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USS Ajax (AR 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ajax (AR 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 703 crew members registered for the USS Ajax (AR 6).

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Donahue, Tim D DonahueHM31971 –Medical
Barnes, WayneEN31971 – 1974Repair
Duggan, JohnE31971 – 1972Deck
Sylvia, Robertom21971 – 1973R-5
Jones, LarryRM31971 – Aug 4, 1972Radio
Lowderman, GaryDP2Jan 1971 – Aug 13, 1975S5Lots of great memories... 2 WestPacs, Dead in the water, Stuck in Subic Bay, San Diego Beaches.
Houston, MarkHM2Jan 10, 1971 – May 9, 1972H Div, MedicalGreat time on the Ajax, one WESTPAC and two trips to Vung Tau, VN made for an interesting tour.
Canfield, Milo GeneHT3 SHEET METELFeb 1971 – Nov 1972repairlooking for any from the sheet metal shop. Had cancer, need to prove I was in Vung tao and like to see old friends.
Petix, StephenRM2Apr 1971 – Apr 1972O&N
Siebert, TomCS3Apr 5, 1971 – Nov 8, 1972s-2Had a great time aboard the benjo maru. good friends,Bill Dacklin,Kieth Carr,Baby Hughy. Ahh the Sasebo nights.
Maddox, RobertDK2May 1971 – Aug 1971Payroll OfficeHad a great time while onboard but an even better time when discharged
Stark, BruceEN3May 1971 – Jan 1972A GangI was only 17, but saw a lot, but leaned more.
Larsen, StevenfaMay 1, 1971 – Jan 12, 1975r-2lower mech shop engraving shop
Hamdorf, TerryMM2Jul 1, 1971 – Jun 15, 1974R2 I served on the USS Ajax (AR 6). I was a MM2 and would like my other crewmates to contact me at Navy buddies. I'd like to hear from Bill Holman, Buzz Harris, Jim Vannatta and Darrel Brookin.
Keuschel, GaryCS-3Jul 15, 1971 – Jul 15, 1975CShad a great time back then and now my son is there on the uss george washington cvn73 same ports 10-3-09
Hawbaker, DonaldEN2Aug 7, 1971 – Jan 16, 1972R2Engine Repair Shop
Goke, PhilipIM2Aug 15, 1971 – Jun 20, 1974R-5Was talking with a fellow Ajax crew member, and looking at the 1073 cruise book sure made me smile,
Butcher, StevePH3Sep 1971 – Dec 1974R-5Fresh out of Photo A School Pensacola I was flown to the Ajax in Vung Tau, Viet Nam. Served with PH2 Rohl, PH2 Taylor, PH1 Bentley, PH3 Box, PH3 Morgan and PH3 McCartney. 3 West Pac's. Sasebo twice, last Yokosuka. EOAS Dec'74
Bata, JohnIC4Sep 3, 1971 – Aug 16, 1972ElectricalWorked as an Interiior Communications person. Great time and looking for some old shipmates, Ken Richards, Jim McEnroe, James Bienkowsky. I have a Telecommunicatins Company in Des Moines Iowa.
Giotto, TomET-2Sep 22, 1971 – Sep 22, 1975Electronics
Henderson, Steven M.SEAMANOct 1971 – Feb 1973and later MedicalThird generation Navy enlistee. Reported aboard after boot camp with no designation. Worked in Personnel for six months and later as striker in Sickbay. Saw Sasebo, Vung Tau, Keelung and Pearl ME1 father aboard AJAX 1953.
Huff, DavidEN31972 – Feb 1975RepairEngine and injector repair shop. Some friends were Gary Long, AJ Hullett, Wayne Barnes, Guttell(?sp) Fred and Harvey
Pettinger, Clarence EdHT3Jan 1972 – Sep 1975Damage ControlDuty Fire Marshall section IV. Two West Pac tours.Learned much party plenty. Spike Trammel join in the memories pal. I am retired now days.
McCarty, DanielE 3Feb 1, 1972 – Jun 16, 1975R 2Assigned to OSR.
Vannatta, JimMM2Feb 15, 1972 – Feb 15, 1975Outside Repair (OSR)I loved my time on the Jax with Terry Hamdorf, Bill Holman, Larry Barbosa, Jerry Wagner, David Huff, Rick Williams & Earl Senchuck & all the others. Retired now from Bell Helicopter. Living in Boyd, Texas. Great Life!!!!
Smith, Patrick SmittyMR-2Mar 10, 1972 – Aug 26, 1975r-2
Holly, MikeDS2Apr 1972 – Apr 1976S-5Take the Rubber hammer & easily tap them cards in the Card Reader. That will fix it. That dang machine. Let's not go to Hiroshima again, or be dead in the water for 3 days.
Scott, DickEN 3Apr 2, 1972 – Jun 5, 1972
Nichols, JoeIM-2May 24, 1972 – Dec 3, 1975R-5Good Friends, Good Whisky, Good Women Went on 2 west pac tours, partied with all my R-5 friends, including PH-3 Butcher, (also a member of this site I see). Next reunion is in Branson MO in June of 07, See you there!!!
Brunson, StanE3Jul 1972 – Jul 1975Machinist MateGood and Bad times. Lots of memories of West Pac
Snyder, MichaelMR3/MR2Sep 1972 – May 1977R-2 Division Lower Machine ShopFirst of 3 ships that I served on in San Diego, Calif.
Watkins, Robert / WillieRM3Sep 8, 1972 – Jul 3, 1974OperationsSearching for Radio shack and Ops guys: 72,73,74-Ray Ramierez, Craig Butler, Gus Hogue, Delfino Miramontes (Paco, the green mexican (seasick), others. Sasebo, HK, Keelung, Hawaii.
Slay, RichardIC2Sep 26, 1972 – Sep 26, 1976IC SHOP
Brune, DavidEN3Oct 1972 – Jul 1973DC A GangHad some good times. It is good that someone has kept the memorys alive, Thanks.
Boling, BillHT3Oct 10, 1972 – Apr 24, 1975R-1Reported aboard in '72' San Diego on return form westpac. 1.5 in Shipfitter, 1.5 in Sheetmetal shop's. Remember Ed Stout, Andy, Mike McCall, LT McNab and Chief Brownie.
Hollenbach, JamesNov 16, 1972 – Jul 17, 1977the best time of my life
Staufenbiel, Eric 'Stauf"MR-3Dec 1972 – Sep 1975R-2I worked in the lower machine shop, I recall all the great guys, all the fun and not so fun bull****,napping on the "KING" boring mill,swabbin the decks with soluble oil , and making the chips fly on 24 hour duty days.
Bell, RodneySADec 1, 1972 – Mar 15, 19732nd
Grider, Anthony/ Tonyml-3Dec 1, 1972 – Sep 1975r1served in the foundry shop with william abell dexter hart chief callahan bill mcgrath ken reid .
Wildes, DonaldMS21973 – 1977S-4My first ship. Great cruises and great crew.
Tiziani, Anthony L (Tiz)HM2/E51973 – Feb 1976MedicalLooking for Eric DuBois, HM3 Swisher from Midwest. I enjoyed my time with all I served with. Hope to reconnect with any.
Reid, KennethML3Jan 1973 – Jul 1974foundryWorked for Cheif Callahan, Dexter Hart, Bill McGrath,Bill Able,
Slay, Richard/richIC 5Feb 1, 1973 – Sep 17, 1976Ships CompanyRemembering when?
Gabriel, WilliamRM3Feb 12, 1973 – Aug 1973OPSStaff - ComServGru3 HP Sasebo in both Ajax and Hector. Great ship(s) and duty. Learned a lot in radio. Miss all of it.
Parsons, GlenBT2Feb 15, 1973 – Nov 15, 1977PropulsionWell looking for the old crew forward engine room. I see sweet Mel has been here.
Stewart, Brad/stewBM3Feb 23, 1973 – Mar 10, 19731stWorked for chief Triplett
Parsons, GlenBT2Mar 15, 1973 – Mar 15, 1977Main PropulsionGAP here. Email me.
Coleman, NedE 2Apr 12, 1973 – Jul 30, 1974Boiler Repair Shopsenior master cheif Noble was running the shop. BR 2nd class Gene Hanley was my boss. Lots of fun in the PI,Japan. Transfered to USS Kiska AE-35 Concord CA to be with twin brother
Oveman, FredMRFNMay 1973 – Jul 1975R-1First ship. She still had the old 5" 50s when I left and was burning black oil.
Abell, William/ BillML2Jun 1973 – Feb 1975R-1Served with Chief Callahan, Bill McGrath,Dexter Hart ,Ken Reid. Worked in the foundry. Am now a retired police Commander, and Swat team leader. Had a great time on all our deployments. Grew up alot those years.
Snyder, LaverneE3Jun 20, 1973 – Sep 12, 1974if any body was with me at that time give a jingle at or vernsnyder
Melancon, Rick (Sweet Mel)BT-3Jul 23, 1973 – Jul 23, 1976ENGINE ROOMSERVED WITH PRIDE IN THE FORWARD ENGINE ROOM.
Moody, TerryHT3Oct 15, 1973 – Oct 15, 1975R-1I just remember those west pacs. The time in Japan and some of the Shipfitter Shop gang. Thanks for the great times Ajax.
Lungren, RichDS2Oct 15, 1973 – Apr 15, 1977S5

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