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USS Parsons (DDG 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Parsons (DDG 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 230 crew members registered for the USS Parsons (DDG 33).

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Spakowitz, RussellIC21979 – 1982EAlot of good time were had and alot of good memories kept, Smooth sailing to all
Webb, A. WayneFTG31979 – 1981MJoined ship in Subic Bay, Phillipines as part of crew during FITREP after overhaul in Yokosuka, Japan. Transferred to USS Towers before USS Parsons returned to America.
Selander, EdwinPETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASS / FTG-21979 – 1981GGreat time of my life.Best Captain was CMD G L Gains .never will forget crossing the line in 1980. lt M O`Neil was our weapons Dept Head,FTCS William Green Our G Division Chief.Best of luck to the rest of the great crew I was so privileged to know.
Smith, TerrysnJan 9, 1979 – Apr 14, 19811 stone of the brothers in 1st div.would like to hear from guys who were their on gonzo station.ohh cant forget refugees n subic bay otr truckdriver for last 28 yrs so i travel the us alot
Buchanan, DanBT5Jan 14, 1979 – 1981BBUFF'S real name was Burris, it stood for Big Ugly Fat Fucker. Hey Dennis, remember the girl be snuck on board in Geralton? How about diving off the side of the ship when we we're moored in Yoko? Hey Wise got 20 for 2?
Hansen, PeterSTG 2Mar 1979 – Mar 1982
Lewis, LarryGMT2Apr 1979 – Sep 1982A/SA lot of memories, both good and bad but the time spent was worth every moment on board. Met life long friends. Some I haven't been able to find again.
Clancy, DanielRM3May 1979 – May 1981OCFirst ship, lots of memories, lots of port visits
Walsh, Joe ( Kevin)FTM3May 1979 – May 6, 1982FoxThe Parsons was quite the experience. I try to tell people about some of the things we did and I can tell they think I am making some of it up. But you all know how true it was.
Krathaus Jr., AlbertIC1Jul 5, 1979 – Jul 19, 1980E
Allan, GreggFTM2Jul 16, 1979 – Sep 25, 1981foxlots of u/w Iranian Hostage crisis, Hong Kong and of course the return to San DOG
Ovesen, Wesley (Ovy)MM3Oct 1979 – Dec 1981
Richardson, Max / LumpyBTFNNov 1, 1979 – 1982EngineeringBUFF gave me the nickname lumpy, never coulc understand what it meant. Anyone remeber what buff stood for? Lol Some of the people I remember well were Boetticker, (we saw Heart, Blue Oyster Cult, and Gama in Hawaii. I remember Steve Mayes, Schuman.
Joiner, JamesMM3Dec 1979 – Nov 1980MLots of hard work, good times, and friends. Crossdecked to Towers; moved to AFS-5 in Norfolk, Dec. 1981. Discharged in 1984.
McKee, MikeHT11980 – 1982R
Van Gundy, RobertBTFN1980 – 1982B
Durant III, WentOSSN1980 – 1981OIYa'll all called me J.R. or Dallas. Looking forward to getting in touch. We had some good times.
Huey, Garygmm11980 – 1981foxi can't remember dates but was on board for the hostagesituation then rode ship back to san diego when towers took her place in japan
Terrell, MichaelOSSNJan 1, 1980 – Mar 2, 1982OII served onboard the p-funk we Captain Gaines was the co.Man we had some characters on there!!
Webber, RandallFTM3Jan 8, 1980 – Dec 8, 1980Fox AN/SPG 51c/dHad a great time with all the yahoos, My cigar chewing Senior Chief, Gimpy, Junior and all the "Gummer Mates". Never forget finding the hidden stash of porno books when we got the ship ready for decommisioning.
Keogler, PeteOS3Jan 17, 1980 – Aug 1, 1982OI
Debock, GarySTG1Jan 19, 1980 – Jan 4, 1982WeaponsJoined ship in Subic Bay after first I.O. deployment. Stayed on ship throughout Towers cross-decking, and left the ship (and Navy) in San Diego.
Presa, Nestor "Ness"SK2Feb 1, 1980 – Sep 30, 1981Supply (S-1)
Wade, BobHT3Aug 1, 1980 – Oct 5, 1982RFirst and last ship. Learned to fix anything. Hated life when the aft head stopped up. Remember liquid lunches at the EM club.Loved P.I., Mombasa was fun too. Hated my time on the Pissy P, but now have fond memories.
Graveman, DeanE-3Dec 1980 – Aug 1981Looking for people who served on the Parsons
Guertin, BruceEN11981 – 1982ENGINEERING
Metelmann, Charles profile icon  NEWBTFN1981 – 1983EngineeringNot much remarkable about me back then.
Presa, Nestor "ness"SK2Feb 1981 – Nov 1982S-1Nice memories..Still remember SKC Nyes, Dave, Stan, Karl, Henry....Retired as SKC(SW), but still serving the MSC.
Barber, JeffBMSNMar 20, 1981 – Sep 20, 1982Ship handling
Mensch, GaryBT3Apr 1981 – Nov 1982BOld ship mates, give me a yell! It would be great to hear from you.
Vegter, HenrySKSRApr 28, 1981 – Dec 1, 1982Supply S-1Please contact me if you remeber me. I would like to hear from SK2 Carl Romero and others. I'm retiring 27 January 2006 and would like to invite my former shipmates. SKCM Vegter
Greeley, David A.HM3Aug 1981 – Aug 1982
Williams, ThomasMMFNAug 1981 – Nov 1982MFirst Ship...Decommissioned her Many bad memories
Greeley, DavidHM3Aug 1981 – Sep 1982AdminWell. what can I say, I did a no-cost swap to this ship. We went through hell trying to refit the ship for a westpac that never happened. Would love to hear from you Check out this website:
York, Billy LeeFTM3Oct 1981 – Sep 1982FoxAn old ship but great crew
Lawing, RobertHTCOct 10, 1981 – Nov 15, 1982R
Hesler, GregMS3Nov 22, 1981 – Dec 16, 1982supplyJust checking to see if anyone on the Parsons is looking. Henry would you be the Hank that got me into trouble in the Long Beach club? we were with Tadd. Let me know , Thanks Greg ps we did have a good time!!
Fletcher, RockySTG31982 – 1982
Debaun, Lorne/redBT2May 1982 – Feb 1983B#1 Fireroom

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