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USS Ajax (AR 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ajax (AR 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 703 crew members registered for the USS Ajax (AR 6).

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Roscoe, BudF1/CApr 15, 1646 – Nov 9, 1946Boiler MakerWould like to hear from anyone who served at that time
Gorder, Ronald1940 –My father (Ronald S. Gorder) served on the Ajax. I'll try to include more information as I am able.
Hayward, Herb1942 – 1945Herb Hayward was my Dad. He served on the Ajax during WWII as a welder. Talked about being in Okinowa. Would like to learn more if anyone knows.
Moretti, Natale "Nat"Yeoman 1st Class1942 – 1945CommunicationsMy dad "Nat" served on the Ajax in WWII. I know he was in communications. He also had a letter fron his friend on the Indianapolis, but we lost it. Anyone who has any info will be welcomed here. Dad passed in 02. He was a great guy.
Holloway, Robertmomm31942 – 1945engine roomWas aboard from shake down till the conclusion of the war. I wrote a book about this time in my life called "Hang Tuff" and it id's available on Amazon.
Neves, PedroBM2C1942 – 1945Repair DIV-9Pedro Caetano Neves Jr. was my grandfathers oldest brother,only two sisters are still alive in the Azores,Portugal,one is 86 the other is 93. His last known residence was Hayward,CA.
Stevenson, RobertSEAMAN 1ST CLASSApr 1, 1942 – Aug 30, 1946My Father listed here - Robert E. Stevenson - served nearly the entire war on this ship. My family heard countless stories about him and his shipmates upon the ship. Dad passed away Feb 1997. I wanted his name to be included on the list.
Exarhopoulos, James / "Jim" / "greek"MACHINISTS MATEAug 22, 1942 – Nov 11, 1945Optical repairI was a member of the first crew (plank owner). Great crew and command. I liked the Ajax but during WWII it was a "prison ship" as I remember being ashore maybe 10 times during the war for a total of approximately 24 hours.
Paulsen, Edwin/eddieSK3Sep 19, 1942 – Mar 22, 1946SThis is my Dad who along with my uncle James D.Horton were plank owners for the Ajax. Both have passed. Their war time experience on the Ajax was a significant event in their lives.
Carroll, GordonlLt.1943 – 1945medicalMy dad was a medical officer aboard the Ajax in WWII. I am interested in websites that track the ship's itinery from 1943-1945.
Shea, James "Jim"E5Jan 15, 1943 – Dec 29, 1946Repair
Bartelmey, EugeneF3CMay 2, 1943 – Aug 11, 1945BoilermakerSo many memories of all the guys and all the places we went and the work we accomplished.
Benton, ThomasMM2Jul 1943 – 1945Black GangThis is my father who was a plank owner of this ship. Many years later about 1983 he visited the ship in San Diego and had lunch aboard with the XO and one other officer. He was the so called "Water King"
Obert, RaymondPO COXSWAINOct 1943 – 1945
Whittington, Donaldmachinist1944 – 1948?My Dad, Donald Whittington served on the Ajax. I would like to communicate with anyone who remembers him.
Knutson, Bernell (Bernie)PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS1944 –I was radio the operator while the ship was in Eniwetok, Kwajelein, and Ulithi during WWII. I recall the epidemic mentioned in your article. We obtained a load of bad potatoes from a ship we worked on (Canberra?). I didn't eat them.
Monarch, John G.RN21944 – 1945John G is my grandfather. He passed in 1997. The email address is mine.
Pair, HowardMACHINIST MATE (SHOP) 3RD CLASSMar 27, 1944 – Nov 27, 1945My father, Howard Seaborn Pair, joined the Navy for the war duration although married with three kids. I am his oldest son. Dad talked a lot of the time aboard Ajax.Some good, some tought. Dad passed away 9 December 1997.
Schneider, AlbertF1Dec 3, 1944 – Jun 10, 1945hydraliccrossed international dateline dec.24 1944 woke up it was dec.26 .
Giratas, JohnMM31945 – 1947unknown welderthis is for my dad he was in operation crossroads and I remember him telling me of working on a carrier with a busted screw maybe the Mt. McKinnley? I just wanted to put his name on the list.He loved that ship.
Reeder, JohnUnknown1945 –Radar, sonar equipmentMy grandfather, John Reeder, was on the USS Ajax in about 1945. He spoke of the typhoon in but unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to hear many other stories. My grandfather has passed and I would like to hear from anyone who remembers him. He
Triola, PeterMech MateJan 15, 1945 – Jan 1949Opt RepairMy Dad served on the Ajax. He passed away in May, 1997. He never said a bad word about the Navy or the Crew of the Ajax. He always smiled when talking about her.
Benedict, LouisSIGNALMAN 3RD CLASSMar 1945 – Feb 1946Signal Gang
Logsdon, CharlesF1C fireman first classMar 1945 – Sep 1946BoilersMy dad was onboard several times. For the NUC tests at Bikini. He had many good stories from the LT that was always on his ass to swimming in the laggon after the tests. My favorite was the short arm insp after liberty.
Morris, Virgil L.Fireman 2nd ClassMar 1, 1945 – Nov 1, 1945Ship FitterMost action was riding out typhoon in Nov ’45. Supply ships would tie up and unload cargo into our refrigerators for us to use to resupply other ships. One day during inventory 200 cases of beer went missing!
Million, RoweLT (J.G.) CHCJul 1945 – Dec 1945ExecutiveProtestant Chaplain at war's end until Ajax returned to San Francisco for re-fitting in December of 1945. Re-assigned to Great Lakes. Honorable discharge July 1946 as full Lt. Became noted Minnesota Speech/Drama teacher. Deceased 10/3/85.
Swenson, Jr, KenealMMR 3CSep 1945 – Feb 1947EngineeringOperation Crossroads
Johnson, Thomas (Tommy) O.1946 –This is my father who served on board between WWII and the Korean War. He was on board during the atomic testing at Bikini. I don;t know the exact dates of his service or his rank. He passed away 5/7/2007
Waddell, CarlF/1cMar 1, 1946 – Nov 15, 1946RepairAssigned first to the foundry then to boilermaker shop. Worked on several ships during atomic test at Bikini including the battleship Nagato
Harrell, Lawrence E (Larry)SF2 AND SF1May 1946 – 1953Dad, Larry Harrell, passed away on 11/5/07. He was on the Ajax during the end of WWII and during Korea. I believe he played as the ship's photographer during Korea. Would like to hear any memories of him.
Taylor, Billy J.RM3Jan 1, 1947 – Dec 31, 1949The Name entered above is that of my father. He served on the USS Ajax late 1946 - early 1947. I just want my Father's name to be on the crew list. Dad Passed away 4-2-1978. the e-mail address is Mine. Major David M. Taylor USAF NC Ret
Leggat, Edward (Scotty)MM3Jul 1947 – Jul 17, 1950EngineeringGreat years and great friends
Scacchi, Lawrence ( Larry )FNJul 19, 1947 – May 28, 1949RepairI'm searching for Richard (Dick ) May who also served on the Ajax with myself and Joe McGloin. In 1950 he was transfered to the Marysville epcer-857. Any info??
Raney, Robert D. (R.d.)ME 1Dec 1948 – Sep 1952SixthWould like to know if anyone knows of "Jelly Belly" Calabrese MEC or John Galey Chief Warrant Officer - they would have been aboard sometime between 1948 and 1952. Good to find Norman Cote - enjoyed most of my time with the Ajax
Kimball, JohnLT (JG)1950 – 1952MedicalShip's doctor
Lundrigan, Bob LundriganYN3Jun 1950 – Oct 1951ExecutiveSailed from San Diego to Japan. Was Executive Officers yeoman and made out the plan of the day. Played on the ships baseball team in Japan. Was keeper of the athletic gear locker and ran the xmas party in 1950 in San Diego.
Cote, NormandDAMAGE CONTROLMAN 2ND CLASSJun 10, 1950 – May 10, 1953RepairI was a Damage Controlman 2nd Class working in the Carpenter Shop. We use to service DD's, DE's, Minesweepers, ROK ships, Colombian Ships, Canadian and British ships. We also did some work for the French Navy.
Jardine, Leonard (Len)ME2Aug 1950 – Jan 1954Shipa company repairI look back at the good times I had. Japan was a blast. Regret not taking advice of Chief Beasely and shipping over.
Mermelstein, SidMEG3Aug 15, 1950 – Apr 10, 1952Would like to hear from anyone in the C&R div.
Angell, D.dBTG3Oct 1950 – Jul 1952E

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