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USS Vulcan (AR 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vulcan (AR 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 898 crew members registered for the USS Vulcan (AR 5).

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Greer ( Hoskin), Robin profile iconMM1989 – 1990Engine roomBeen looking for info on people for years Totally miss the navy and the ship
Runion, DebraDM11989 – 1991ROI had so much fun on that ship - good times
Smith, CarolE41989 –AdministrationTOP 10 REASONS TO HAVE USS VULCAN AR-5 AMNESIA 1. Almost every picture involves alcohol. 2. In almost every picture someone suffers from "Drunken Sailor Syndrome." 3. People wanted nothing to do with office personnel unless it involved Mi
Copeland, CynthiaE41989 – 1991Admin
Dembroski, JeffHTJan 1989 – Sep 1991Engineering/E-5 ShopChris, Bugga, Dave, Ed get ahold of me!!
Erdelles, AdonicaE-2 MMJan 1989 – Aug 1989Engineering
Gookin, ChrisGMGJan 1989 – Aug 1991WPNS/DECKVulcan was Good place to start, currently am a US Army CPT 1st Squadron 172nd Cavalry Regiment (RSTA) 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Farris, TimothyMR3Jan 1989 – Oct 1991R=2, 31A and 31BGreat Ship! Really enjoyed my time and learning experience in R2/31A (Inside Machine Shop) As well as R2/31B (Pump Shop). Great Crew and Great Experience! Made some great Lifelong friends!
Dickinson, DaleMRFNJan 1, 1989 – Apr 4, 1990R-2
Devore, TracyDamage Control Petty Officer 3rd ClassMar 1989 – 1991Eng R-Division. DC Shop
Fleming, MikeIC1Apr 10, 1989 – 1991Good tour of duty onboard the old lady. Enjoyed the time in Egypt during Desert Storm. Never thought I would retire from the Navy and end up living in Egypt working for US-AID. For those of you that remember Hurghada you wouldn't recognize it now
Williams, JimmyMR3Apr 24, 1989 – Sep 16, 1990R 2
Walker, MarkEM3Jun 1989 – Jun 1991AERI remember the ship being left behind by the battle group on our way to Gulf. The 3 months in Crete was great.
Copeland, ReginaEM3Jul 1989 – Apr 1993ENGINEERINGThis was my first real experience away from home and family. While I served aboard the Vulcan I lost both my father and mother they died on the same day one year apart. I hope and pray they knew that I served my country.
Garcia, JoeMM3Aug 1989 – Aug 1992EngineeringGood times
Scott, AnthonySNAug 11, 1989 – May 20, 1991DECK/RADIOThe Vulucan was the best .It was my first ship I went to Rm A School before decom and to the Roosevelt after . I got out and came back in the reserves. NCHB 11 CARGO HANDLING UNIT JAX FL BLOUNT ISLAND.
Broome-henderson, AngelaE=2Aug 29, 1989 – Apr 27, 1992mess
Rasmussen, TimEM2Sep 1989 – Aug 1991R3, 51B
Jarrell, StacieSKSNSep 1989 – Jan 1991supplymiss the old crew, married almost 18 yrs now to a wonderful man that adopted my 21 yr old daughter, and living in Fla.
Azbill, Rob / Road BlockBTFNSep 15, 1989 – Sep 5, 1991forward control
Connor, BrianBM2Oct 1989 – Sep 1991Deck
Sharp (Derr), TracySNOct 1989 – Feb 1991This was my first ship and I loved being on her. I had some great memories.
Phillipp, RandyHM1 (SW)Oct 10, 1989 – Aug 20, 1991MedicalI was the x-ray tech and assistant LPO in medical. I really injoyed her, occupanied her to Desert Storm and Decommissioning as well. Had a great time at sea and working with the best shipmates ever.
Cox - Labate, KimberlyELECTRICIANS MATENov 1989 – Jul 1990outside electricMarried Chris Labate in 1990, still married 17yrs later and we have 4 beautiful children together....and reside in Pennsylvania.
Thompson, TyromeE-3/BTFNNov 1, 1989 – May 1, 1991EngineeringLoved serving on this legend.First ship, first war, first rate friends and shipmates.Forward fireroom boiler checkman all thru Desert Storm.Miami (Rental van LoL)New Jersey,Hurghada,Crete,Suez canal.
Hsiao, TienMR3Dec 10, 1989 – Jun 26, 1991R-2Spent 2 1/2 years on Vulcan. Got out the active duty/USS Vulcan after Desert Storm in June 1991.
Freeman, ShawnHT3Dec 23, 1989 – Aug 26, 1991R-1What a great time. I may not have thought so then, but looking back, we got to do some pretty cool things. Hello to all. Married now w/2 girls and doing very well in the tech industry. Hope the same is for everyone else.
Mansell, ChelsieSN1990 – 1991DeckHey everyone! It's SN Mayo! I married BTFN Mansell in 1992 and we have 3 beautiful children now 13 years later!! Had some great times! Will never forget!
McDiffett, Pat Mac DaddyBTFN1990 – 1991MP 1Hey all you BTs and MMs out there send me an email Would like to hear from you!! Mansell I've been looking for you! Still have your orange shorts you loaned me in the summer of 1991!! Also looking for BT2 Linsey
Beatty, DarrinMR31990 – 1991repair valve shopi had a great time on board the old lady.she was my first ship that i served on.
McLaughlin, MikeMM31990 – 1991
Wells (Contreras), CatherineSN1990 – 1991Have a lot of great memories of the ship & its wonderful people.
Szarnych, JosephEM31990 – 1991electrician shopHad a good time remeber court on t.v and the trip to crete and egypt
Merrills, MichaelHT11990 – 1991Repair
Dunford, JasonGMG31990 – 1991Deck/Weapons
Sapp, EricMM31990 – 1991M Div
Archambeau, Jeff-archieBT3Jan 1, 1990 – Jun 4, 1991Oil LabHad a blast!
Flores, RodneyLTJan 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1992MPI was only 22 and in charge of over 100 men and women in the MP Division. One of the best experiences in my life. It was truly a trial by fire.
Faulken, Isiahms3Jan 5, 1990 – Sep 1, 1991supplyThe best ship that I had the honor to serve on, I really missed my friends and times spend on that old lady.
Randall, TerrellE-5Apr 1990 – Aug 1991S-7Spent a year and a half on the old lady, actually rode her into Desert Storm and back for the start of the decommission process. Spent 22 years in the Navy, 10 on ships and this was a nice ship even with it being up in age. She always meet schedule.
Hall, Williammm2 e5Apr 1990 – Apr 1991r-2none
Kamppi, Glenn profile iconML2(SW)Apr 1, 1990 – Sep 30, 1991R-2The Foundry (81A) was the best shop onboard! We could make anything. During Desert Storm we re-babbitted the main line shaft bearing for the USS Detroit. Everyone was amazed at what we could do. Vulcan was the first of 4 ships in a row that I DECOMed
Antolin, JosephHTApr 9, 1990 – Jun 1991Engineering E-5 shop Dude this was probably the best times I ever had. The best shop ever really good friends. Desert Storm transit 6 on 6off OMG. Everything about my experience was the best. I will never forget the times i had or the people.
Dowell, RustyE-4/btJul 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1991RepairI'm getting old thinking about the yesterday
Kilpatrick, MerleLTJul 20, 1990 – Sep 27, 1991Deck HeadAs the last ship's First Lieutenant, it was with sadness but great honor to decommission the "Old Girl". To the last Deck Dept crew, your tireless work and effort was appreciated more than you will ever know. A job well done.
Mc Millian, WilliamSK3Aug 1990 – Dec 1990SupplyI was assigned to the AR5 while I was a drilling Reserveist in Cincinnati ,Ohio at the Naval Reserve center, I was never aboard the Vulcan ,I wish I had gone onboard.
Lane, JamesMRFNAug 26, 1990 – Oct 1991R2 Inside MachineLoved this ship. She was old and very seasoned, an excellent place for a dry behind the ears brand new sailor. Many great memories, I am happy to see a site about the ol girl.
Krugman, LauraJO3Sep 1990 – Aug 1991AdminA duty swap with the Vulcan JO brought me from the USS Holland in Charleston to Norfolk in '90. Served a year aboard Vulcan before finishing out tour on shore duty at Fleet Hometown News Center at NAVSTA Norfolk. Tempermental ship, but awesome cre
Thompson, ChrisSNSep 1990 – Sep 1991DeckGood times, good friends! Loved the Love Boat!
Kilroy, RobertGMG3Sep 1990 – Jul 1991Deck/ WeaponsHello to all, I found our ships 50th anniversary book and started to look through it and it sure brought back alot of great memories. Hope all is well for everyone.
Parsons, ToddOS3Sep 15, 1990 – Sep 15, 1991OIThis was my first ship, and I have a lot of memories in the short time that I was there. I still have my zippo lighters that the guys in the engraving shop put OPS Desert Storm 91 on the back. I still have my ships hat, and several photos.
Kelly, William “chris”QM1 (SW)Oct 1990 – Sep 1991OPSBoarded the Vulcan just before Operation Desert Shield then we were posted in Hurghada Egypt. We moved to Souda Bay Crete after Desert Storm started. After returning to Norfolk I made Chief and the ship was decommissio
D'Avignon, AllenCSCSNov 1990 – Sep 1991S-2
Archambeau, Jeff-archieENFNNov 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1991engineeringOil lab b-div, emer diesel, whats up PO Gill. Hey to the all who server
Bruno, SydneySK2Nov 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1991Supply DepartmentServed on board right after SK "A" school. Worked in GSK participated in Desert Storm/Shield. Remember the 3 weeks in Souda Bay Crete, Greece. Did 4 months of a six months cruise, returned to Norfolk and decomed AR-5
Marmor, CharlesRP3Dec 10, 1990 – Sep 15, 1991Chaplain's office1st assignment in the Navy. Was there during Operation Desert Storm, Crete was awesome, made some good friends. Currently I am an Army Chaplain serving in Alaska, married, three daughters.
Metalla, RudiSEAMANJan 1991 – Sep 1991DeckStrange to think we were the vet's back then in Dessert Storm! Met the best people ever.
Dewitt, Darren HtfnHTFNJan 1991 – Aug 1991engineering repairMet up with the ship in the Red Sea Hurghada Egypt. Worked out of the R5 shop With Fogarty, Radovich, Dembroski, and others.
Anderson, David Anderson......[andy]BT2Jan 1, 1991 – Jun 1992Repair....Boiler repair shopBest ship I was ever on, loved Crete....and the fly away to Italy and France...
Sharp, GaryE4Jan 1, 1991 – Mar 30, 1991S-7Was in the navy reserve in the APG program. I never went to boot camp. Out of our entire reserve post only two of us were activated and the other guy went to California. I went to the USS Vulcan AR 5.
Peace, RussellMRFN2000 – 2001r-2i miss the baseball games in the machine shop

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