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USS Charleston (LKA 113) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Charleston (LKA 113). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 408 crew members registered for the USS Charleston (LKA 113).

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Williams, AnthonyQM3 { wheels}1987 –navigationI had agreat time aboard the charleston .Made some great friends and lost touch with a few.Good Times
Wines, Lawrence (Larry) profile iconEM21987 – 1989E/Boats
Cooper, DannyBM31987 – 1991Deck div 1Just sitting here thinking back on my days on board #1chuck . Never thought I would miss it but I do at times . Found this sight and figured I would get a line in and see if I could get in contact with some old mates
Buchanan, WillieGMG 21987 – 1989G DIVHello to my shipmates
Santorella, MarcOS3Jan 7, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990OPSIf you told me I would one day look back and wish I could return to sea on that ship I would have laughed in your face. Yet today 20yrs later tears come to my eyes and I long to return.OS1's Gregory and Glazer, Thnx! BM3 Danny Cooper, Where are yo
Chapman Jr, Kenneth profile iconLTFeb 1987 – Apr 1988EngineeringEngineer Officer
Rudolph, JohnRM2/RM1(SW)Feb 20, 1987 – Mar 18, 1991OCSchery. The CO everyone hated, including his ugly dog that went underway with us. And Bruner, the Ops Boss that was a proven liar and a detriment to the men who worked under him. This is dedicated to the finest who served sans the two mentioned here
Spady, TerryMMFNMar 10, 1987 – Jan 20, 1991MPSpent alot of time screwing up until 1 Man saw something in me and took me under his wing!! Thanks Alex!!
Beeler, MikeLTApr 1987 – Apr 1990Operations / CIC
Dwyer, BruceHM1 (RET)May 3, 1987 – Dec 19, 1989H Was a new HM3 basic xray Tech, Took over xray worked sick call and various other medical duties.
Tucker, JohnE-3Jun 1987 – Feb 19892ndMight have a picture sitting on my shelf of a couple of guys at the Northern Bar in Mallorca circa 1988.
Robinson, GregoryOS2Aug 7, 1987 – Jan 2, 1991OIThe ship was quite an enjoyable learning experience for me on the most part. Nevertheless, dispite the numberous mishaps on the #1 Chuck, I have met a lot of people with whom I would like to get in contact with.
Bloyd, KentSM2Oct 1987 – Jun 1990OperationsHave a lot of great memories on board "the Chuck" spent time painting the ship before Chief Smith saved me. Enjoyed the trips and the people.
Hunter, SeanE-3Oct 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 19902nd divisionShip life was tough but I miss all you guys
Cole, Jimos2Oct 1, 1987 – Jun 30, 1991opsgreat 4 years. miss active service often. wish i could have stayed in and retired there. I have a great life though, married with 2 kids. Still love fishing , hunting , camping, still have my 1973 dodge charger
Dunlap, Patrick "Dewey"MS3Oct 5, 1987 – Oct 5, 1991S-2Great times on the Chuck. Alot of good memories.
Feliciano, JuanSM2Oct 28, 1987 – Jul 28, 1991
Richard Boss, RichardDC3Nov 1987 – Jan 1991R-Division
Powell, RassE4/BMDec 11, 1987 – Jun 11, 1991deckthe chucks crew made a man out of me aka jellyrole.cell 8155496169
Retherford, Jim (Radar)GMG 2Dec 21, 1987 – Jul 13, 19914th
Hosang, BrianBM2Dec 29, 1987 – Jun 1, 19912nd Division DeckCrappy command, best shipmates ever.. Lets get this reunion together. I saw her in Philly shipyard in cell 904-591-4975. CWO3 (Ret)
Feenstra, TerryENCS1988 – 1992BoatsI saw Andy Willis on your list... and remember him. Made Senior Chief just before the decommissioning... and left for Great Lakes.
Gilpen, JeffEN31988 – Nov 1991BOAT SHOP
Watson, William/scottEN21988 – 1991Boats/ LCM8-1Miss the chuck wagon, and everyone that I served with.
Felton, StephoneE-4Jan 1988 – Sep 1991S-2S-2 was the joint. Nobody like the crew of the USS CHUCK.
McIntosh, DarrenQM3Feb 1988 – Mar 1992operationsIt is great to see all the names and have a lot of great memories. Spent some time in deck and then in operations. TURN 2 COMMENCE SHIPS WORK. Never gets old :)
Hair, JerryBT2Feb 8, 1988 – Apr 27, 1992MP
Edwards, ChrisQM2Mar 1988 – Aug 1991NavigationThe Chuck was my first and only ship. I enjoyed the good and bad times. I'd be interested in finding fellow shipmates from the time I served on the Chuck.
Carroll, ScottEN1Mar 1988 – Jul 1990A
Arnold, ToddQM3Mar 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1991NAVThe U.S.S. charleston, What can I say. It was some of the best times of my life. Yes I do miss it, what fun 1 can have in the chartroom in port. where are my boys. willy where you at. Distaso, still in contact with leaply sneed hunter weese
Willis, Andrew (Andy)YNCSMar 4, 1988 – Feb 2, 1991Ship's Office/XThe "Chuck" aka "Carolina Clipper" was the first and only "gator-freightor" I've ever served on. That's why I really appreciate the Amphib Navy after serving on 2 aircraft carriers. The gator navy has no luxuries
Leapley, AlphonseSM3Mar 20, 1988 – Feb 1992ocMy first ship. Made alot of friends. Taught me responsibility, (especially how to get up in the morning after partying the night before). No one wanted to feel the wrath of Sm1/SMC Smith.
Gore, Troy 'loudmouth'MS3Mar 21, 1988 – Nov 16, 1991S? (wherever the cooks were)First and only ship(caught JFK in the yards)hated the cruise but loved the liberty;Palma Spain was the BEST!Looking for Al Marshall, E. Boone(heard he caught a bad break)&Stephon Felton. I'm a Captain now!But in the Philly Fire Dept.WOW
Campbell, EdSN / SK3Jun 1988 – Jun 19903rd / S-1Was aboard for MED cruise 88 (cranked then), worked as a side cleaner, then as SK3 (frocked to SK2 right before my "sentence" was up. Like many, I never thought I would actually miss the Chuck, but I had a really great time. Hi Hutch!
Glass, MichaelEM2Jul 1988 – Jan 1992Stream
Roach, ShaneEM3Jul 1, 1988 – Apr 3, 1990EngineeringPalma, Haifa, Toulon, etc. Great memories and a great experience. I hope everyone is doing well 30 years later.
Joseph Green, JosephBM2Aug 2, 1988 – Aug 2, 19902ndI was the LPO for second division for a time on the Chuck. I went on a med and met alot of guys I loved. I had a SMC Smith who made Bosun while I was on there and he taught me alot. I loved the ship and would love to be there again.
Carlin, Jeff/ SnakeBM3Sep 28, 1988 – Sep 28, 1990firstone of the cleanest best running ships compared to others classes --- uss jkl... get your own water... we took many days having cold ones!!!
Hemmingson, JoeFC3Oct 1988 – Aug 1990OPSMy first ship. Onboard for MED 88 and Cuba 90. Remember a lot of names, just wish I had a cruise book to match faces.Good times indeed.
Rueda, CurtGMG3Oct 1, 1988 – Oct 1, 1992GMGLooking for crew members who served with me. Contact me at
McLaughlin, BernardGMG2(SW)Nov 1988 – Apr 19922nd and 4th
Manell, RonMS3Nov 1988 – Apr 1992S2
Lamb, Carl profile iconYN2Nov 22, 1988 – Apr 13, 1991AdminAfter Charleston went to Camp David, worked for the White House had my pic taken in 93 with the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, in the Oval Office. A War Hero, just like the rest. A federal civilian in 94
Ehrhart, RobMR3Dec 1988 – Oct 1990MPReported onboard undesignated, started off in the Valve shop and struck MR under MR2 Henry Siggers.
Hollis, James (Sniffer/bo)SR/3RD DIV/ MS3/S-2Dec 14, 1988 – Apr 27, 1992The chuck was my first ship and I'm still serving after almost 20 years on board my fifth ship USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Yokosuka, Japan. CSC(SW/AW) James M. Hollis AKA "Sniffer/ Bo. Peace!

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