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USS Tempest (PC 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tempest (PC 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 37 crew members registered for the USS Tempest (PC 2).

Faulkinbury, ChanceDC1Jun 17, 1988 – Feb 28, 2002EngineeringGotta be one of the best Command I ever had.
Haley, Jeff profile iconEN11992 – 1995EngineeringPlankowner - Of the three commands I was with, this one was the best.
Walker, DavidCWO3Jan 3, 1992 – 1994Chief Engineer
Spence, PaulE4Aug 21, 1993 – Jul 3, 1994Operations/ SAR SwimmerPlankowner. Great Crew .
Barfield, JoelIC2Aug 21, 1993 – Mar 18, 1998EngineeringPlank Owner
Moore, ForrestCWO31994 – 1995Engineering
Guzman, JoeOS2Jan 1994 – Jul 1996OPSGood friends and had a great time onboard
Cali, ShawnLCDRSep 16, 1994 – Jun 14, 1996COShipmates - hope you are all well. TEMPEST was best job I had in the Navy. Have been in touch with some over the years and even seen Mike Hazen a few times. Drop me a note if you get a chance.
Hazen, MichaelOS1(SW)1995 – 1999OIBy far the best command of my 22 years. Still keep in touch with numerous shipmates. Went to LCDR Shawn Cali's retirement and now work with ITCS Tate. Miss all the great times Would love to hear from old shipmates so email me.
Sletten, SamuelEM11995 – 1997EngineeringMy first ship in the navy..
Carroll, RoryDC3Mar 12, 1995 – Oct 31, 1997MST2 Support PC1/PC2The best assignment I had in the Navy was working for PC1 and PC2. The crew of the Tempest was the best crew in the Navy at the time. Had lots of fun in the Med and Gulf with them.
Lofay, RonaldMS1May 15, 1995 – Jul 10, 1999Great bunch of guys. Had some good times onboard Tempest.
Beard, TommyEN1(SW)Aug 1995 – Mar 1999EngineeringSuper boat. Proud to have served with the finest. Can't forget the Jolly Roger on the yardarm in the Med. I think I might 'call in' some of those exchange of duties with Lowery and Walker. Hope everyone is well. Take it easy, God bless
Walker, JJLCDR1996 – 1999ENGThe finest ship and crew I ever had the pleasure of serving with.
Adams, RyanOS21996 – 1998Ops
Watson, BuddyQM1Oct 6, 1996 – 1998OPS
Grayson, RickyEN21997 – 1999Engineering
Kechter, JohnSWCC1998 –WeaponsGreat time, miss my bridge watch section .
Horne, DanielQM2Jan 1998 – Oct 28, 2001OPSGreat boat and a great group of men I served with and for.......
Mihok, MichaelETC(SW)Jan 15, 1998 – Sep 15, 2002OPS
MacSweeney, Daniel "mac"RM3Apr 1998 – Jun 2000I had some great times on the ship. Back home in NY
Harris, Mike (Hoss)Mar 1, 1999 – Mar 1, 2003GunzWithout a doubt the best time in my 20 years even if 1 of my 3 COs was an idiot.(JM) Yall know who Im talking about. Thanks for the good times shipmates. Does anyone remember the fish cheng hooked in Gal. Tx? Rob, Im a cop myself now.
Lowell, Faulkinbury profile iconDC1 (SW)Mar 1, 1999 – Feb 28, 2002Engineering
Jenkins, FrankOS2Apr 25, 1999 – Jul 10, 2001OperationsWill never forget that boat! All those that knew me you can reach me now at RIVERINE Squadron One as of Mar 15, 2006. Holla at me Daughtry! I've seen Ray Ray, Anderson, and Lowery.
Moore, RobBM2Jun 1999 – Jul 2001Weps / DeckNot a whole lot that I can't say. Was absolutly the best time in my career. Hoss, Mihok, Horne, Mac, Jenkins, Ray-Ray, Helfin, Peddle..there's just to many names to list. Left the Navy in 2002 and I'm now a cop. Drop me a line if you can
Mike, Feken EN1(SW)Sep 1999 – Sep 2003ENG
Irizarry, Ike (The Coc) All You Know How To Pronounce ItBMCJun 30, 2000 – Sep 30, 2003all of themThe Finest CREW & Ship there was on the east coast. My honor to have served with each of you. I hope everyone is well and happy. Remember do the right thing and all will be good. I've got pictures. How you want your eggs? (canary Islands)
Jester, LegionQM1Jul 2000 – Mar 2003OPS.This was the defining moment in my Navy career. Learned more than I could ever have hoped to from the crew. It was the greatest privilege working with all of you. For some of you I will see you soon in VA DAN HORNE where you at man. Thank you all.
Kendziora, James "Kz"E-6 IC1Aug 30, 2000 – Oct 15, 2002I had great time on this ship. I learned alot. Many great times were had on this ship. Hey Horne how's your mangina? Mihok you s@#k. Gonder the 49'ers stink.
Garrett, MarkLTDec 2000 – Jul 2002Weps
Weeks, JeffBM2Feb 10, 2001 – Mar 8, 2003Weapons
Weimert, StevenEN2Aug 31, 2001 – Apr 17, 2005EngThe best ship I served on. Miss the crew. The best crew on the water frount.
Gregg, JohnHM1(SW)Feb 4, 2003 – Jun 30, 2006WEPSBest command and best ship I ever served on. Was the best hull and best crew on the waterfront.
Young, Tharin "yungenater"EM1(SW/AW)May 5, 2003 – Apr 14, 2006EngThe finest ship I've known, with the finest bunch of MEN, I've had the honor to sail with. The tour was the hardest of my carreer, but the experience is one I'll treasure for the rest of my days. Much love to all my brothers who sailed h
Rosas, RaulIT1(SW/PJ)Oct 1, 2005 – Mar 19, 2006CombatWe set the stardards for PC communications, PC CREW INDIA rocks!
Gobble, BobbyEN2Jul 2007 – Jan 2010Engineering

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