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USS Ajax (AR 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ajax (AR 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 703 crew members registered for the USS Ajax (AR 6).

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Edwards, JessieBTC1969 – 1972Boiler Tech.Had a great time. Hello to everybody
Fennell, FredBT31969 – 1971Engineering, Forward and After Firerooms
Hughes, JerryGMG21969 – 1973Gunnery and RepairServed all four years on the Ajax. Great memories.
Van Etten, Larry1969 – 1971It was a time i will never forget. The time i spent is Sasebo Japan will be with me forever.
Allacci, Johne31969 – 1971forward engine roomwould like to hear from guy"s who made the cruise in70 to vung tau, I need help proving to the VA that we pulled liberty in VUNG TAU. If you remember please E-mail me.
Bishop, BillE31969 – 1971comservgru3
Nolte, RonnieHT21969 – 1972Damage Control
Hokenson, Keith Lee-hokiemm31969 – 1973mp-divisionIt was an experience I won't forget.
Johnston, Earlesm3/fn1969 – 1971comservgru3/ops/r3 divlooking for old shipmates
Richoux, DavidFTG 31969 – 19703rd DivisionGreat ship to learn a lot about Sasebo, and other interesting Asian cities. Downbeat Bar was the best. We only got to shoot the main battery once - the shock messed up all the electronic lab calibrations!
Jones, Jerry profile iconEN 31969 –Carpenter shop USS AJAX Vietnamese waters qualify for the Vietnam Service Medal. Arrived at Vung Tau June 9th making badly needed repairs and providing services to ships and small craft operating in the Mekong Delta, as well as to various Army and Air Force equipment
Calabraro Jr, FrankPM2Jan 1969 – Jun 1970R1
Kidd, JimSM2Jan 1969 – Apr 1971CSG3 & OPSOf all my life's experiences maybe a dozen have real significance. My AJAX experience is in that number.I reported aboard AJAX a non-rated SA and left a PO2 tks to the help of my shipmates. Tks for the experience. Tks for the memories.
Ouzts, Carlton profile iconEM-2Feb 1969 – Jul 1973R-3I was called CJ and Iam looking for athers that was in the electrical repair?
Suba, Peter/peteSN E-3Mar 1969 – Feb 11, 1971Deck DivisionI had quite a lot of close friends on the ship and enjoyed all the great times together, and if I had a chance to do it again I certainly would.
Nolte, RonnieHT2Mar 10, 1969 – Nov 17, 1972Damage ControlI am look for anyone attached to the DC division and the C&R shop between 1969 and 1972.
White/ Shaffer, Dennis profile iconPM 3Apr 1969 – May 1971R-1Worked for PM1 David Small in the Pattern Shop along with, Pm3 Dennis Montgomery and Pm2 Frank Calabraro. Had great friends and have even greater memories with the guys in the carpenter shop,
Cromer, JimBT-3Apr 1, 1969 – Oct 15, 1970Boiler Repair and aft fire roomWhat a great ship and the best crew. Enjoyed working with all the guys in the BR Shop and also many friends in the foundry, lower machine shop and firerooms. Enjoyed all the ports of calls and the "going home" cruise to San Diego.
Fennell, FredBT3Apr 5, 1969 – Feb 9, 1971Engineering, Forward and After FireroomsI remember the Vung Tao trips, Kielung, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Yokosuka. Worked in both forward and after firerooms. I wonder often of the people who so shaped my life that their memory stays fresh with me. Became a man aboard the old girl.
Elderkin, SteveSNApr 10, 1969 – Apr 10, 19701st
Tarver, Johnniepo3Apr 15, 1969 – Aug 5, 1970r-1 pipe shop / weld shopJay-Jay Powell (Tony) Johnnie Tarver from the pipe shop we had some fond memories in Sasebo Japan in the P.I.Vung Tau Tiawan. Get in touch with me Hope to hear from you soon .
Pederson, JohnDM2May 1969 – Aug 1970R5Ajax's homeport was Sasebo, Japan back then...was flag ship for COMSERVGRU3, a RADM. Lots of fond memories. Two deployments to Vung Tau, one to Yokosuka for repairs and provisions. Visited Hong Kong, Olongapo City, PI and Keilung, Taiwan.
Clark, JohnRM2May 1969 – Nov 1973R-4It was exciting times learning about Asian cultures and living in foreign countries. Life in the Navy was an enjoyable experience.
Richard, KenE4May 15, 1969 – Jun 1972ICHad a great time in Japan, best experience I've ever had.
Reichert, FrankSNJun 13, 1969 – Jun 15, 1970FIRSTDECK DEPT. YEOMAN.
Sims, RandyMR 2Jun 20, 1969 – Dec 17, 1971R-2Spent time with Tony, David, Andrew, Mike, Dave, Steve and other crew members. Went on two Westpacks to the Mekong Delta, visited Vung Tao, Cat Lo, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Lived in Sasebo - had one great party...
Naylor, CraigFTG-3Jul 1969 – Mar 1971GunneryHad some great times in Sasabo with Phil Looney, Jim Stennett, Jerry Hughes, and Charley Jenkins. Hope to hear from anyone that serviced from 1969 to 1971.
Frawley, James (Jim or JJ)IC 3Jul 1969 – Apr 1971Repair, IC ShopI had the Honor of sailing back on the Ajax to the United States after she had spent 10consecutive years in WESTPAC. I recall good times and memories in Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Hawaii and San Diego.
Reagan, Jr, William / FatchildSF3Aug 1969 – Feb 1971R-1 ? SheetMetalRemember all the tape recorders set up in a series. Hung out with Butch Shaw and others. We had a step ladder tied between our ship and another and I tried to cross, but fell in the drink and straddeled some welding cables when I hit the water.
King, William WillieDC3/HT3Sep 16, 1969 – Jan 16, 1973Damage Control - Oil LabLooking for other DC and SF Shop Crew.
Wind, BillFA to MR#Oct 1969 – May 1974R-2Real good duty, really miss some of the friends I had there
Willmann, LarryFNOct 16, 1969 – Jul 10, 1973R-1 ShipfitterI got to see a lot of the far east
Smith, Mark (Smitty)MR 2Nov 1969 – Jun 1973R-2
Murphy, JimEM3Dec 8, 1969 – Jul 21, 1972R-3 Electrical Repair
Taylor, Michael (Mike)IC3Jan 1970 – Dec 1971
McDonald, MarcusBM2Feb 1, 1970 – Nov 25, 1972Deck - 1st and 2nd
Quinn, MikeHT3RDFeb 1, 1970 – Jul 11, 1972R-1GREAT DUTY
Moralez, SalvadorMay 15, 1970 – Jun 20, 19744-6had a great time on the ajax, especially shore leave. missed all my friends when i left. any body remember chief mynear? any boiler gang out there? please reply.
Northrop, JohnPO3Jun 1, 1970 – Feb 28, 1974DC
Moralez, SalvadorBT E-2Jun 15, 1970 – Apr 15, 1974fireman rear boilersure was great serving on the ajax, did brother duty with my brother rick. anybody still around? would love to hearwhat everybody is doing now. how chief mynear?had great shore leaves and the beer flowed like water.lok me up. great ship!
Livaudais, RonaldYN3Aug 14, 1970 – Feb 1, 1974O&N
Bernard, Vernone3Sep 1970 – 1973pipe shop/dc
Hollman, BillMM2Oct 1, 1970 – Aug 31, 1973Outside Repair Shop- RepairGreat duty. Two trips to Sasebo, spent 6 mos there on each tour. Worked for MMC Barton. Best friend is Terry Hamdorf.
McEnroe, JimEMFNNov 10, 1970 – Feb 18, 1972DC-EM Ships company electriciansWas a fireman in the damage control electrician's mate shop. Now am a retired Union electrician. Wish all my former shipmates the best.

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