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USS Durham (LKA 114) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Durham (LKA 114). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 441 crew members registered for the USS Durham (LKA 114).

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Ferguson, Alvin (Fergie Or Pc)PC1(SW)1989 – Feb 1994X & Supply
Dar, FerdinandMR11989 – 1994R
Mantey, SteveBM#Jan 1989 – Sep 1991Deck (1, 4, and 1 again)Hey, yah we went out and kicked some Iraqi butt. It was a long West Pac that turned into a war. But we had some fun. I will probably be most remembered for a nasty Bite I was given by an LBFM. To this day I still have the scar on my stomach.
Pigott, TimothyBT3Mar 4, 1989 – Oct 10, 1992BGood times, Good liberty and alot of awesome memories.Currently MMC on USS Abraham Lincoln out of Everett Wa.
Wilson, WendellEN 3May 1989 – Jul 1992A GangRah! Just a wild wild adventure. Bull frog. Steal beach jams. Ballast tank swimming. Helo opps. Much much. Just a grand tyme in life. Just a step in many adventures of this long walk in life. Anchors away. En3 Wilson
Eisenzimmer, Jay (Ike)OS2Jun 30, 1989 – Jun 30, 1991OIBeen a long time.... Best: Memories of friends and shipmates. Worst: That berthing !
Cook, Robert profile iconOS2Jul 1989 – Jul 1991OIThe only thing I miss about the Upside-Down Cockroach is San Diego. Remember being locked in the Operations Office when the ship was returning to SD from Gulf War. They didn't like my politics or me speaking to the press
Lain, RobENFNJul 1989 – May 1992A-GangHad a blast with lots of good friends. Like Wilson said the rides in the tanks were alot of FUN. Laying out on the flight deck at night in the nets were also fun.
Abiera, JesusMM3Sep 17, 1989 – Sep 17, 1993engineering
McCain, GaryFNSep 21, 1989 – Sep 9, 1992DCThat was a crazy time, learned some valuble lessons on board Durham that i will never forget. Carroll, Chambers how you guys been.
Velasco, Marcus (Roscoe)BT3Oct 1989 – Oct 1991BoilerOne of the first ships in Desert Storm (Persiam Gulf War). 11 months out to sea, 6 and 6 it!
Alex, DavidDC3Oct 1989 – Jun 1993RepairThis period in my life was filled with a lot of very important decisions. As I look back I can clearly see Divine help.
Roderick, Blueferms3Oct 14, 1989 – Aug 25, 1993mswhat's been going on shipmates would love to hear from you to see how you have been doing an catch up on life
Brown, Greg "rowdy"GMGSNNov 1989 – Nov 19914th
Hofschulte, DeanMM3Nov 4, 1989 – May 3, 1991MLots of great memories!
Miller, VanceHT2Nov 14, 1989 – Sep 15, 1993(R) Repair DivisionGreat memories with a bunch of great guys! I got to grow up on the decks of the Durham and established some long lasting friendships that are still part of my life.
Nieblas, DouglasQMSNDec 12, 1989 – Jul 31, 1993NavigationThere were good times and there were bad times, but it was worth it. Nice to see all these familiar names. Looks like the Bull is retired in Hawaii, not too bad. May she rust in peace.
Gonzalez, MosesE3Dec 18, 1989 – Sep 16, 1991MedicalGreat West Pac. Grateful to have the opportunity to serve my Country. Life is good.
Puckett, JimBT21990 – 1992Anyone hear from Chuck Looney?
Kleiser, TimothyBT31990 – 1993Engineering
Eatinger, ThomasRM1 (SW)1990 – Mar 1993OCMessdeck Master At arms mid way thru the 92 Westpac. Very awsome westpac, retired in march 93 upon arrival in San Diego. Currently Chief Radio Electronics Tech for the Navy working for MSC.
Winchester, DanENFNJan 1990 – Mar 19923rd division Boatshopkicked ass in the boat shop served as an engineman was a boat engineer on LCM 8-1 mike boat OPERATION DESERT SHIELD/STORM.......those who may remember myself and my good buddy EN2 Wilson(A GANG) made the steal beach picnic the best
Goad, JamieGMGSNJan 6, 1990 – Oct 21, 19914thWas hopeing to see more names from my time served aboard the Durham, but glad to see Mantey here. Hope to see more names someday like Terry Lipe, Tony Gabriel, Brett McGraw, and so on and so on. I am up in Washington State. Email me anytime. Goad
Cohen, Ericgmgsn e-3Jan 12, 1990 – Nov 25, 19934th divisionThe best 3 and a half years with the best group of shipmates I have ever had the privilege of serving with.
Solis, JohnMS 3Jan 16, 1990 – 1994SupplyIt was fun doing are duties for are country aboard the mighty Durham, with the help of all shipmate it was made eraser. I couldn't have done it with out the support of all are shipmate. Thank Yall.
John Morgan, John MorganSNJan 18, 1990 – Jul 23, 1992boat shop
Tagaloni, Robert / Taggmg1Feb 20, 1990 – May 2, 19924thhad some good times
Black Horn, CyEM3May 15, 1990 – Jul 15, 1993and Boat Shopi remember i hated the navy after i got my orders out of "A" school to report to Durham. But after being onboard 3 yrs. i couldn't asked the navy more than the awesome time i had. peace to everyone.
Fewkes, DouglasBT1May 24, 1990 – Jun 30, 1992B divisionLong hours but one great Division. Any BTs, give me a heads up!
Perez, EddieBm3Jun 7, 1990 – Feb 23, 19941stI had some of the best & worst time of my life..but no regrets !!!!!Gulf war veteran!!!!!
Velasco, MarcusBT3Jun 10, 1990 – Oct 10, 1991BoilerI have some many fun memories. I was looking forward to Wog day, but the Desert Storm stopped that. I was ready to beat some Wog butts. Anyway, those 10.5 months was spent pretty well in espeically when we had to reload in PI.
Young, LawrenceJul 2, 1990 – Aug 31, 1992CMCHOPE ALL SHIPMATES ARE DOING GOOD
Williams, TimothyYN2Oct 15, 1990 – Oct 15, 1992Navigation/Admin
John Morgan, John MorganSNOct 23, 1990 – Jul 23, 1992BoatshopEnjoyed this old tuna boat. Made alot of friends and had alot of good times. Some of the guys I remember; EN2SCOTT,EN3THORPE,EM2WINNINGHAM,EM2MORYL,EN3MONTIEL,FNPHILLIPS,SNCOWDEN,FNWINCHESTER,EN3GABBARD,EN3MOFFETT,FNTREMPE,CHIEF HACKER.
Madrigal, RobertDC2Dec 1990 – Feb 1994Repair
Kimbrell, GarySM1(SW) RETDec 1990 – Jan 1993OCI was the replacement for SMC(SW) Richard J. Lopez. We had a great Visual Team in place and the credit goes to him. The Signal "Gang" took to the water in WAVE after WAVE. I retired in 1997 onboard the USS Inchon (MCS-12).
Rice, ScottET21991 – 1993OE01Took the money & ran. Hey Michael. Looking for Eric.
Liddle, BrianSA1991 – 19925th
Hinckley, MikeE-3/SN1991 – 19931st DivLeft the Durham in 93 and went to MS/CS "A" School, then left for Washington State. Got off active duty in 1998 and went into the Reseves.. Retired from Navy Reserve in 2010.
Sullivan, BrianBT31991 – 1994B
Humphrey, IanE-3Jan 1991 – Jul 1994DeckWoW! the navy was an interesting experience for me. Unfortunately my naval career ended very prematurely. Good memories, no regrets!
Rogers, RobertIC1Mar 1991 – Jun 1994ERetired in 1998.
Schindler, MichaelMS2Mar 1991 – Sep 27, 1992SupplyGood time, Great Memories......
Abrams, C.FNApr 6, 1991 – Oct 20, 1992M
Bates, JohnET3Aug 1991 – Feb 25, 1994OE
Perry, CharlieE-3 BMSep 1991 – Sep 1993Deck 1stLooking to reconnect with old friends.
Barbic, JulianE-3Sep 30, 1991 – Oct 1, 19931 StYo Shmitty,whats up..Balky keep painting you crazy bastard,and what happen to Walzack, Greg.and Paligano..This is the true 1ST deck dev. west pack 92
Carson, StanleyE3Oct 1991 – Dec 1993first boat crew
Michaud, MichaelET3Nov 1991 – Feb 1994OEWESTPAC 1992 was awesome. Australia, The PI, Tailand, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Hawaii
Johnson, SmittyE-4/SMNov 1991 – Nov 1993OPSwest pac was awesome had a great time in san dog butt i was glad to get back to the east coast hope everyone is doing great
Michaud, MichaelE-4/ET3Nov 1991 – May 1993OE
Sheldon, DavidMSSNNov 11, 1991 – Jan 4, 19942NDCHIEF IS STILL GOING STRONG IN VP10
Heinrich, JosephE-3Dec 1991 – Aug 19931ST.Went to MAA school at Lackland AFB and then on to Japan. Left the Navy in Dec. 2000.
Baltazar, RaulE3Dec 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 19933rdI was thje unofficial ship's artist and victim of the meanest deckape Filipinos onboard: BALTAZAR!!! I got to say, my experience was somwhere in between a jail sentence and Girls Gone Wild. Don't like orders though, FTN.. I'm free!
Harrawood, ChrisE3Dec 1, 1991 – Jul 10, 19933RD
Smith, BrianE3Dec 15, 1991 – Aug 15, 19931stNice art work in the weight room Baltazar. What ever happened to Julliane Burbick and Greg Mathews. Put up with a lot of idiots, but have some good memories. Gould is crazy for scaling the balcony at city view apartments in San Diego.
Ross, PatrickDC21992 – 1994damage controldidnt like the boat very much.
Chapman, DarrenSN1992 – 19931stWestpac was amazing. I will never forget Australia
Pallares, BrianLTFeb 19, 1992 – Dec 12, 1993NAVIGATION
Stewart, AllanE-2May 1, 1992 – Mar 1, 1993DeckHey what;s up faggots- walzack, gould, kaiwa,huyck....
Skolnick, ShanleyMSSNJun 1992 – Feb 1993s-2
Loken, MarkHNJul 14, 1992 – Feb 25, 1994MedicalI remember reporting to the ship for the first time; I had just driven from Minneapolis to San Diego, and wow, was the ship so huge!! It was not long before I referred to the ship as a boat.
Havens, MarcE21993 –Deck

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