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USS Ajax (AR 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ajax (AR 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 703 crew members registered for the USS Ajax (AR 6).

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Teliczan, TomDP3 (Final)1967 – 19701st, GM - 2nd DPGreat cruise, met a lot of good guys, Sasebo was beautiful!
Middeke, GaryDM21967 – 1969R-5
Ziemer, Larryem3Jan 1967 – Jan 1969electricial
Cole, Robert "bob"SF 1Jan 10, 1967 – Jun 15, 1969R-1, Pipe and Weld ShopGreat ship, great crew, hard work but worth it all.
White, TomPN1Jan 15, 1967 – Jan 31, 1970SHIP'S OFFICEI had a great three years on board . I worked in the ships office and did the paper work for a lot of guys who reenlisted or got married in Sasebo. Also work for the greatest boss, PNCM Harold Scott. I retired in 1976 as a PNC.
Sutherland, KentFTG-2Feb 25, 1967 – May 25, 1968Gunnary RepairGreat Ship, Crew and duty....Sasebo was a sailors dream...made a bunch of friends too.
Short, JimE5 SFPApr 1, 1967 – Jun 1, 1969R1All the boys in the Shipfitter Shop, best fitters in the fleet. Lindell, Johnson, broussard, Bonczek, Smith, Dille,
Bahneman, DennisMM2May 22, 1967 – Feb 7, 19710SR
Sushka, BobDM2 E5Jun 1967 – Dec 30, 1969R5Lasting memories of LT. Camander McBride
Ruble, Stephen BarneyAR6Jun 1967 – Jan 1969deckyo joe,clemmon, 2nd div deck force
Sushka, BobDM2Jun 1967 – Dec 1969Repair 5looking for R-5 Div personnel
Thompson, John (Tom)MM 3rd classJun 1967 – Feb 1969MP DivisionHard work/ good times good people First assigned to the forward engine room then Evaps
Massimo, James (Jim)EM3Jun 1967 – Sep 1969R-3Lasting memories
Peterson, PeteLI-3Jun 21, 1967 – Oct 20, 1969R-5A treasured time. I remember: PH's Suckerman, Arcinega, Overbeck, Green & Orsak, LI's Cornett, Hershey & Childers, Lt. Martin, Lt. Danahy, Sushka, McKurtis, McCreary, Lynn, Kieffer, Stein, Lozier, Kohler, Falhaber, Jenkins & more.
Wigg, Les / TwiggyMM3Jul 1967 – Feb 1969MP Foreward Engine RoomServed my time in the Forward Engine Room. Was Main Control Throttleman. Stood MM of the Watch.I remember the Typhoon in early 1968.
Tughan, Lawrence N. "tuffy"MR3Aug 1967 – Apr 1969Ships company - Machine shopLooking back, It was the best time I ever had.
Maitland, Norman (Skip)EN3Aug 1967 – Aug 1969R2 Engine ShopGreat Times. Then went on to PBR River Division 593 Viet Nam .
Menking, RickyRM 2Aug 7, 1967 – Dec 15, 1969COMSERVGRUP THREE staffI served as a radioman on the admiral's staff and truly enjoyed my time aboard the USS Ajax. I got an early out for Christmas. Looking for two buddies, Bob Kahland RM2 and Bill Besfer RM3.
Schulz, DwightMR3Aug 23, 1967 – Jan 5, 1970Worked in the machine shop, finished up working in the tool room.
Lengyel, Jim (Jj)ML2Sep 1967 – Oct 1969R2 REpairCame onboard as Chief Denbow was leaving & stayed 2 yr until Chief Macguire came onboard. Returned to Dearborn MI for 2 yr of (forced) Reserve Meetings. Retired 35 yr Ford Motor Engineer. Presently living Grosse Ile (island in Detroit River). Mata Ne
Funk, JohnYN3Sep 1967 – Sep 1968Engineering Yeoman
Cross, Jeff profile iconMM2Sep 1967 – May 1969OSRUnderway stood aft engine room watch. Remember Swordfish SSN-579 visit May of 68, Typhoon off Kaohsiung, Taiwan & dry dock to repair hull damage, Hong Kong, Vung Tau, Viet Nam. Great ship, loved my SE Asia Tour.
Statkiewicz, PeteSA - SH2Oct 1967 – Jun 1970S-3Great crew, wonderful times and best duty in my 22 yr career. Fun in Sasebo running the alleys & 'cho's.
Pepper, LarrySK2Oct 1967 – Oct 1970S-1Good times in Sasebo with Parsons, Bagnell, Beattie and O'Neal. Would love to hear from you guys.
Wertz, JackRM3Oct 1, 1967 – Nov 1, 1969Communications
Rousseau, Ronald ("Froggie"HT2Nov 1967 – Dec 1971R-1 Carpenter ShopMy years on the Benjo Maru were some of the best of my life. Great ship, great friends, great liberty. We worked hard and played harder. Been in touch with Fatkin, Bubar, Canavan, Harrison etc. Bob Cascio, where are u?
Wright, AllenMM1Nov 3, 1967 – Oct 5, 1973R-2 / R-5I don't think I can espress the wonderful times and the great shipmates that I served with in words. She was the classest Repair Facility of the 7th fleet. I invite any and all shipmates to respond as you will.
Wright, AllenMM1Nov 3, 1967 – Oct 1973R-2 (OSR) Repair Office as the ARRSThe crew of the Ajax both ships company and the repair department were the most professional ship mates I ever served with in my 20 year career. Sasebo never got over the Ajax changing her homeport to San Diego. India 8 belonged to us. Sase
Powell, James ( Jay Jay )BM3Nov 17, 1967 – Nov 15, 1969DeckI remember Sasebo and Subic Bay. I remember Leon Gregory in th laundry. James Benjamin, John Becham, Vincent Knight dp3 and dental tech Jenkins.
White, ThomasBT3Nov 28, 1967 – Nov 5, 1969Aft engone roomHad a great ex[erience and learned lot. Made a lot of friends.
Kujawa, DickDPSN-DP2Dec 15, 1967 – Sep 15, 1970S1Ajax was great duty and let to a 21 year career.
Foster, MaxCWODec 25, 1967 – Oct 15, 1970R4
Hunt, GaryE-3Dec 25, 1967 – Nov 20, 1969Chief of Staff
Miller, DavidMM31968 – 1969R-5Worked in Repair Office. Stood watch in the engine room also repaired valves and pumps. Worked under Falhaber MM1.
Burkhardt, BarryDC21968 – 1970Damage Control
Bahneman, DennisMM21968 – 1970OSRBest Experience of my life. Geat duty with great friends
Dorsey, MelSH21968 – 1971S3Came on board an SA and left as P02. Worked hard and played harder. Lots of good times and fond memorys. Best duty I had in my entire career.
Orsak, BernardE31968 – 1970Photo Lab
Knight, VincentDP31968 – 1970S1The best time of my life with James Powell, leon Gregory, Kujawa, Teleczan, Reed Stokes and Dan Trachenberg. Where are you guys? Look me up I'd love to see you.
Helms, Jimmiefn1968 – 1970engine room
Evans, Larrysh31968 – 1970supply
Auvenshine, DavidMR3Jan 1968 – Dec 1969Lower Machine Shop R2Loved my years on the Ajax and the people I met and worked with.
Thomas M. Hocking, Tom - TinkSK3Jan 1, 1968 – Aug 10, 1969S-1Our tour off Viet Nam with port and starboard liberty. Pulling back into Sasebo from the P.I. or Hong Kong. Fiddler's Green and the Shinosaki Laundry company. The yard's and Yoko.
Barnes, DavidIM 2Jan 5, 1968 – Feb 5, 1970R-5one of the best times in my life.18 and single and out to see the world. met with a great bunch of sailors and worked hard and played even harder. repaired gauges in the MIRCS lab under chief hallmen. anchors away AJAX
Lopresti, FrankHT3Jan 15, 1968 – Feb 15, 1971rgreat ship
Frost, GeraldE3Mar 18, 1968 – Nov 18, 1969Main Engine Room
Parks, Harold/ EdPO3Apr 1968 – Mar 1969PIPE GANGHad lots of friends onboard but am having trouble remembering their names. I worked with a guy nick named "spider" because he was small in stature and could get into really tight places when we were insulating pipes on different ships.
Kahland, BobRM2Apr 1968 – Jan 1970Admiral's staff
Pinkus, RobertIM2Apr 1968 – Apr 1970r5Had a great time, loved every second aboard the Ajax, Sasebo, the clubs, the girls, the fleet gym at the end of our pier, we had sushi before it became popular in the U.S. A girl in every port.
Verdusco, Manny "Tony"E-4/MRApr 1, 1968 – Apr 5, 1970Lwr. Machine Shop18 yr. old right out of boot camp, first time away from home, strange country, I couldn't have met a better bunch of guys: Richard Hardtke Richard Milliman Steve Borden and many more. These guys took care of me and showed me the ropes.
Dorsey, MelSH2Apr 6, 1968 –S-3Ajax was my first (and best) command. Loved the WestPac.
Bob, HaydenBM2May 1968 – May 19701st div boat deck crane opsGreat ship and crew,made a lot of good friends.Lost some good men who went to NAM....SN Tinko & BM1 Martinez~! RIP~!! Loved running the cranes and enjoyed watching some of the operators who could make that thing dance.
Teichmiller, GeryRM3May 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1970Communications
Domino, RobertBT-2May 10, 1968 – Feb 10, 1972R-2I had great times and memories serving with fellow shipmates, on boiler repair shop.
Powell, GaryGM2Jun 1968 – Jul 1970Gunnery
Harrison, JackDC3Jun 25, 1968 – Feb 15, 1970R-1I worked in the Carpenter shop with Bubar, Rousseau, Fatkin, Canavan and others. I had a great time. I enjoyed Subic Bay, Sasebo, Yokosuka, And we worked hard in Vung Tao.
Becker, BobMR3 to MR1Sep 1, 1968 – Mar 1, 1972R-2 Upper and Lower Machine ShopsMy time on AJAX was probably the best of my career. AJAX was a hard worker and my shipmates were top shelf. Fair winds and following seas to all. Not sure but will try to make 2010 reuniion.
Ulitsch, Albert/alE-3Oct 1968 – Mar 1971shipfitter
Wyatt, RaymondMM1Nov 15, 1968 – Sep 5, 1972A
Timmerhoff, TimBTNov 21, 1968 – Nov 21, 1972mp58 years old now. still tell friends stories of my life on the ajax . I married well , Raised two sons. One in collage and the oldest was killed in the coast guard. I live in montana, black belt in aikido. ride a road king, fish.shoot

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