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USS Ajax (AR 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ajax (AR 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 703 crew members registered for the USS Ajax (AR 6).

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Leytham, RobertIC21981 – 1983EngineeringI got on board when she was in drydock for an overhaul. I still miss the friends I had on board but have lost contact. Mark Campbell, Scott Peterson, please write me back.
Sanders, VernFN/E31981 – 1983Engineering/Aft Engine RoomAfter leaving worked with the Navy Divers until I left Active Duty. Reserve on the USS Pluck.Got out for a year. Rejoind the military in the USAFR and worked KC-135 Air Refueling Tankers until I retired as MSgt/E7.
Riley, KimRM3Jan 1981 – Sep 1983One of the best times of my navy career, especially being the wog dog during my west pac!
Hunter-renholzberger, BrendaHMJan 1981 – May 1983Deck Division / Medical DeptWow, What an experience with this ship & crew. Met a lot of Good Men & Women. They looked out for each other, Out of all the years I spent Active duty these were very memorable. Hope to here from some old friends.
Obershaw, RogerEns-LtjgJan 1981 – Jun 1983Supply DepartmentGreat opportunity, great duty, fabulous Westpac (my last) in '82. If anyone desires to communicate with me, ( Retired in 1986,
Babonis (Aubuchont 78-93), JoyceHM2Jan 1981 – Nov 1982MedicalOne of the original 30 female enlisted sailors to join the Ajax crew. WESTPAC '82. A great ride. Changed my life forever. Served with HM2 Mark Hall DR Parker and DR Walker.
Pogorzelski/lincoln/clark, Cathy(Pogo)RM2Feb 1981 – Mar 1984R2/Teletype Repair Shop/Radio CentralWhat a great time on board the bucket of bolts! LOL! so many great memories, so many great people, wonder where they have all gone? West-pac '82' a blast.
Lyle, ChristopherEM4Mar 1981 – Mar 1984R-3Projector Shop
Sauer, CliffordMM1(SW)Mar 1981 – Apr 1983R-2 38-A R-5 QAStarted out in 38A Pump Shop, took over the valve shop then to Ship Sup. then to QA. Had a great time while onboard looking back. Ended up Retiring a Senior Chief in 1993. Would like to hear from anyone I served with.
Stoops, DaveHT2Apr 1981 – Nov 1984
Anthony, Johnny (Aka) NukeBMSN- E3Apr 10, 1981 – Jul 10, 19842nd divwas the wonderful time of my life and really a great experince that i will never ever forget all of my shipmates and close friends would be interested in hooking up with you all part of west pac 1982 haze gray underway!
Robbins, CarlMM3May 1981 – Mar 1984MPGood memories good times and doing very well these days
Mike, BickMachist's mate FNMay 1981 –EngineeringAlot of good memories from Westpac tour. Serving as a Main control "Hole snipe" was an experience I'll never forget.
Campbell, GeraldseamanMay 13, 1981 – Oct 19, 1983deckajax gerald campbell deck aka singapore slim thanks for the memories west pac big money slushing vfw conraderie laughts all sinbad sailors shout out feilds aka clumbo i miss them days peace to all stay up
Malican, MichaelE-3 MMJul 17, 1981 – Jun 13, 1983pump shop?had the best time of my life. i misss the navy. should have stayed longer
Perry, CarlHT3Sep 1, 1981 – Sep 1, 1984R-1Pipe Shop 56-A
Dudley, RickyE-2Nov 4, 1981 – Apr 8, 1983dcri really miss going out to sea and all the freind i had back then . loved west pack , i will always remember the fun we had . and the places we went to
Keys, Henrybms-E3Nov 10, 1981 – Jul 15, 19841ST division -crane crewhey I miss being on broad. hang with my friend. those was the best of time. Do any one remeber killer miller boatswian mate1st class or dino calahand. I ran the paint locker n was on the crane crew. i was on the west pac of 82
Garrett, PaulML2Dec 1981 – Jul 1985R1
Garrett, ChrisPERSONNELMAN (SN AT THAT TIME)Dec 1, 1981 – Apr 1, 1983Was PSI to PN "A" school. Saw both ends of the spectrum...deck ape to pencil pusher. I loved it all.Did the dry dock and West-Pac. Learned I loved Filipina women!!! Married one, 23 years now. Went to Vancouver LPD-2 to go West-pac'n.
Brewer, Williamseaman 1Dec 3, 1981 – Aug 12, 1983Boatswains Mate
Wills, Patricia (Trish/pat) profile iconYN11982 – 1985Administration/Legal X-DivServed in the Admin Office/Legal Depts. Lookn back, it was a once in a life time experience to go on 2 Westpacs. Enjoyed members of the Repair, Supply , Personnel Dept.s, movie nites and hangin out on the mess deck.
Hillman, JesseYNSNJan 1, 1982 – Jul 15, 1985DAPA OfficeJust looking to see who is still around....
Landwehr, PeteMS3Feb 15, 1982 – Mar 12, 1984S2
Encinas, DavidEM1Mar 1982 – Mar 1984Repair OfficeEnjoyed my tour on the Starship Ajax. I hear Hector in Diego finaly ate an "explosive" meal and is no more.
Castaneda, VictoriaPN2/E5Jun 1982 – Oct 1986Personnel OfficeBest days of my 20's were spent sailing on the Ajax. Grew up a lot and learned much. Went to college after '88 discharge. Got a BA and a MA in education. I teach 5th grade in SoCal, and live an hour North of San Diego.
Paredes, Norberto ( Beaner)MM2Jul 7, 1982 – Jun 7, 198338A Pump ShopI work in the 38A pump shop work on valves, they used to call me beaner. Work with Yandell, Truss, and many other good friends. Also Diego Garcia fantasy island.
Gilbert, RobDM3Jul 25, 1982 – Jul 28, 1985Repair
Hicks, Ford profile iconBM3Jul 27, 1982 – Jul 26, 1985RIGGINGBest time! Miss all the good times with all you shipmates. Hope uall are doing great.
Pollman, MikeML2Aug 1982 – Aug 1986R1
Weidner, BilHT3Aug 1982 – Oct 1984DCRHey All, I created a MySpace Group, and you're all welcome to download pics and stories. Hope you're all well!
Hanna, GuyHT3Sep 26, 1982 – Oct 26, 1985R1Good time's
Laurin, RogerE-1Oct 1982 – Feb 16, 1984Boatswian MateI had a blast till I screwed up
Tylrer, YolandaDk2Oct 1982 – Jul 1985S4
Hernandez, NickyNov 1982 – Dec 1984
Lucas, JimBM3Nov 1982 – Aug 1985DeckCrane operator, served with a wonderful crew
McLaughlin, Bob/macET3Nov 1982 – Sep 1985CE01First ship of a 31 year career, great time and interesting to see the Navy change over the years, loved having a beard.
Adkins, TomBT3Dec 1982 – May 1986R2I worked in the boiler repair shop. Had great time dont regret any of it. Even the 6 and 6 in the hole.
Stevens, MelLI31983 – 1986R-5Had a blast, took the last west pac on her. Remember being president of the bad bikers the Ajax Angels. wonder what ever happened to Bob, Gilly, Peaches, Fuzzy, and Tom
Thomas, HallMR-21983 – 1985RepairI worked in the upper and lower machine shop. I lost track of everybody. Hope you all are doing well. I watched the ship leave for the last westpac. I regret not going but that ship broke down too much. Did it break down while on westpac?
Gaines, George & TheresaMM3 SK31983 – 1986R2 S3Theresa and I meet onboard and got married and still are .We have been to a couple reuions its aball .You guys should come and check it out ! Its in Charleston SC. . June 22-26. Big country you should come! Hope you guys can make it !
Salazar, AngelaOM21983 – 1986RepairGOOD Ol' DAYS!!!
Hoffman, DonaldOM21983 – 1986R-5Centered around the USS Ajax and the Optical Shop are some of the best memories, of the best times, with some of the best friends I ever had in my life. Fair winds and following seas to all my old ship mates, and God Bless.
Nicola, TamaraET31983 –
Jury, Edward BruceBT11983 – Aug 1986Valve shop, R-2 (QA,P&E)I'm proud having served on board the Ajax. I enjoyed my tour and my duty as well our wonderful westpac. Remember our ship party in Olongapo City? I miss my best friend and best chief, BTC(SW) Martin.
Johnston, KevinGSM11983 – 1986R2
Burrows, Bryan "Duke"PH2Jan 1983 – Dec 1985RR5Anyone remember smoking in the photolab darkroom when the smoking lamp was out?
Barnett, LeroyMM1Jan 1983 – Jul 1985M
Clomon, JamessnJan 3, 1983 – Nov 12, 1985deckworked on deck
Conn, KerryBT3 BOILER REPAIRJan 10, 1983 – Jun 25, 1986Repair
Hardy, DCAHT1Mar 1983 – Dec 1987R-1Worked in 11A , 17A & 26A. Had a great time. Worked for and with some great people.
Merrill, Richard profile iconET2Mar 1983 – Dec 1986R4 DivisionGo West PAC 85! What a great Ship! I miss her and the crew. What good times we all had on her last deployment. Sad to see her go! Fair winds and the best of luck shipmates.
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Steele, BarryMR2Apr 1983 – Jan 17, 1986R-2
Tome, MarySH2Apr 1, 1983 – Mar 1, 1986I loved the old tub...lots of great memories!
Thomas, WylieMM3May 1983 – Feb 1986R2 and #two screwHad a great time on the old ship.
Mitchell, MitchHM2Jun 1983 – Jun 1986Medical
Runyan, MitchHM2Jun 1983 – Jun 1986MedicalIt was amazing the Ajax was able to go on WesPac in 85 I enjoyed my tour tho I bitched like everyone else.....GREAT CREW
Monroe, MonyCWO3Jun 1983 – Dec 1985X-DivisionMy last sea tour. I really enjoyed this command and the people I served with
Norman, GenievaHT3Jun 5, 1983 – Feb 2, 1989RepairWould not of gotten to see as much of the world as I did. I will never forget Wes-Pac or the yards.Decommioning was and adventure that I will never forget either.
Smith, HaroldHT3Jun 15, 1983 – Aug 28, 1986Repair
Palmese, Neal, MeseBT-3Jun 16, 1983 – Jun 27, 1986R-2 BOILER REPAIRR-2 can do, boiler repair shop was the best. miss all you guys
Eggleston, EggyHTFNJun 23, 1983 – Jun 23, 1986DCR
Roades, BrianHT-1Jun 30, 1983 – Jul 28, 1987DC-ROne of the best Ships I served on
Hebert, JoeHT2Jul 1983 – Jul 1987DCRspnt three 21 days on the ajax and six months on the okinowa
Blades, Michellie Aka PanamaSN - IC 3 Aug 1983 – 19871st Div - Engineer IC shopWhat can I say, when I was told I was going to be stationed onboard a us navy vessel, I had no idea what to expect. It turned to be one of the best times of my life. I have great memories of my experience on board.
Hoffman, DonaldOM2Sep 1983 – Mar 1986R5I look at my westpac cruisebook from time to time, and remember good friends. It's good to remember the Ajax's last deployment, and sad to know she is no more.
Gillen, MichaelLTJGOct 1983 – Oct 1986R1R1 Division Officer, this was one of the hardest working, most dependable bunch of people I had the honor of serving with.
Engler, DavidMR2Oct 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1987Lower/ Upper machine shopI wish I would have got to know more people on the ship and wish I would have stayed in touch with ones I did know
Carolan, DwayneMM2Oct 10, 1983 – May 18, 1987Engineering
Stinnett, Jamese-3Oct 19, 1983 – May 5, 1985lower machine shophas been since 1987 since talking to any one on ajax morehouse in diesel shop smyers in welding
Murphy, ShawnMR2Nov 1983 – Feb 1987RepairLast of the Black Oil Burners. Made the final westpac with the grand old lady, was on her for the decomissioning.
Isham (Cronin), AnitaHTFNNov 21, 1983 – Nov 21, 1986DC-R!
Morehouse, MarkEN3Dec 1, 1983 – Oct 31, 1986R-2
Richard, JimPH3Dec 1, 1983 – Jun 17, 1986R5I really miss the old ship. What a shame that I'll never get to visit her again. I was one of just two photographers on the ship. Lot's of fond memories, a few bad ones. But I miss the crew.
Watkins, RandelFNDec 4, 1983 – Dec 3, 1984MM
Eggleston, Jamie(Eggy)HTFNDec 23, 1983 – Jun 23, 1986DCRHey everyone!Looking to BS with old buddies.Looking for Mike (Bitch) Richardson and Jimmy (Strat) Strattion.Anyone drop me a line.Remember me always on restriction.Take care old friends!

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