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USS Charleston (LKA 113) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Charleston (LKA 113). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 416 crew members registered for the USS Charleston (LKA 113).

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Hollon, RonaldGM-G31972 – 19754thHowdy
Gomez, RodolfoEN21972 – 1973A Gangworkd as an LCM 8 engineer
Showers, KimberEN21972 – 1975EngineeringEngineer on Mic boat #6. Member of 73-74 Amphib softball champs. Gitmo, , North Atlantic, med cruises. Anyone remember the fire the day the gasoline tanks overflowed at the pier? BM2 Leahy remembers!!!
Murphy, William ( Bill )E-3Jan 1972 – Oct 19751st
Smith, BobBM 3Jan 14, 1972 – Aug 31, 19742nd and 3rdAssult boat coxswain drove number 9 LCM8 Med cruise and West Indies
Singer, GaryMMFNJan 17, 1972 – Sep 12, 1973engineeringMy best memories were aboard the chuck !
Kay, BillEM3Feb 1972 – May 1974Hello to "E" Division
Cooper, M L / "Coop"EN-2Apr 1972 – Jan 1974ALPO Mobile Equipment Shop
Cooper, MaxEN-2May 1972 – Mar 1974A-DivisionRan Mobile Equipment Shop
Moser, JugRadar school great lakesJun 1972 – Mar 15, 1975Operations specialistI was an immature kid out to have as much fun as possible. I accomplished that mission with Jim Allen , Bob McDonald, Moses and the good gang of guys aboard.
Seaman, Harold profile iconMM2Jun 1972 – Jul 1974M divLooking for all the mm’s or bt’s That served fm 72 -74
McLean, BobBT3Jul 15, 1972 – Dec 15, 1972BI remember Jimmy Moore and some of the boys from West Virginia. We were on a Med cruise and I got an early out to return to college in December, 1972. I remember being broke down in Naples for a month.
Mathews, BertBM3Jul 15, 1972 – Jul 15, 19752nd
Kelley, DavidMM2Sep 1972 – Jan 2, 1976MP
Bergen, Tom/wingnutENFNSep 1972 – Oct 1973A gang
Watson, GeoffreyMS-3Sep 28, 1972 – Sep 28, 1994Supplybest tour I had/trying to find other cooks and person I know or they know me. 3med/baltshipyard/gitmo/.Capt/Boger.Enoyed the upgrade in supply/sleeping quaters,bunks. thnks to all who served the time period Iwsthere
Horne, SidRM3Oct 1972 – Feb 1975Operations (Radio Shack)Good duty, met some really great guys, North Atlantic,Med 3, Baltimore shipyards, GTMO, Cuba. Loved Palma Spain.
Pankau, JeffBMSNDec 1972 – May 19731 st
Pankau, JeffBMDec 14, 1972 – May 10, 19731st
Galligan, Mike021973 – 1977Admin/Legal, A Division, 3rd Division (Boat Group), Asst OpsThe older I get, my mind filters out all the rough stuff and leaves all the good memories. Based on what I can remember now, we all had a wonderful time
Harris, LindellHT-21973 – 1977RMade a lot of miles on the Chuck in those years. Lots of good memories. Assigned to the Medical Salvage boat the whole tour, best memory "patrolling" the fjords in Norway. Bad, Beirut that lasted forever........
Bates, John R. "Norman"EM2Jan 1, 1973 – Aug 30, 1976/ APS Workshop / Elec. ShopI took over the APS shop after EM2 Henderson got promoted to first and got transferred. Ltcdr. Dryden was Eng. Officer. I was senior switchboard operator from 74-76. Eng. earned the gold E last cruise
Wickersham, JohnEm3Jun 1, 1973 – Jun 8, 1976E DivisionJohn Wickersham is Looking for Denver ray Gibbs
Benham, BenBM2Jul 1973 – Jul 19751stLCM Coxswain, # 2 Debark station POIC Looking for BM3 Woolridge and SN Murphy?
Saxton, Mike B.EN-2Sep 1973 – Apr 1977AIcame aboard in late 1973 boat shop,later transfred to mobile equipment shop. I was part of the 74/75 softball team. Anpfiblant champs, tried to go to florida for EAST COAST CHAMPIANSHIPS captian wouldn't let the team go.
Siegel, GregHT3Sep 10, 1973 – Jun 29, 1976RepairMy first glimps of the "CHUCK" was in Baltimore, Md. (Brooklyn) in dry dock. I started out in the shipfitter shop, Eng log room ,Damageontrol/Charpenter Shop as PO in charge. Beruit 1976. What can I say.
H, Larry HarboltBT 2Dec 1973 – Jul 1977engineroom just looking for guys who was onboard when I was
Jenkins, KeeterBT2Dec 1973 – Jul 1977MPI think about all of the places we went and all of the good times we had. Does anybody know where Paul Jacoby is?
Smith, Tom/smittyE-31974 – 1976!stCan aboard in drydock in Baltimore ran the paint locker, remember BM1 Lovelace made Chief Dave Luther are you out still out there? please contact would also like to hear from C Woolrich or B Murphy
Lacy, RonnieBM21974 – Nov 19762nd and 3rd
Anicito, SalEN21974 – Aug 1977Boat ShopI had a blast while on the "Chuck" i learned to play guitar and got to hang out with some great guys. My best friend was Mark Paradiso and I'd love to find out where he is today and contact him. Lots of awesome memories!
Bennett, Chris1/LT USMCJan 1974 – Jan 1976Combat Cargo OfficerI was the only Marine officer assigned to Charleston. I joined the ship while it was in drydock in Baltimore.
Mitchell, Robert "Mitch"GMG2Jan 1, 1974 – Jul 7, 1974weaponsonly on board for 6 months. made some good buddies."easy" patric allan. tommy orr. pat, i lost your e mail add. if you see this , please buzz me.
Selenka, BruceRM3Feb 1974 – Jul 1977communicationsArrived onboard right after Baltimore yard which was right after maiden around the world. Gitmo shakedown, 2 meds, 2 caribs and a North Atlantic. We did some "steamin' ".
Cieniewicz, Paul C-zMM2Mar 1, 1974 – Aug 5, 1977MPGreat ship and crew. On board when Gold E was awarded. On board with Billy Clark, Jeff Hinkle, Jeff Vincent, Richie Romano, Billy Primm, what crew!
Hinkle, JeffBT2Apr 1974 – Oct 1977Engine RoomSome of the best times ever were on board the Chuck!
Cieniewicz, Paul C-zMM2Apr 12, 1974 – Aug 5, 1977MPGreat times in M-Div Hinkle, Bill Clark, Vinny, Donny Sharpe, Billy Burris, Jack Melton, Charlie Cuellers, Kelley, Richy Romamo, John 'Norman' Bates, Farmer, Durham, Primm, Fast Eddie Simon, Phillips, Spanky
Jordan, J Daniel (Jd)qmsa-qm3May 1974 – Dec 1977ops#1 chuck was my 1st ship, learned a lot. plenty of sea time, plenty of qm,s (9 sections!!) broils,harmon,denny coats,cohen sloan,barfuss. debark control!! land the landing force.
Armstrong, FrankSAJun 1974 – Jan 1975Boats-mate 1stMed cruse 74-75, What a time..
Brendle, David profile iconO2Jul 6, 1974 – Aug 31, 1977Personnel, CIC, 1st Div, 2nd Div, 4th DivRetired and living in the great state of Texas, about 70 miles east of Dallas.
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Brown, RobertSKCAug 22, 1974 – Sep 30, 1975Supply ChiefRetired from the Navy on 30Sep1975 after 13 Months aboard the "Chuck". SKC Ernie Wade was my relief. Actually Wade reported aboard as an SK1 and was not making SKC until after the "Chuck" sailed for the :Med".
Blake, Alan02Dec 1974 – Jul 1977E, A, 1st, 2nd, 4th
Clark, BillBT2Dec 21, 1974 – Jun 28, 1979Engineering 4 1/2 years on The Chuck. Three Med's, one North Atalntic, two carib, the yards and shakedown at Gitmo. What more could someone ask for. Made a lot of good friends that I talk to occassionally. Wouldn't exchange the exprieince for anything.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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