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USS Canberra (CAG 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canberra (CAG 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 309 crew members registered for the USS Canberra (CAG 2).

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Jones, Tommy LFT31958 – 1960FoxI made one Guantonamo cruise and one Med cruise before transfering to the USS Springfield CLG 7.
Marsch, Bobcpl1958 – 19609thWas aboard for the burial of the unknown
Becherer, TomJOSNJan 1958 – Feb 1959XHard times. Glad to be headed to CAG 1 and Beantown.
Downen, DonFN, MM3Jan 1958 – Dec 1960BBest Ship in the Navy. We won the Big Red E for efficiency. Best cruise was when we circumnavigated the globe in 1960. Best friends, Barney C., Paul H., Charlie P.
Pusateri, SamualMM2Feb 1, 1958 – Mar 15, 1960A div.Happy New Year 2011
Edens, VictorSN/RD3Apr 1958 – Oct 1960OIE-mail me at
Martin, EdwardQM3May 1958 – May 1962NavigationExperienced the World Cruise which was a once in a lifetime experience. Served in Navigation Divn. Would love to hear from others who served during the same period 1958-1962, especially Lt JG Keller.
Walraven, ThomasFiremanMay 1958 – Aug 1959Engineering
Pearsall, EverettMay 5, 1958 – Oct 10, 1959OS
Potts, PottsSM3May 11, 1958 – Nov 7, 1960oswas aboard on 1958 mid-shipmen cruise thru 1960 world cruise. would like to make contact with anyone in signal division. george hicks- george hatch. live in chattanooga,tn. e-mail
Estes, James/jimYOEMAN, 3RDAug 21, 1958 – Oct 25, 1960OIOperations Yoeman
Martin, EdwardQMASTER 3rd classNov 1958 – May 1962Navaigation
Irland, LynnSN1959 – 19612ndI came abord in itally, after about a month went into the number two turret as a gunner striker. In the med. two times and then went on an around the world cruise. I was a kiddy cruise. Into the Navy at 17 and out 1 day before was 21. Good Times!
Smith, James Lewis (Louis)S1959 – Jun 1961GM 5th DivI am his son. He is alive and well and oh, the stories he has told me, from babydolls in Italy, marching to "Waltzing Matilda" in a parade in Australia and a woman stealing his tie. Most would remember him for playing the piano and singing.
Keeney, RaymondAE31959 – 1960Maintenance
Parker, TomFT31959 – Jun 29, 1961FoxOn board from early '59 to June '61. Many fond memories, Med cruise, World cruise...
Rule, Joel profile iconET21959 – 1962OEI especially remember the world cruise in March to Oct. of 1960. A real education!
Fein, Gerald C (Jerry)SFM3Mar 1959 – Mar 1961RepairWill never forget our eight+ month around the world cruise, and being one of those chosen to march in a parade in Canberra Australia..
Fein, Gerald (Jerry)SFM3Mar 1959 – Mar 1961RepairWas on the "Around the World Cruise" 1960, and marched in a parade in Canberra Australia.
Fulkerson, Paulrm3Mar 1959 – Oct 25, 1960radioMY time aboard during the "Around the World" cruise for President Eisenhower was the best in my life time
Manton, BenjaminSNMar 1959 – Aug 1960OR, S-1Med cruise 1959, East Coast patrol duty 1959, World Cruise 1960
Smith, Charles/bebopMM3Mar 17, 1959 – Nov 28, 1962Mike
Hollister, ButchRD3Apr 10, 1959 – Jan 11, 1961OICame aboard SA, left RD3.World cruise in 1960. Many great friendships, still to this day. Transferred in early 1961, for U.S.S. Boston [CAG-1] Many, many great memories.
McKinstry, GeneRD3Apr 15, 1959 – Mar 27, 1961OIGood Ship. Went on the Round the world cruise. Have been to many of the reunions. Seen places the I'll never see again.
Jackson, Warrensn3May 9, 1959 – May 4, 1962firstworld cruise cuban blokade
Roche, Myles profile icongs2 E5May 10, 1959 – Jan 3, 1962Guided missile 2Jerry purvis and Harry Morton where are you?
Johnson, LarryMM2Jun 1959 – Jan 1962 A2 med cruises, world cruise 1960,participated in blockcade of cuba for 12 weeks,too many good memories to mention.
Risch, RonGMG2Jul 1959 – Nov 19628th & 5thThe 1960 World Cruise and the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962. I would not trade those years for anything, left the ship in Nov. 62 as a gun captain in the #1 turret.
Chuck, RoederYN3Jul 1959 – Jun 1961FOXYeoman duties in weapons office High lights of tour were the around the world cruise traversing both the suez and the panama canals. Saw part of the 1960 world olympics in Rome. Jayne Mansfield and husband came aboard while in Greece.
Pitt, Anthony Jr / TonySK3Aug 1959 – Mar 31, 1961S-1 Was aboard for the world cruise. This was a once in a lifetime experience. I loved every minute of it. I'm still in touch with my shipmates.
Peterson, JohnLCDR,MSC,USN,RET.Aug 1959 – Oct 19615TH DIV, H&D DivisionThis Ship provided a great beginning to my Navy Career.
Johnston, JamesMM3Sep 1, 1959 – Jun 28, 1962AGreat crew and ship. Received a million dollar education going around the world
Jeffries, JimGMG2Oct 1959 – Jul 19631stMade the world cruise in 1960 crossing the equator. Those of you who crossed, wasn't that a hoot. Still have my shellback certificate. Good memories sometimes wish I was still aboard.
Alvey, BernieFT1960 – 1963FOX GOLFGood times
Fulk, Sybil profile iconSA E-21960 – 19665thI am the widow of Ralph.My name is Sybil.I need to somehow prove that he disembarked the ship in Viet Nam as part of a "cleanup" effort. Not to mention I would love to find some of those that knew him> He was very proud of his service.
Shaner, Robert L. Signal Man, 1st class1960 – 19637th DivisionThis is a memorial for my father that I miss very much. He told me many stories of the Canberra and his shipmates. Around the World Mediterranean Tour, the golden shellbacks and the equator, so much more.
Metzger, Eugene (Gene)MM 31960 – 1963AI know my time in the Navy helped me get a job on the outside. I ended up retiring from LA County Fire Depth in CA 20 years ago after 26 years. Thank you US Canberra. I love you and I'm proud of you.
Hulec, NormanSeaman1960 – 1962Seventh (deck)Two of the best years of my life. Experiences no one would believe.
Shoults, Garyem31960 – 1961E
Culp, RonaldAL - 1Jan 1960 – Jan 1961ORI was one of only 2 AL -1's on board. We were avaition radiomen and got assigned to Canberra for our last year in the Navy. Navy was eliminating aviation radioman rating and had no place for us. We made the World Cruise and retired.
Lala, ReneFTGSNJan 20, 1960 – Sep 15, 1960Fox
Sherman, ErnieSEAMANJan 28, 1960 – Jul 1, 19614 th made the world cruise ,which was a great cruise , shake down to Carribean after dry dock in Portsmouth VA and a . Transferred to Comcrudesflot 10 and on to the USS Boston CAG-1 her sister ship..
Vineyard, JesseYN3Feb 1960 – Aug 1960Staff - COMCRULANTWorld cruise on RADM J. Taylor's staff. Assigned to Flag Division- Retired 1976 as Chief Yeoman. Remember YN2 Ron Versheldi, YN3 Bill Sessons, SN Lonnie Tuthill, YN1 Smith, Lt Hunt-Div Officer. Shipmates contact
Gary Fuller, TexRDSNMar 1960 – Feb 1963OR
Fuller, GaryRDSNMar 1, 1960 – Mar 15, 1963OI
Hoefling, GeraldBM2Mar 8, 1960 – Aug 8, 19634th
Rocap, BarrysnMar 24, 1960 – Feb 19632ndTransfered to her from ports mouth naval hospital after appendicitis. 2nd division under boson 1st class bond
Miller, AlexIC-2Apr 10, 1960 – Feb 25, 1963Lot's of good memories from the numerious MED Cruises and the 1960 World Cruise. I came on board during that cruise as a ICFN. Some crewman from the New York City area might remember me, think back to the Movies I showed on the Helicopter Deck.
Bond, Gurthe L (Bud) profile iconFTM1Apr 25, 1960 –F
Starks, James R. (Rich)SN E-3Aug 19, 1960 – Dec 7, 19621st DivWas a very good Div. Learned my seamanship and ground tackle very well. Had good teachers in the petty officers that were there. Spent may hours 'Holy Stoning' the wood decks. Looking back 50 yrs, they were good times.
Turek, JohnBT-3Nov 29, 1960 – Nov 29, 1964

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1957 | 1958 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – now

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