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USS Charleston (LKA 113) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Charleston (LKA 113). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 408 crew members registered for the USS Charleston (LKA 113).

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Haywood, KennethSN1982 –DeckI was aboard Charleston during a very difficult time in my life, but just seeing the names of the guys took me back to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, liberty in Manhattan, and a group of great guys!
Woolard, Donald profile iconE-51982 – 1986M
Allen, DavidOS21982 – 1984OI
Lewis, Davidmssn1982 – 1984don't rememberenjoyed the 2 years I spent on board. I grew up a lot during those years and saw some great places
Venegas, Enrique "Henry"BM31982 – 1984Deck
Sweatman, EdwardRM3/RM2/RM3/Finally stayed RM2Feb 1, 1982 – Feb 1, 1986OPSJust got off the phone with Jones . GREAT memories. #1 CHUCK pierside and gutted in Philly shipyard...looking to hear from any OPS pukes and GLEEK..also, anyone know BM named Puff changed name to Giradi or something
Kowalski, Tom "Ski"RM2Apr 1982 – Oct 1985COMMPart of the crew swept under the rug down south. We Know who we are. Ran into Captain West last year, he's doing well.
Taylor, Donald (Rusty)RM3Apr 1982 – Apr 1982ComServed a two week reserve tour in 1982 and had a great time.
Pederson, DouglasEN1Apr 1982 – Apr 1986A DivisionDid my second tour of duty on the # 1 Chuck. Loved the CHUCK and her crew. Will always remember her as the best.
Healy, Tom/otisOS2Jun 1982 – Feb 1986oiJamacia,Jamacia,Jamacia
Talerico, MikeE5Jun 1, 1982 – May 2, 1986NavigationThe ship could of sank but the great people aboard made it float.
Boyce, StephenENS/LTJG/LTJun 4, 1982 – Nov 15, 19852ndFirst ship and the best memories in my 21 years. Have kept in touch with many and, unfortunately, lost touch with many. #1 Chuck was great!
Bentajado, DonatoE-4Sep 7, 1982 – Sep 5, 1985DECK/MEDICALOh my gosh! I've been looking for my shipmates all over and, finally, bumped into this site. I remember Cap't. West and his cool demeanor. Would like to hear from anybody who was on board the Chuck between 1982-85. Thnx!
Allen, David (Al Or Dba)OS2Oct 1982 – Jul 1984OI - OperationsWow what memories. I've been thinking about a lot of the old Ops guys, found this site, and some were listed! I would love to see some of the guys for a reunion. Tiny and Otis, GREAT to see your names again. We need Dell/Davenport too!
Dillback, Stevee5Oct 1982 – Oct 1985supplylots of good times and friends, new adventures. like a family, new kids and old relatives
Snyder, Jjfn3Oct 1, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986main propulsionlooking forward to contacting some old friends
Jones, Larryrm2Oct 9, 1982 – Mar 17, 1986opsI had a great time in the shack and who can forget jackie ray and yank. been trying to find rms and friends for years
Escalante, Geovanni / Geoe-1Dec 1982 – 1983Deck ape
Hough, GregHT3Dec 1982 – Jun 1984RGreat learning experience. We had a tight nit crew being a reserve status ship. Made a lot of good friends that I would liked to have stayed in touch with.
Kasavicha, JohnRM11983 – 1985
Dewey, ScottEN21983 – Jun 20, 1986BoatHey Guys! I miss the ole chuck! I see it's tied up down in philidelphia next to my first ship the uss boulder lst 1190. I remember antwerp belgium in 85......I think we were asked to leave.......diplomatically of course! LOL
Hale, AllenEN21983 – Jul 17, 1984Eng.Got aboard in Brooklyn NY while in the shipyard, back to Norfolk, made the cruise through the ditch and Costa Rico, lots of good memories
Leaf, LarryBM21983 – 19853rdGreat time on #1 Chuck. Great Ship for Boat Div, learned a lot. Awesome friends....Tiny, Otis, Cameron, Buffy, Souders,Wallace
Cox, LarryBM2Jan 1983 – Sep 19853rdIt was the best time ever. All the ports and all the fun. There was no better friends than BM3 Wallace and BM3 Heiser. Feel free to contact me and talk about old times
Wallace, MichaelBM2Jan 4, 1983 – Dec 16, 1986DeckGreatest ship for a Boatswain's Mate ever. It set the tone for my whole career. Now a retired W-3.
Butler, DarrylRM3/RM2Jan 7, 1983 – Sep 10, 1987OPS / OC
Lemay, Dennis A.BM3Jan 27, 1983 – Nov 5, 1986DECKRETIRED 2002
Brian, MoatsOSCFeb 1983 – Aug 1986OIMade Chief on board the "Chuck". What a great initiation (A REAL initiation) Great ship, great Chiefs Mess and I had A GREAT OI division.
Dunham, HowieEN2Apr 1983 – Jan 1987Just saying hey to all the guys in engineering,hope everyone is doing well. Howie
Reagan, RickMM3 / MM2Apr 21, 1983 – Oct 15, 1987A GangA Ganger from the #1 Up-chuck. I was supply PO and ran the filter cleaning shop. Lots of great times with Webb, Pedersen, Tank, Hodorowich, Lynch, Matthews, Greenwald, Donahue (especially when we went to Cork, Ireland), and many more.
Brown, Albert Aka MikeEnsign/LTJGMay 1983 – May 1986E division/MPA/ Asst. EngineerGood ship, good crew, good soccer team!
Eddy, Stephen HM3May 15, 1983 – Jul 15, 1985HospitalWhat a great time in the North Atlantic, Caribean, every where else. "Cuba??? why are we going to Cuba"
Nicholson, NickMM2May 21, 1983 – Sep 17, 1987MPSpent 4-1/2 years in #1 Chuck's main space working for the Navy's best engineers including Chief Willie, Chief Louy, Warrant Suftan, BTCM Chabot and others. Reported onboard as busted ex-nuke and left an MM2 with ESWS and an EOOW letter.
Vidal, AndreBM3Jun 1983 – Aug 1985Boatswain's Mate "DecK"Where's my Boys at?...Slick Rick Nieves, Calvin Reeves, Boheem
Iwaki, LawrenceEM2Sep 19, 1983 – Aug 24, 1988E, StreamLeft the Chuck back in '88 and started school in '89. Finished up in '93 and decided that I wanted more so traveled down to UIUC for another 5 year hitch. Am now living in southern CA.
Fessenden, BillQM1Oct 1983 – Jun 1985NAVServing on the "Chuck" was the highlight of my military service.
Fessenden, BillQM1Oct 15, 1983 – Jun 23, 1985Navigation
Frame, KevinRM2Nov 20, 1983 – Mar 2, 1986OperationsI had a good experience on the Charleston.I was proud to serve my country.
Hamley, RaymondRM31984 – 1986opsI remember first day as duty radioman, refused to give CO his traffic cause I didnt know who he was.
Martinez, PabloE-4/PN31984 – 1988AdminI am proud to have been part of the crew and learned alot during my time on board the #1 Chuck, even thought I am out because of problems on my second tour and wish i was back in the Navy but i guess that is it.
Patton, StevenPetty Officer1984 –severalSteve Patton Loved his years of service on the Chuck. He passed away June 19 2003 due to complications caused by Multiple Sclerosis. I feel he would want record he was there. Some of his favorite memories.
Dunn, James profile iconbt3Jan 1984 – Jul 1987mpglancy,niles boys it been awhile.i still tell stories of some of our adventures.i live in west ten my boys are grown and both live in penn. they moved up there with there mom.has anyone ever been in contact with bulkhead
Hinsinger, Barrybm2Feb 1984 – Oct 19862nd & 3rd divisionhad a blast in the North Atlantic. Boat division was a great job. Hanging out with Bm2 Wallace, Bm2 Cox, Deloach,Mckimmey, Dewey,Marsach,to name a few. Shock test on the Kennedy. Med cruise 86.
Gonsalves, NickBM3Mar 7, 1984 – Jun 12, 19882nd
Weisheit, TomHT1Apr 28, 1984 – Feb 25, 1988RIt is good to see some people who I had such good times with I hope to hear back from you guys I sure miss the good old day we had a lot of fun
Meade, AlanLTJun 1, 1984 – 1990Comms,A,E
Sage, JohnET2 (SW)Jun 1, 1984 – Oct 1, 1987OEI Sure did enjoy my time on-board the #1 Chuck. I Found my old Mediterranean 1986 cruise book, their was almost everyone in operations that I seved with on board. I would like to hear from those that served with me.
Potkay, JerryHT2Aug 1984 – Oct 3, 1986"R"I Really miss the old times, Danny Thomas I'll never forget you. Jim Booher, Gregg Benton, Jake and good ol' Weishet, I miss all the kaos we used to cause. Im actually a southern boy now livin in North Carolina outside of Greensboro.
Salisbury, MichaelEWAug 6, 1984 – May 15, 1987OILearned a lot under OSC Moats, when we weren't duking it out in CIC (ha ha)-- Saw a lot, heard a lot, experienced a lot, and learned even more- Med '86, Gitmo and a couple of Solid Shield exercizes as well- EW's do it until their giga---he
Trentham, Waynegmg3Sep 1984 – Jun 19874th devision
MacOn, DonnieGMG3Nov 5, 1984 – Apr 10, 1988deckThe Charleston was the only ship that I served on, and it was a very nice experence. Remember me one of the M&M boys (Macon & Mattox)? Im still here in Virginia Beach, I've been a Cop, yes a Cop for 18 years now. Remember me??
MacOn, M&m BoyzGMG3Nov 16, 1984 – Apr 15, 19884THThe USS Charleston was a good ship with many hard working professionals aboard. I had many fun times while I was aboard the Chuck. My life has been through many events since leaving the Charleston, some good some bad.

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