.
Kivlighan, JohnDS21969 – Sep 29, 1973OENTDS
Kivlighan, JohnDS21969 – Oct 15, 1973OELooking for other ET's and DS's from the 1969 to 1973 era. There is a May 2006 OE Div reunion planned.
Trautz, GaryE41969 – 1973V2I would like to locate all crew members/friends who served on the Midway from 1969 through 1973.
Ribeiro, ManuelAN1969 – Dec 1971V-1 DivisionDoes Altieri or Mushett remember around Aug. 71 a bomb rolling down the flight deck after me? It caught me and tossed me down. I was in crash and smash at the time. Does anyone know what happened to Dave Ladson?
Smith, JerryFireman1969 – 1971mSteam burnd in #2 engine room
Tanner, WayneE-21969 – 1971V-4Hi! Rasty, & Larry.
Berman, DaveE-41969 – Aug 1971s6Now a doscent on the Midway Museum
Laflam, Tom profile iconEM21969 – 1972EWorked in the Electrical Shop. Looking for all shipmates.
Supnet, RobertMM31969 – 1973MIs there anybody out there? I'm going to visit the midway,7/11/14. feel free to contact me if you remember me.
Cline, JimASE21969 – 1971AIMDFlight-deck trouble shooter for gse (yellow gear) during first west-pac after recommisioning. reupped during last line period before she returned to the states. Heck of a party when in Sasebo!!
Bruscato, Robert E41969 – Jan 12, 1972IM3
White, WayneE41969 – 1973Ship servicesIt was fun
Rodgers, FrederickMM3Jan 1969 – Mar 13, 1972AI can't remember what divisison. My husband retired after 21 years on March 13, 1972. He passed away on May 29, 2012. He worked on the elevators.
Green, Stephen (Steve)FAJan 1, 1969 – Apr 15, 1970B Div.I ran the super heated side of 1 Charlie fireroom. Plankowner at Hunters Pt. Naval Shipyard, 31, Jan 1970.
Owen, LyleHM2Jan 2, 1969 – Jul 21, 1972H
Altieri, Vincentabh-3Jan 4, 1969 – Sep 10, 1971v-1looking for shipmates.
Almanza, AbelCPLFeb 2, 1969 – Jan 1972Marine DetachmentPlank-Owner, re-commissioning crew, from Hunter's Point to West Pac cruise. Security Detail, DJ for Spanish Hour on ship's radio. Several pics of Marine personnel, if interested.
Clark, MikeABH 3Mar 9, 1969 – Mar 6, 1973Tower SupervisorI came on board in Hunters Point, worked for the Air Boss CMDR Joe Muka then CMDR Barnes, when we left Hunters Point I was a tower supervisor until 1973.
Walker, George DE-4Mar 21, 1969 – Apr 9, 1973V-2WAS THE BEST HOOK-RUNNER ON 7th FLEET. LOOKING FOR THE REST V-2 CAT. AND ARREST.
Philip Nittolo, Phil profile iconAirmanApr 1969 – Apr 1971Aircraft RefuelerThe best time of my life. Made many good friends and many lifelong friends.
Dale, Larry profile iconE 3Jun 1969 – Jan 1973G division/ Aviation Ordinance DivisionWould like to get ahold of some of you guys..
Plesko, Wm. RaleighE-4Jul 1969 – Jul 1969A DIV
Till, Stuart RM3Jul 4, 1969 – Jul 16, 1970CR (Radio)Plank owner. I was the first enlisted man to report to the Midway's PCU prior to her 1970 recommissioning. I also attended her decommissioning at North Island. I worked in FACCON. Great memories! Midway Magic!
Holder, ChuckAK1Jul 7, 1969 – Feb 23, 1973S-6
Ramirez, Anthony (Tony)SNJul 10, 1969 – Jan 1, 1971Deck Division
Arends, WayneDK3 / E4Jul 17, 1969 – Apr 17, 1971Disbursing Office
Paige, CharlesRM3Jul 27, 1969 – Sep 14, 1972CommunicationsI was part of ship's "nucleus crew" and was second Radioman aboard pre-commissioned ship; the first was Stuart Till. See my online book at: ~pagebarnes/
Petty, William RuffETN2Jul 28, 1969 – Jul 5, 1973OE DivisionSpent most of my time in Electronics Repair Shop 2 when I wasn't harassing 'Ski' in Radio Transmitter 2.
Reedy, George ( Bart )I C − 3Aug 1969 – May 1971EngineeringThey took the entire graduates of the IC School and put us aboard the decommissioned ship in 1969. A command structure was in place and we were the grunts. At that time IC Electricians were in Engineering Section.
McBride, KenAK2Aug 1, 1969 – Nov 3, 1970S-6The Midway was a great experience, met some real great guys and enjoyed my work. Especially enjoyed the Per-Diem pay for the first few months on the Midway.
Enderby, JohnE3Aug 8, 1969 – Apr 15, 1971Public affairs office and then supply office
Lucas, ShawnAIRMANAug 12, 1969 – Aug 11, 1971V1I had the best time of my life onboard that ship, and i miss it dearly.
Roney, Daniel L.SNAug 15, 1969 – Apr 14, 1971Personnel-Supply(Messdeck YN)Plank owner for recommisionn under Capt. E.J. Carroll In Personnel under PNC George Goldie and V.F. Fredricks WO2 was yeoman on messdeck for messcooks. SN Alan John Reichmann,Summner Iowa; David Reeves Huntsville,Tx: John Bush Provo,Utah.
Edginton, Jim (Edge)E3Aug 15, 1969 – Aug 31, 1972V4Where is everybody from V-4 Division?
Weed, William (Jim)CWO2Sep 1969 – May 1970BWould like to hear from any former crew members that brought the Midway back into commission in 1970.
Shaffer, JoeE4Sep 1969 – Sep 1973OE (SINS)Pre-Com San Diego, mid/late 69 then to Hunters Point. Plank Owner, Jan-70 Commissioning! Daughter Baptized onboard. God-Father, ETN-2 Robert (BOB) Kraushaar (passed). God Bless, a true friend for life.
Jackson, FrayCV41Sep 1, 1969 – Aug 30, 1971S2Served as cook and commissary storekeeper from 1969-1971. Went to dedicaion in San Diego last year. Am retired and live in Arlington, Virginia.
Broadhurst, Edwin profile icon03Sep 1, 1969 – Nov 25, 1971Communications SignalsCurrently serving as a Docent on USS Midway. Would like to contact other OOD team members. Recommissioning Plank owner and attended the Decommissioning in 1991
Kendrick, Scott R.PCSNSep 1, 1969 – Aug 1, 1971X Division
Zangara, TonyMR2Sep 2, 1969 – Nov 10, 1971AAssigned to Midway at Hunters Point Shipyard dry docks Recommission ship Plank Owner Worked in machine shop Very proud to have been in the US Navy and serve this great nation along with a good crew of men
Ticket, LeoE2Sep 4, 1969 – Apr 8, 1971BWould like to contact my shipmates in 2b fireroom under first class pulliam or call me at work 907-484-2142 and leave a message
Lewis, JamesGMT 3Sep 7, 1969 – Mar 3, 1973WAny old shipmates please contact me would like to hear from you.
Scott, BrettsnSep 10, 1969 – Feb 2, 1971s-1looking for pre 71 westpac supply crew.
Tennison, Billy JoeSA/SNSep 17, 1969 – Oct 21, 1970Deck/3 rdRe-commissioning crew from boot-camp/worked boat-crew/liberty boat-runs hunters-point shipyard to alameda/40ft officers gig & 50 ft utility/ran whale boat for man overboard drills off coast san diego spring 1970 during underway trials/captain Carrol
Goble, Charles A.ABH-3Oct 1969 – Aug 1971V-1The memories abord ship will last a life time.They were good and they were bad, but youthink onll of the good times . and long houres on the flight deck.
Frontauria, DominickAMH3Oct 1969 – Nov 1970metal/hydraulic shopI created this for my father so if I got a few things wrong I am sorry. I just thought this would be a cool present to give him.
Richard, ToombsYNSNOct 1969 – Sep 1971Strike Operations (OP), Special ServicesCame aboard from boot camp in October 1969, went to pre-com in Hunters Point worked Supply , Special Services and was then assigned as YN to Strike Operations (OP) division
Ewing, JohnE3Oct 1, 1969 – Feb 15, 1971RPlank owner in 1970. First duty out of Boot Camp. Went to "A" School, then on to Guam for 3 1/2 years. Then to Class "C" Welding School, followed by 2 years in DATC, then Fort Fisher LSD-40 for WestPac. Left Navy after 10 year
Erickson, Art "Jack'MM2Oct 13, 1969 – Nov 26, 1972AArrived at San Diego for re-commissioning school. Reported to Midway in Feb. '70. Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen plants until discharge. Never have regretted one minute of the experiance except for those who didn't return.
Koepke, JohnRM3Nov 1969 – Aug 1971Communications
Fernandez, Celso profile iconEM2Nov 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1971E DIVISIONLooking to reconnect with any shipmates. I was on the recommissioning crew in Hunters Point, shakedown cruise in San Diego and Vietnam tour 1971.
Campbell, HarryFA/SFM3Nov 10, 1969 – Aug 31, 1971RWent aboard precommissing crew Dec 69, westpac soon there after. Served on At sea fire party , Shipfitter pipe and metalsmith, plank owner 1970 recommissioning crew I like it so well I shipped over for orders to nucwelding retired as HTC
Agorrilla, MarcE-3Nov 28, 1969 – Jul 2, 1973S-5
Busa, RichGMT 3Dec 1969 – Jun 1973W
Busa, RichardGMT-3Dec 1969 – Jun 1973WServed my whole tour on this boat including two Westpacs. Lots of memories and a special learning experience.
Guzicki, RichardMM3Dec 1969 – Sep 1971M Division and A Divisionwas on the recommissioning detail, Hunter Point, and two tours to Viet Nam. Looking for anyone who served on board durring the years 69 to 72 and in A division or M division. or anyone on the "Pre Commissioni Detail 69
Amello, MikeABF3Dec 1969 – Apr 1971V4A lot of work, good friendships. Looking back, a very short time. P.S. Sal Lofaso has passed away. Don Smith where the heck are you.
Crouse, Bernie (Lee)bt3Dec 1, 1969 – Sep 6, 1972BHad a good time on the old girl. Met some great friends Hong kong was fantastic Hawaii wonderful.. any one from the forward starbord evaps let me know
Williams, JohnEM2Dec 1, 1969 – Feb 28, 1971E Division
Harrington, JackMM3- MM2Dec 30, 1969 – Mar 15, 1974M Division, 3 Engine & Pump, A Division AC&R gangMet lots of good guys and have a number of long lasting friends. Worked " M" Division in 3 Engine and Pump and "A Division in the AC&R gang in my 3 1/2 years aboard

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